Monday, November 18, 2013

Do I Want A Kindle Fire HDX?

I think I do.
I don't want an Smart Phone.
I only want to use my phone to make and take calls.
I DON'T want the added monthly expense of Terry and I having phones that have features that we will never use.

Recently, I went with my grandson when he bought a new I-Phone.  While at the store, I looked at I-pads.  I admit, I had never even looked at them before and it piqued my interest.

So, I asked my most tech savy OTHER grandson, Ky, what he would suggest if I were going to by a tablet. He suggested the Kindle Fire.

I'm thinking I would like to be able to read digital magazines and books.  It would make blogging much easier to be able to take and edit pictures and upload them directly to the blog or a printer.  There are so many features that I think I would use.

I would sincerely like to hear any one's experience and advice about tablets.  I am seriously thinking that I "need" one ~lol~.


Kristen said...

I have to tell you I have a kindle and just recently upgraded to a smart phone (which is an oxymoron as the user has to be smart..LOLOLOL) I love the screen on the Kindle for reading mags and cookbooks.

Carol- Beads and Birds said...

Thanks Kristen.

I probably WOULD like a Smart Phone. But I have Verizon service and they don't offer unlimited
data so we'd probably switch to Sprint. The monthly charge for unlimited calls, text and data would be $160 month plus taxes which is about $60 more a month than we pay now.

That's really the rub. I can't justify the additional monthly cost.

Thank you so much for your comment. It sounds like you liked your Kindle for what the purpose I think would be most useful to me.

MeOfCourse said...

Hi Carol. I think I'm wanting a Kindle HDX. I have Kindle Fire right now but have been reading up on the HDX. Haven't made up my mind yet. As for the landline phone, we are getting rid of it since we both have cell phones and the landline really isn't needed. I'm thinking of switching to Comcast for TV/Internet service. We have Comcast right now for TV and ATT for the landline and internet and we are just paying too much. I don't think you can go wrong with the HDX if that is what you are wanting. There are lot of rave reviews on it over at Amazon. Have a great week Carol and thanks ever so much for stopping by my blog like you do. Good luck in what you decide and let us know.

Lynn Stevens said...

I Love mine, Bought it to show my pictures for my day job. Best purchase this year!
Hugs Lynn

Carol- Beads and Birds said...

Hi Gloria.

We have a land line phone, but its in a triple pack deal with Comcast. Basically, the phone is free because we have internet and cable with Comcast.

We have basic cell phones too and that is the service that would cost so much more if we add internet to our cells.

I've been reading a lot of comparisons and reviews on the HDX. Thanks for the link you sent in a separate email. I'm going to check it out.

Timaree said...

Carol, I have an IPhone, a Xoom table (android) and a PC. I thought about getting the newest Kindle liking its super light weightness and price over an Ipad but decided I really like how Apple works and want to gradually have all Apple products. I just love, love, love my phone! I read books on it at night since it's lighter than my Xoom. My husband is buying me the newest Ipad for Christmas after I finally decided but it was a very hard decision. You will love the Kindle I am sure. You would love the Ipad and an IPhone too if you had them. My daughter resisted the smart phone till her son joined the army. He bought her an IPhone just before he left and she now doesn't know how she did without it. I have Verizon and had no trouble with the amount of data but that is only because we have Verizon's TV, internet and home phone service also. If you have that then 2GB on a smartphone is enough as you'll use the house wifi most of the time on both your tablet and your phone. Only when you are away from home does the phone and tablet use separate data (when visiting at your grandson's you'd hook up to their internet with Wifi and it's also available at most large malls, Starbucks, McDonald's and so on. I truly think Apple works better but I haven't really tried Amazon's version of android much (it's different than regular android). You will be amazed at what you can do with them. Oh the games and movies and magazines and do go sign up at if you get it as you can load up on so many free and cheap (99cents to 1.99)books its just amazing! A note though: you will still need to use your PC on occasion as it's a better place to store pictures and do certain things with. Can you get by without a PC? Mostly but you have to find and pay for an office program so you can write up papers or letters and such. I also use Evernote and Google Cloud (and Icloud but you'll have Amazon Cloud) to store pictures, some books perhaps and papers, notes or what have you that you want to share or use on different media (such as I can type a note in Evernote on my PC and view it and edit it on my phone or my tablet!)You are going to love it but I would suggest getting at least 32gb. It sounds like a lot but when you start storing photos, books, videos and games it can fill up. Okay, I guess I've said enough. You can probably tell that I love my tech pieces!

Beedeebabee said...

OMG...I'm so out of the loop here! All I have is my big desktop computer, which I love, and a flip top type cell phone that I can't even remember the phone number too...I just hope nobody asks for it so I don't look like an idiot going into the phone to find the number! I'm not on Facebook or Twitter or Instagram or anywhere, except for Blogger. My kids have iPhones and laptops and tablets and you name it, they've got it, and you know what Carol, I don't want to be connected to all that every minute...I can't keep up with things the way they are now!!! I do think a kindle would be nice for reading though, but I have a bunch of magazine subscriptions that I would have to let expire first. Let us know how you like it if you get it. Good luck...from your very old fashioned, behind the times but liking it, friend! Oh, you said you tried to find out where I live because you couldn't believe the snow on my roses (which are still blooming!). I live in NY, on Long Island. Have a fun weekend! xo Paulette

judie said...

Hi Carol. I linked here from ...somewhere...I forget now...because of the name beads and birds. Love both. I used to bead but have not in a long time. I searched for your beadwork and went back to Jan 2009. Awesome work. I always wanted to bead a garden, but just don't have the patience. Your doggie is a cutie, and I must say Brandi's dress is beautiful! Um, I remember carhops. LOL

Magpie's Mumblings said...

I have absolutely NO clue about these things...wish I did! I'm wrestling with the thought of perhaps buying a Kobo e-reader but am honestly afraid to make the plunge. What if I buy it and then don't end up using it. Decisions, I know how you feel!

Crystal said...

Hi :-)
I love my iPad mini but that Kindle HDX looks great, too!

I say it's time to spoil yourself and get a tablet of some kind!

I would implicitly trust those grandboys to steer you in the right direction.

Have fun!!!! xoxo

Ishka Mcnulty said...

Hi Carol. Not sure what country you are in but I'm in Australia and the phone system is different from the US. I, too, just wanted a phone to make phone calls and then I got into texting which was also convenient when you didn't need an urgent response. I now have an iPhone which I dearly love and use a number of the aps. It is helpful to find a shop when in a new place, I use google maps to find places when I don't have my navigator with me, I even put my shopping list on it as I can add things any time. I can look at facebook, etc, I had my kindle on it too but took it off as I have it on too many devices (2 tablets, my laptop, my net book and my desktop computer. the print is too small for my eyes anyway but I can play "words with Friends" or Sudoku while I'm waiting for appointments. Better than the out of date, trashy magazines in waiting rooms.
By the way I am 70 years old and want to keep up with technology. I use it for teaching - I teach English as a second language to migrants and refugees and literacy/numeracy to anybody else. I'm still learning a lot about using it for teaching. I even keep other types of notes on it. I don't know how I would get along without it now. I have scanned most of my photos from the last 50 years to my computer and put them on my tablets and now I look at them much more often than when they were in albums. I can read my kindle from a kindle in the daytime and from a tablet at night if there isn't enough light. I highly recommend getting one - but you do need wireless internet access or 3G or 4G for them to be really useful. You can hook it up to the computer to put things on it though and look at your photos, notes etc. and play games without the internet. and you can write your shopping list or other notes without the internet. You need the internet for these things to be available on other devices though. Hope this helps and wasn't too long.

Vicki Boster said...

I'm with you girlfriend-- I want one REAL bad!! Just hate to spend the $$- lol. But I will-- if you get one first-- let me know!!

Merry Christmas-- maybe Santa will bring you one!