Friday, February 28, 2014

February 4th Friday Challenge

I while ago, I had the idea that I would like to make prayer flags. I love burlap, and the seemingly burlap fad fit right into my plan when I found burlap ribbon at Hobbly Lobby. Where the Fourth Friday Challenge comes in is that I actually started the project last year.  I tried stitching the words in cross stitch.  Busted . .  due to the uneven weave of this 5" wide ribbon. Refusing to abandon the ribbon, I switched stitching to a running stitch weave in yarn.  Still not happy with the end result, but I'm keeping the flag.  It was stitched during the Olympics.  What could be more symbolic of a peace flag that stitching and re-stitching trying to get it right.  Symbolic in the fact that many peace agreements are hammered and re-hammered seeking a resolution for all parties involved.

You may remember that a few posts ago I mentioned that my niece was diagnosed with breast cancer and underwent radical surgery.  She has had two chemo sessions with a few more to go followed by long term medication.  Some tests have been inconclusive which has caused a lot of additional stress.

I switched to stitching on the letters using pony beads.  I didn't even remember that I had a box of them left over from when the boys were little.  Stash Busting makes this project more meaningful for me too.  I found a pattern for a crochet support ribbon HERE

This flag has a personal to me meaning.
The Sun has always been my symbol of Hope.
In the spirit of Prayer Flags I will fly this flag sending prayers of Hope into the Universe and await them to be returned to me for my personal intention.

The flags will be an ongoing project.  I'll continue to make them in this fashion.  When the 3 feet of remaining snow in my back yard melts, I'll decide how to display them.  My personal mantra is "A Thought Is A Prayer".  Each time I look at them I'll be sending prayers into the Universe in hope of a better world.

My flags are rather primitive...I seem to be into that right now....

Thank you my friend A Creative Dreamer for hosting the Challenge.  
Please think about participating.  Its an open challenge of you choice. June makes it really easy to comply!

Best wishes to everyone who does, or does not read my posts.  Remember...
                             A Thought Is A Prayer