Sunday, December 29, 2013

What Does Saturday Mean To You?

Mary Ann (Magpie's Mumblings) posted a great thought provoking story.  It made me think about my own thoughts on Saturdays.  Please visit her post here  if you haven't already.

After reading the story, thoughts about my own Saturdays came gushing forward starting with childhood memories.

When I was young, Saturday mornings were spent thoroughly cleaning the house. Top to bottom, wall to wall, behind furniture, washing floors on your hands and knees with a scrub brush. It was set in stone.  When I was in Junior High, I was a cheer leader.  I particularly remember that we were going to the State Championships in Indianapolis...leaving very early.  My mother told me I could only go if I got the Saturday housework done before I went.  I don't remember doing it, but that Saturday rule memory has always stuck with me.  I'm pretty sure it didn't apply when  I got older and got a job in a bakery that required me to be at work at 6 AM on Saturdays.

After I got married, it took a long time for me to shake the Saturday morning ritual.  Terry and I did our own thing on Saturdays. I ran with my friends to the mall, or a show or lunch and Terry ran with his motorcycle friends.  An unspoken rule brought us home by 6 PM to get ready to do whatever the guys conjured up together.  We ran with a crowd of about twelve couples.

Over the years, Saturday mornings were always spent at sport practices and games.  Both when my daughter was young and when my grandsons were involved in "lots" of sports.  We seemed to go from one season to the next with few breaks. But again, it was good family time and you can never give too much support to your kids.

As we got older and settled down, Saturdays became Terry and my day to do errands together. It became a nice day to spend together doing whatever we wanted to and going wherever we needed or wanted to go.  It's still that way today. We truly cherish our Saturdays together and never make any separate plans without consulting one another.

How about you?  How do you spend your Saturdays? I would love to hear your story.