Sunday, August 11, 2013

Weeder Beware!!

Did you know that some hornets nest under the ground?
Did you you know that they hide their hole under groundcover?
Did you know that when they attack they will chase you down?
Did you know that you will run away swatting like a cartoon on U-Tube?
Did you know that you can think you got them all, only to feel them still stinging?
Did you know you have to strip off you clothes only to find two stuck in your shorts?
Did you know that if you are allergic to their bites you could die?
Did you know that if you are mildly allergic you will itch like crazy?

Well, I know it all now.
And I don't believe that the swelling, itch and pain will depart in 3-5 days as I was advised.
This pic is Day 3. 
Red is spreading on day 4, though not so red.
I have several bites like this that have spread to about 7" round.
I have several smaller spots that itch but are not inflamed.

Let it be known that I bear no ill will to the hornets ~lol~.

Needless to say, the weeds are still growing strong around my rose bushes.