Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Poor Tyson- He Didn't Know What "Neuter" Meant!!

Tyson looks so sad, doesn't he. Thursday was quite a traumatic day for him . He had  Unilateral Cryptochid surgery when he was neutered.  Corey didn't want to have him neutered, but it was necessary because the condition can become cancerous later in the dog's life. It is also genetic and would be passed to his puppies. This is how it is described:

When one testicle on the dog fails to descend. Testicles should descend fully by the time the puppy is 2 months old. If the testicle is retained, it is usually non-functional and can become cancerous if it is not medically treated. The treatment that is suggested is to neuter your dog. When the neutering takes place, a small incision will be made to remove the undescended testicle(s); the normal testicle, if any, is removed in the regular manner.

Even though we watched him constantly, he would not leave the incision alone so we had to take him back to the vet to have a cone put on.  He was also given anti-biotics and a sedative if he needed it at home.

Bosco is SO mad at him.  Bosco wants to play, but I think he knows Tyson can't now that the cone is on.

Bosco!  It's YOUR turn in 2 months!

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Fencing the Pond Area

Bet you thought I was going to show pictures of the new fence we put up around the pond area!

Nope!  That area is an embarrassment.

Two years ago Terry and Corey got together and decided to remove the fence we had.

Bosco and Tyson...WATCHING

They said it would make it easier to mow the grass. I was LIVID.  I was not consulted. Junior was happy. He decided it was a lot closer to walk to the pond area to do his business than to walk to the back of our land, which he had been doing for 10 years.  He was the only dog we had left at that time.

Bosco and Tyson....WAITING

I refused to maintain the pond area landscape.  I was on STRIKE.  Then last year we needed to replace the pond liner.  The area needed to be re-landscaped.  That did not get done last year.
Then, two new pups came to live with us and wreaked havoc with the pond decorative grasses which are Terry's pride and joy. Or should I say WERE.

Bosco and Tyson...WORRIED

So, now new fence surrounds the pond area. We WILL re-landscape this year with minimum maintenance plants, bushes and grasses.  My Rose of Sharon and Hibiscus will definitely remain along with others that I'll show later when the area is again presentable.

Bosco and Tyson...WONDERING where will be go to play NOW?

Monday, April 7, 2014

LIP or AKA: Life In Progress

My blog buddy June  usually does an update on Mondays of how her weekend went.  Usually our weekends are pretty laid back with not much going on.

Here's Terry kicking back with Tyson.  See how relaxed Ty is sitting there just like a human with his legs kicked out just watching the birds at the feeder.

And look at Junior and Bosco being Together Buddies.  Junior is retiring so Bosco is Alpha Dog in training.   Junior likes to lay out in the back hall and more and more I'm finding Bosco out there with him.  Their temperaments are a lot alike and that is very reassuring because Junior is just one of the best dogs ever.

Here's a pic of the elephant almost done.  I did finish it while watching my basketball brackets get busted.  Louisville killed me off!!  But I still have the Lady Irish to keep me going until tomorrow when they beat UCon.  I really love watching that team play.

Then, there was our Sunday excitement. Our property line in back is 160' from our house. We have privacy fence along the side of our land.  Since the neighbors in back have left most of their lot woods, we have wire fence across the back. On Sunday,  Bosco went over the fence to play with the German Shepherds that live there. The woman that lives there has a drinking problem and called the police.  Making a long story short, we had Menard's deliver 22 sections of privacy fence to put across the back of the yard.  Actually, I would have liked to see how he went over there...did he jump or climb?  When Bosco stands on his hind feet, he can easily taking anything off the counter that you might have left out.
We once had a dog that would jump onto the trampoline with the kids and onto the tree house part of their swing set.  I suspect Bosco will be capable of that.   Oh, I forgot.  We got fence for the pond area too.  I saw a rubber lizard in the pond. Who knows where the dogs found that.  Anyway, I watched Bosco slide into the pond trying to retrieve the lizard.  He also ate a dead fish that didn't make it through the winter. And found a dead bird.  I can tell already that the summer with Bosco and Tyson is going to be action filled!!

So, what's new with you?!?

Saturday, April 5, 2014


I have really been cleaning and re-organizing closets and storage spaces.  If it has been sitting around too long...its gone.  In one closet, I had these 16" grid squares that go together with holders kind of like the old tinker toys. The grid openings are 2".

For a really long time I have been envisioning making a bird feeder that will keep the squirrels out. When I took the grid unit apart a light bulb went off.  I put the sides together with plastic wire ties, except one side that I left loose so that I could lift it to replenish food. It needed to be locked closed to keep the squirrels from opening it.  Squirrels are smart little devils!  I had a hard time finding  something to keep the door closed tight enough so that the little buggers couldn't open it and crawl in.  After trying many hooks and loops and all sort of stuff, I came across some old key chains from the 70's/80's.  The ones they had before someone decided that we needed the round ones you can never open.  That did the trick!!
Now we call this feeder Circus Squirroleil.

I outsmarted the squirrels and now Terry is laughing at them instead of B****ing about them!

I edited this post because I didn't mention that  I keep a platform feeder full of the same seed that's in the "cage".  The squirrels can eat all they want, but they just want to get into that feeder!!

Thursday, April 3, 2014

April Fourth Friday Challenge ~ A Bust

Barb  started it all.  Well, not really.  Gene Black started it by posting about weaving on a card board box loom.  Then Barb and her husband made a frame of wood, tried it, tweaked it and there you go.  I loved what she did and found a frame to turn into a hand weaving loom.  This is my first try.  I have to admit that I grew tired of weaving worsted weight yarn.  I really didn't like how it was going to I cut it off.

But WAIT!!

After it was cut, I really liked how the weaving looked.  I'm saving this piece for...I don't know what..but I think it will show up on a doll sometime in the future.

My loom needs tweaking.  There is a metal rod down each side that I made from coat hanger strength wire. It's not nearly strong enough to keep the sides taught.  I also used it as the last string and realize that it should have been right next to the last one for stability and used in unison.

I'm going to try this again as soon as I figure out what kind of metal rod to use.  I'll also need bulkier yarn, or use a few strands together as Barb is doing with her most recent piece.  Or perhaps I'll try using fabric.

I like to use woven rugs in my decor.  I keep one on Terry's recliner to protect the back from his head.  I also like to use them on the end tables and dressers.  My home is eclectic and sort of rustic and I'd really like to try this again.

So, this month's challenge isn't really a Bust.  It's a learning experience.  It also gave me a few ideas of how to turn this craft into my own.

What have you tried that didn't turn out as you expected.  Did it deter you, or did it inspire you to try a different path.  Sometimes you have to give yourself time to perk a better idea!