Thursday, January 30, 2014

4th Friday Challenge

I absolutely love the art that June creates and shares on her blog A Creative Dream.  I have been reading her posts for a LONG time.  I needed a jump start to start the New Year off with a new project.  June supplied just the incentive I needed.  You can read about the 4th Friday Challenge here.  It's perfect for me because the challenge is entirely your own .  June set up a link party and I have linked this post to it here.  I am hoping that someone that reads about it will decide to share  your challenge on her post next month.

I came across a UTube vid done by Teesha Moore.  Tracy is a mixed media artist,  but what caught my eye was a fiber project she did.  Basically she made little fabric "pillows" and sewed them together to form a padded fabric of sorts. She made a journal from hers.  I wanted to try the technique and use my fabric to make a purse.

I gathered some of my heart/valentine fabrics and cut 3" squares. Tracy uses polyfil but I didn't want mine that poofy so I used batting, but did use her technique which is a little primitive.

For me, this project is a challenge in a few ways.

 Getting started was a challenge. Due to some family issues, a death in the family and the winter snowstorm(s), I got off to a late start, but none the less A START!!

The fact that the technique is working with and tucking in raw edges by hand was a bit difficult for me.  Usually I am using a machine with every bit measured and pinned before being stitched.

Determining how to embellish each square has been a joyful task that I consider to be practice, though a little difficult because I don't want to give the patches a Crazy Quilt effect.

So there you have it.  A little bit of stitching, a little bit of beading and a whole lot of satisfaction.  Though the patches are a continuing project, I will have something different to show for the February  4th Friday Challenge.

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

My Tablet and HBO GO

Remember this guy?  My youngest grandson, Ky.  He has wanted a dog ever since Buddy had to leave us.   Ky found this great little dog, Jax. Perfect match.

Ky is my technology guru.  I recently negotiated a reduction in my monthly cable service bill which included the addition of lour receiving HBO.  Ky mentioned that I could buy a Chromecast dodad and add HBO GO to my tablet apps. I can't be sure, but I think this gives me access to just about everything that has ever aired on HBO.  The selection is amazing.

Last night we watched The Life Of Pi. OMGosh, when the movie was just out, I didn't think I would want to see it.  It turns out it is probably one of the best movies I have ever seen. I'm still thinking about it.

I wonder what other techno gadgets are out there that I don't want to live without ~lol~

Remember this guy?  My youngest grandson, Ky.

Friday, January 24, 2014

Grow Your Blog - 2014

I'd like to take a moment to thank Vicki for letting me participate in the Grow Your Blog  party.  I know how much time it takes to organize an event like this and I am grateful to be a part of it.

My name is Carol. Welcome to my on line home. This is where I share whatever pops in my head. I love animals, gardening, needlework and my family and like to talk about them.

 I married Terry 42 years ago and he remains my best friend and constant companion.  We have 2 dogs.  My oldest grandson and his dog also live with us which keeps us hopping.  I live in Northern Indiana just northeast of South Bend.  We definitely have 4 seasons here, but my absolute favorite is the summer.  Most winters we get lots of snow, but I don't enjoy even one flake....not even on Christmas Eve.

I started my blog in 2008 because I participated in the Bead Journal Project and wanted a place to share my bead work.  I have made a lot of friends here and am eager to find even more.  

I crochet, sew and embroider and bead.  I recently retired and now that the holidays are done, I relish the time that I have been able to spend working on projects.

I try to answer every comment by reply directly to the commenter. Thank you for stopping and I hope you will come back.

Saturday, January 18, 2014

This Is Bosco

 This is Bosco the first day he came to live with us.

He was a Christmas present for Terry and Me from Corey and Brandi.

We are not sure what mix he is.  His father was a Boxer and the mother was mixed and kind of small.

He's a stocky little boy with a long body.
He is playful and a good biter!!

See!  Look at those biters!!!

These two play really hard.  Did you know that dogs learn they are biting too hard when their brothers or sisters cry when they bite each other when they are playing.  Their cry tells the biter to lighten up.

Bosco is not vicious.  But if you are playing with him and his tooth catches you, you sure know it!  Tyson has the wounds to prove it, too!

Bosco loves the snow...Tyson not so much.

At night and when we go away, Bosco sleeps in his "house".  When we are home, his door is left open.  He squirms around so much while he sleeps that he always ends up sleeping next to it.  Bosco and Junior get a long really well.  Junior came to take a nap with Bosco.  I love to see them together.  Tyson is more, shall we say excitable, so Junior usually hides from him.                                                                                             

When Bosco first came to live with us, he used to hide from Tyson under this small table.  They would play with Tyson's fox like this.  It was pretty funny.  It was Bosco's Safety Zone.

Here they are...Best Buds.  This is a recent picture.  Look how much Bosco has grown. I estimate 30 pounds at 3 months.  When Bosco was just little, Terry would lower the recliner foot rest (it's motorized) and ask Bosco if he wanted a ride on the elevator, then he would raise him up to sit on the chair together.
I suspect they won't be able to do this much longer!
                 One thing leads to another!!

One day when Corey came home from work I told him I had taught Tyson a new trick and showed him this picture on my camera.  I told him I had taught Tyson to stand facing the wall when he was bad.  Actually, this is where Tyson goes when he comes in from the snow.  He is standing in front of our heater.  We have baseboard electric heat.

So, that's the update on the pups. They are both totally housebroken and obey well to commands.
Bosco is definitely the Alpha dog between him and Tyson but Junior trumps them both!

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Another Happy Dance

 There is a new Happy Dance at our house!!

Terry got fed up with a new area manager 
and left his keys on the desk Monday morning.

Every morning I read the comics in the newspaper.  One of my very favorite comic strips is
PICKLES.  I think the writer knows us!!

Too bad for Terry.  He only THINKS he retired.  I am busy making a Honey Do list to keep him busy while I use my stash, errrr Retirement Fund, ~LOL~

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Got a Word?

So, everyone is looking for their "Word".  After all, it's that time of year, isn't it?  Why do we NEED a word? Inspiration? or do we need help focusing on what we want to accomplish? I, for one, should have my "word" calendared to pop up at the first of every month so I can re-focus.  My friend Deb said she didn't want to procrastinate. I thought I felt the same way, until I REALLY thought about know...MYSELF.

 My life, for the most part, focuses on others.  Over the years my wishes have pretty much been for more ME time.  When I retired in September, I spent  some time cleaning, painting and organized. I really DON'T procrastinate.  The truth is, I have so much going on in my mind that I can be side-tracked even while stirring a pot if someone asks me to do something for them.

After thinking about it for just a little while, I realized that my Muse (I call her Lorac) rarely deserts me.  She really is always there egging me on.  Always popping ideas in my head.  So, the action that I will focus on this year is.....

I plan to keep a journal of ideas as they occur to me.  I have never kept a journal  before. Mostly, I think if I jot ideas down I can get them off my mind for the time being and keep note of enhancements as they occur.  

I wanted ME time and now I have it.  I have already started to EXECUTE.  In a few days, I'll show ya.

Do you have a word?  What is it and WHY?
Do focus words set in January usually work for you? 

Thursday, January 2, 2014

It's A New Year

A little late, but Happy New Year.  The year flew by.  It seems like just yesterday I decided to retire, when in fact I made that decision a year ago.

So much has been going on  here that I can only say glad the holidays are over and good bye!.

We started the Christmas season a little down with news that my niece had breast cancer.  She had a radical mastectomy/lymphectomy and reconstructive surgery.  I couldn't believe that it was meant to be only a 2 day stay in the hospital.  However, she didn't do well when she first came home and went back for another three days and came home on Christmas Eve.  She is doing well now and has a long road of treatment ahead of her.  She is about 40 and had her first mammo when they found tumors.  In all she had seven that were fast growing.  So, when you pray, please think of Sara.  She is my daughter's age..they grew up together as my SIL lives two blocks away.  I think that made it even harder for me than it would have been.

I had several crochet commissions that I completed before Christmas.  I don't know why I didn' take pictures, and I always made a prayer lapghan for my niece.

While the kids were out of school, Corey's job was shut down for the holiday.  This was a crazy house. Kyle was here almost everyday, and of course so was Brandi.  AND Corey brought Terry and I a new pup.  He was born in October.  His father was a full blooded Boxer and the mother was a mixed bread so we aren't sure what his mix is.  I'll post pictures in a couple of days.  So, we have my two boys wrestling around, two dogs wrestling around, housebreaking, cooking, steady snow fall AND......Corey bought a Jeep Wrangler.  It's an older model and he has plenty of ideas about what he wants to do to it.  Since graduated from a auto body repair course with excellent skills, I guess it's natural that he would tear it apart and paint it etc.

See, its been a zoo here.  Today I am home alone with only the dogs.  I am totally recharging.

Oh, I want to mention that my final decision on a tablet was a Nexus 7.  After checking with me to see what I decided on, Corey walked in the door a week or so before Christmas with my tablet.  It was a nice surprise.  I didn't want him to spend his money on me, but I know that he wanted to buy something for me that I really wanted so I gratefully accepted it and it made him so happy.

So, that's what's new.  Come back in a day or two and see the new pup!