Monday, April 7, 2014

LIP or AKA: Life In Progress

My blog buddy June  usually does an update on Mondays of how her weekend went.  Usually our weekends are pretty laid back with not much going on.

Here's Terry kicking back with Tyson.  See how relaxed Ty is sitting there just like a human with his legs kicked out just watching the birds at the feeder.

And look at Junior and Bosco being Together Buddies.  Junior is retiring so Bosco is Alpha Dog in training.   Junior likes to lay out in the back hall and more and more I'm finding Bosco out there with him.  Their temperaments are a lot alike and that is very reassuring because Junior is just one of the best dogs ever.

Here's a pic of the elephant almost done.  I did finish it while watching my basketball brackets get busted.  Louisville killed me off!!  But I still have the Lady Irish to keep me going until tomorrow when they beat UCon.  I really love watching that team play.

Then, there was our Sunday excitement. Our property line in back is 160' from our house. We have privacy fence along the side of our land.  Since the neighbors in back have left most of their lot woods, we have wire fence across the back. On Sunday,  Bosco went over the fence to play with the German Shepherds that live there. The woman that lives there has a drinking problem and called the police.  Making a long story short, we had Menard's deliver 22 sections of privacy fence to put across the back of the yard.  Actually, I would have liked to see how he went over there...did he jump or climb?  When Bosco stands on his hind feet, he can easily taking anything off the counter that you might have left out.
We once had a dog that would jump onto the trampoline with the kids and onto the tree house part of their swing set.  I suspect Bosco will be capable of that.   Oh, I forgot.  We got fence for the pond area too.  I saw a rubber lizard in the pond. Who knows where the dogs found that.  Anyway, I watched Bosco slide into the pond trying to retrieve the lizard.  He also ate a dead fish that didn't make it through the winter. And found a dead bird.  I can tell already that the summer with Bosco and Tyson is going to be action filled!!

So, what's new with you?!?


jinxxxygirl said...

I'm lovin' your elephant Carol! It's beautiful! Wow! Three big dogs! Bless you woman.

Lets see...... today i worked on 6 different postcards. Fun! And diligently worked on the y o g u r t c u p s...... lol! Went for a walk, dishes, supper , watched an episode of Believe.... just the usually stuff... nothing exciting.. Hugs! deb

Beedeebabee said...

Oh Carol, your beaded elephant is looking just gorgeous!!!

How cute Tyson looks sitting there next to Terry with his legs out like that! They look like best buddies!

Unfortunately, sometimes we get neighbors who aren't the nicest people. :( ...I wish I had some super high privacy fencing on one side of my house!

Hope you find some time this week to finish up that BEAUTIFUL elephant!

xo Paulette :)

ACreativeDream June Crawford said...

WOW Carol, that elephant is amazing! I cannot wait to see how you finish it off! It does sound like you are going to have a very adventurous summer with "the boys"... love how Tyson is sitting, aren't dogs such interesting creatures?


Your beaded elephant is most gorgeous. Lovely lovely work. Hugs Judy

FlowerLady Lorraine said...

Your elephant is really nice!

There is privacy fencing around the majority of our property and that's just the way we like it. When we moved in here summer of '73, there was no fencing whatsoever and neighbors were using our property as their own. Now that my husband is no longer here, I really appreciate that fencing all the more.

Have a great week with your husband and canine family members.


Timaree said...

My little dog sits like Tyson except his legs don't go straight out, they go UP! Almost straight up. His hips weren't formed right I don't think or he was damaged before we got him as he doesn't have all the feeling in his hindquarters either (that's why he isn't altogether housebroken and wears a diaper when there is going to be any excitement at all. But we love him. So you had to get a new fence to keep the dogs in. Oh well, they might stay out of future trouble with those German Shepherds but I'm sure the thought of paying for fencing on retirement money wasn't one of your funnest thoughts. I can't believe she called the police!

Your elephant looks wonderful! You are making him on what looks like a lining material. What are you going to do with him? And he looks pretty large. How big is he?

It's nice to hear the dogs are all doing great! How are your grandsons? My grandson just made Pfc in the army yesterday. That's usually just done automatically when you've been good and reached a certain amount of time served but he got it early so we were all happy for him as he had terrible years in school due to ADHD and anxiety problems but is now reveling in being an infantryman with sniper training too.

MeOfCourse said...

Hi Carol. Sounds like it was a relaxing weekend. Your elephant is awesome, great work. Look forward to seeing your privacy fence up. Have a great day.

Crystal said...

Lol, Carol!
Whether he's sitting tall,leaning on Terry's chair or sleeping with his legs up against the couch - that Tyson sure knows how to chill! Soooo cute!

Of course, Junior and Bosco have the relaxing thing down as well..

Speaking of chilling.... I am delighted to see that the lady of the house is finally having some "me" time and back to her bead embroidery! Love the elephant, Carol! It's beautiful :-)

Robbie said...

First, your elephant is wonderful!!! Second, I love seeing pics of your dogs and their 'tales'!!!

Nicole Beadwright Campanella said...

Thanks for the well wishes for my mom. I really like this elephant. Very nice!!!

Nicole Beadwright Campanella said...

Thanks for the well wishes for my mom. I really like this elephant. Very nice!!!

Jan said...

Wonderful post, I love seeing pictures and tales of your dogs. My laughing dog Sierra was a master at escaping. He suffered from separation anxiety when left alone (which was rare) and there was no keeping him in. I miss him terribly but I don't miss that anxiety.
I'm not a big fan of pink but I love your elephant! Hot pink and fuchsia are fine. What will you do with it now? You probably told us already but I forget.

Magpie's Mumblings said...

Some neighbours can be totally irrational and you're having to bear the brunt of the burden of putting up a fence when it's her with the problem. Something seems wrong with that. Wonderful elephant, btw.

judie said...

Oh dear, it's nice to know that I am not alone in neighbor stuff. I have a neighbor from don't even want to know. Your beaded elephant is awesome. Such patience you must have.

Shashi Nayagam said...

Beautiful beading. Must take a lot of patience to do it. I can bead but generally give up half way due to lack of patience:)