Friday, November 15, 2013

My Retirement Stash Slash Savings Game

 Good Day!!

Here are the latest pics of the pup.  He is a typical Boxer.
He loves everyone.  Listens pretty well and is housebroken.
He gets a lot of play time and Corey takes him on a long walk everyday over to the county park.  I love to see how much they love each other.

Tyson loves everyone. BTW, he has a girlfriend on the other side of the back fence.  She is a much older German Shepherd.  I call her the Cougar!! They kiss through the fence.

Just thought you might like to see that cute face.  But here is the Stash Savings Game part of the post.

When I decided to retire, I guess I felt the need to justify being home and not contributing to our income.  So I keep thinking of all the things I do that actually save us being able to cook meals now instead of carry out and frozen quick fixes.  We are loving that!

As long as I have collected crafty/ needlework components, I have called them my retirement fund.  My thinking was that when I retired, I wouldn't want to spend money on hobbies, so whatever I collected up to now, I would find a use for when I retire.

Yahoo!! I found my first stash buster slash retirement savings!!  Corey wanted a longer leash for Tyson and thought he would buy one this weekend.  Looking through my "stash" I found this web band that I knew I had.  It is 12 ft long.  The end is one of those key clips. leash and no money spent.  The clip could actually attach to another leash in case Corey wants it even longer.   We'll see if he likes it when he comes home.

Every year at just about this time in the fall I come down with a respiratory bug.  It hit just a little late this year and I am still recouping so making a leash today and posting is a BIG deal ~lol~.

Happy Weekend.  Don't let the coming holidays stress you out!


jinxxxygirl said...

Aaaaww.. Tyson is so adorable! Hope you feel better soon! Hugs! deb

GlorV1 said...

You are always thinking ahead. Good for you. Love your pup and he does look lovable. I hope you have a wonderful weekend. I'm off to the grocers and a few odds and ends. Then it's home to bake some pumpkins from the garden, dry some chili in the dehydrator and hopefully clean house. Ugh.:) Take care.

Momma Bear said...

I love when an idea and stash come together, to make a need come true.
I had that bug last month and just got over it, push fluids and don't push yourself to hard!

Robbie said...

How adorable!!! And isn't it great you are 'using your stash'!!! I took stopped buying 'stuff'...haven't bought a book (fiction type) since retirement...go to the library and now download to my Ipod...big savings there too!!! Congrats..and keep enjoying retirement and that pup!

Timaree said...

Hope you feel better really soon. The pup is so cute. I wish my new dog was housebroken. He's getting there but since he has something wrong with his back and hind legs being weak I think he is having trouble learning to hold it all but he is slowly making headway! A diaper keeps me sane in the meantime.

You need to learn how to not feel guilty about not earning money. I know it will be hard since you've been working since so young but you've done it. You've earned it. No one should have to work till they die just so they could say they've earned their way! It's good to recognize the value in home cooked versus frozen or fast food and it's great to use your stash (that's why we have them, right?) but if you need something new or just really don't feel like cooking - well, that's what retirement is about! Getting to do or have things even though you aren't going to work. Otherwise you might as well figure you aren't retired but are trying to earn your living at home! You never get to retire from housework anyhow so in a way you do get to work forever. So try to enjoy not going out to work but figure you are worth every penny you spend due to having worked outside the home and still working inside the home! Good luck. It's hard to do.

Cathy said...

What a great idea to make your own leash. Well, I don't mean for you, but for Tyson. He is a cutie, by the way. We had a boxer when I was growing up and I think they are wonderful dogs. Have a nice Thanksgiving.

Magpie's Mumblings said...

If we keep things in our stash long enough we know we will find a use! I'm sure Tyson will love his new leash. Sorry you're feeling cruddy - hope it soon leaves you alone and you're feeling better.

Crystal said...

Hi Carol :-)
Hope that old bug has flown away by now!!!

OMG! Tyson... is... ADORABLE!!!
Love his expressive face.

And - Yay you! for creating him a leash with your stash of craft supplies. What a great combo - a lady who's clever AND economical! :-D xoxoxo

Jeanna said...

A very handsome young man! No wonder Tyson is admired by the neighborhood 'cougar' :)

Congrats on the leash did very well!

Hope you feel much better soon!

Beedeebabee said...

Oh, I hope you're feeling better by now. There's a nasty cold flying around over here too...I love how you made the leash for that cutie pie pup of yours. It's nice that he's got a girlfriend on the other side of the fence too! ;) xo Paulette