Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Happy Halloween!!

Halloween has always been one of our favorite holidays.  ALWAYS.

I just painted the living room walls and am getting ready to update the Family Picture Wall with new frames and different photos. I came across this Polaroid of Terry and Laurie which brought back so many memories of past Halloweens.

Over the years it has been our tradition to dress in costume to give out the treats, then to friends house to prank.  Sometimes it was a simple costume like this with Terry looking through their window to scare them. Maybe we left a picture of us on their door know with a cryptic note leaving them to figure out who visited. We never went the same place two years in a row.

Today, I visited here .  Oma was remembering and gave info on Beggar's Night which I found really interesting since we went out on Beggar's Night when I was a kid, but I didn't know exactly what Beggar's Night really was.

What are some of your childhood memories of this night?  It's changed so much over the years.  Everyone is more careful these days with good cause. It seems to me that we were able to enjoy the night a little differently when I was young.

Happy Halloween! I hope there is a good scary movie on tonight!!


jinxxxygirl said...

Hmmm...never heard of Beggar's Night. I seem to remember a Mischief Night when we would go and soap car windows. That was fun! It was just soap and would wash off.....these days kids seem so bent on creating REAL damage like spray paint....

Halloween is no longer as innocent as it used to be.....I trick or treated as a kid and so did my daughter...many times i would dump the candy she collected and pour my own bag of candy that i bought into her bag....

I hand out candy for a few hours Halloween night......i usually close up shop about 8pm thats when the bigger kids start showing up.... Happy Halloween Carol!!! Hugs! deb

GlorV1 said...

Hi Carol. How fun what you and your family do.:) Awesome. Memories, ah memories. When I think about that, I always say that memories are all we really have. Continue to enjoy your life Carol and have fun on Halloween. Take care.

Jeanna said...

Hi Carol! I remember being a kid and trick-or-treating in our small town. Our parents would drive us all over town...there were so many kids out and we never really had the concerns like the children of today.

mairedodd said...

i think halloween is my favorite holiday - no expectations, no lists, no stress... just beautiful weather and the anticipation of being together and having fun. it will be my first halloween in 21 yrs that i haven't gone out walking around, but i will get to see the littles that come to my door. nothing too scary tonight - we watched 'the nightmare before christmas', a tradition here.
have a wonderful day and night tomorrow - hoping you have lovely weather!

DVArtist said...

Thanks for your well wishes for my mom. They are so appreciated.
Ahhhh my best memories as a child and an adult are Halloween. My brothers and sister, 6 of us would dress up and take pillow cases out for a full night of candy and scary things. In those days our parents didn't come along we would stay out until midnight.
Happy Halloween to you.

Timaree said...

Halloween was simpler way back when but my grandkids enjoy it still (even the older ones). They love to dress up although the youngest is the only one who wants Mama to make the costume (I don't know why because she makes super, super costumes which are all being kept for when she has grandkids).

I never did more than accompany my sister who would soap a window if no one was home. My husband on the other hand, told me how he stole pumpkins off porches and smashed them down Main St. in Vermont when he was just a kid!

My mother remembered moving outhouses when she was young and living in Colorado for a couple of years.

Jan said...

No one trick or treats on this lonely rural road, so my boyfriend and I sometimes dress up and trick the neighbors. It is pretty funny how people will let us into their homes when they have no idea who we are and indeed are a little bit alarmed by these weirdos on their door step. Makes for some good laughs when we pull our masks off. I put a picture of us on my facebook profile for now. Have a safe and happy Halloween!

Crystal said...

Happy Halloween, Carol!
I think my most vivid memory of Halloween is that it was such a spontaneous holiday! When I was a kid, we didn't get ready for it weeks ahead of time. I’d say our prep time was less than 48 hours - but that made it all seem so very exciting! Some years, we'd carve a pumpkin but it wasn’t mandatory. Honestly, I think we got as much joy from seeing the little array of candies WE’D be giving out on Halloween, as we did from going trick-or-treating, ourselves! (Of course, we LOVED trick-or-treating!)

We usually made our own costumes using simple, everyday items. I can remember working on costumes as darkness was approaching on Halloween night. Common themes were: ghost, fortune teller, monster, princess, hobo.

The term, Beggar's Night is unfamiliar to me... but reading your post reminded me that near Halloween my grandmother would ask us if we had a costume in mind yet, and if we would be "going out beggin' that year". As kids, we just assumed she meant trick-or- treating, and I think she did... but now I wonder if she used that particular term for a reason.
xo! :-)

Beedeebabee said...

What a great photo, Carol! You guys sound like lots of fun! We go all out on Halloween. We love the holiday and all the spooky decorations. I was a black cat this year (my standard answering the door on Halloween costume)but I was amazed at how many other black cats came a knocking, and how we all laughed at each other!:D I wish Halloween lasted an entire weekend and not just a day! xoxo

Yesteryear Embroideries said...

Love your thoughts and memories. I loved going out with my friends when we were teens. We lived in a rural area with dirt roads. The boys would hide and jump out and scare us!