Tuesday, May 7, 2013

I've Been Outed

In  the summer of 2012, the business I work for moved to a new huge building.  It was totally updated and remodeled. I would guess that the renovation and moving huge machines, updating electric, etc probably cost about 1/2 million dollars.

It was a huge adjustment in our work flow.

This is the building front, looking along the side to the back.  That is my orange Element sitting outside my window.
 This is the view from my work space window.
I like to call it the No Tell Motel.  It has been quite entertaining watching what goes on, but also pretty sad when you think about the situation some "visitors" must be in.

I had my license plate stolen in broad daylight. I can't believe the gal that works next to me saw someone loitering in our parking lot and didn't even bother to pay attention to what he was doing.
 This is the view from my desk.
See, we are very modern. Nice little kitchenette, porcelain tile.  Three work spaces divided by movable panels.

In our old building a had a small cozy and private office. A quiet place to work and think. A few of my favorite picture wall groups on my walls.
This is my work space.

In our new space, I guess our owner bought into the theory that if we all work in the same open area we are more of a team. And we are not allowed to personalize our space except for one item on our desk which I chose to be a pic of Terry and I.  I do have a Tiger calendar that I was able to hang on the cloth partition and that's a good thing because looking at the current month picture has a way of relaxing me when it gets stressful.

So, are you wondering about this post title?  Well, I have been pretty unhappy at work since we moved.  After thinking about the cause, I realized it is because there is absolutely no privacy.  I am on the phone a lot...heck, I'm a purchasing agent and logistic manager.  The person in the space next to me talks loud, talks to herself out loud and makes noises.  When visitors come in, they seem to visit in the middle of the common area which is in front of our spaces. For some reason I have always thought of myself as an extrovert.  But recently I read an article that described me to a T and I know now that I am not nuts.  I am an introvert that covets my privacy and does my best thinking and concentrating in a quiet atmosphere.

Even though the countdown is on, I probably won't make it to the end of the year.


Magpie's Mumblings said...

I couldn't work like that and it certainly doesn't sound like a very safe neighbourhood either. I don't blame you for wanting to get out of there sooner rather than later.

Sweetpea said...

OMG, Carol, I was only half way through your post and started to think, "This poor gal is an introvert and has fallen victim to one of our 'modern' day business models only suitable for extroverts." I kid you not, that is exactly what I thought. Then, I reached the end of your missive where you said it yourself ...

You are probably not on Facebook, but there is a group there (a page to "Like") called 'Introverts are Awesome.' I've been astounded by the articles that get posted each day about the struggles of introverts to survive in an extroverted world. It's been fascinating for me to discover that I am not a total weirdo! And I am not alone in my desire to be away/free/set apart from others. It's a necessity for my well being ~ not a quirk.

Not sure where I'm going with all this. Basically just wanted you to know YOU ARE NOT ALONE in your desires for privacy. This is a common struggle these days in the environments created by the modern workplace ... and lots of [introverted] folks are talking about this subject ~ and the problems it causes ~ on the internet. Perhaps there's some helpful advice somewhere out there for you?

In the meantime, I sure hear ya & back you 100%.

FlowerLady Lorraine said...

I would not be comfortable having to work in that environment. I hope the right job replacement comes to you sooner than you think.


Barbara said...

Amen! My thought about why workplaces are set up this way is that it's more cost effective for owners. Walls cost more than partitions. Also, I always thought I was an extrovert, but then I read an article that defines an extrovert as someone who is "energized by activity and people". Not me! Conversely, the article went on to define an "introvert" as someone who is actually drained by activity and people. Bingo, I became an introvert. People around me might disagree because I enjoy them and am happily social, but then I go home and crash (after making sure I have no social obligations on my calendar for the next week, LOL)

ACreativeDreamer said...

How funny... on my way to work this morning I was just thinking about how much I appreciate my solitude these days and what a change that is from how I've always been. Don't get me wrong, I have always enjoyed my private time, mostly because I had so little of it... but now, with no kids in the house I'm finding I REALLY enjoy the solitude.

I'm lucky, I have my own office, and I have lots of colorful art up in it. I'm not sure I'd be as productive if I couldn't create my own environment and close the door when I need to. We are a rowdy bunch at times and I definitely would be far more distracted. Sometimes I wonder if managers remotely get it.

Timaree said...

The best way I have heard to tell whether you are an introvert or extrovert is to ask yourself this question: Do you recharge by being alone or by being around other people? I definitely need to get away from people to recharge!

As far as work spaces, I go crazy if there is no window to look out. I think it's silly to not allow some personalization to the workspace too. I know we are there to work but everyone needs to know why and what they are working for or else it just feels like drudgery.

If you don't last till the end of the year does it make a huge difference?

Jan said...

Sorry you are experiencing difficulties making the adjustment. I can understand why. Hope you can stick it out as long as you need to, or else get the heck out if that is what you need. Good luck with your choices.

Momma Bear said...

Oh, Sweetie!
I am so sorry! I agree cubical rat is not the place for a phone jockey. I can't tell you how bad for focus and concentration that kind of "cubicle farm" is.

on the other hand you can keep reminding yourself "it's not for much longer" you can put up with anything for short periods of time.
give yourself elongated weekends here and there, when you feel the stress build up.
you need the mental health day to be more productive or at least be less stressed by the noise.

don't be stoic!
give yourself permission to take care of yourself!
no one is going to do it for you!

Crystal said...

Hi Sis,
Yikes, it must be very tough! Wish you could leave tomorrow.

I definitely understand that you do your best thinking and concentrating in a quiet atmosphere. Me, too!

I think of myself as a multi-tasker, but I get the most done when there's peace and quiet!

The part that seems really unfair is that you can't decorate your space as you see fit.

Well, close your eyes and think summer! And then plan something fun to do the day after you retire! :-) xoxo

Beedeebabee said...

Hi Carol, I certainly understand what you're saying. I wouldn't like all that open space and no privacy or quiet either. I hope something better comes your way soon. xo


Hello Carol, Your new work space looks very nice... I hope you had a lovely Happy Mother's day. Hugs Judy

Donna said...

So sad that you have to do your retirement countdown being unhappy. What about moving your desk to the back of the space facing the window? Or in the back corner? At least you wouldn't have to "see" the visitors and chatters in the wide open kitchen space. I would hate working there too. But soon it will all be behind you. And you will be able to craft all day like ME. Hang in there.

Suzanne McClendon said...

I am introverted and on top of that, I am shy, too. Your new setup would drive me nuts. I couldn't stand it.

Best wishes to you while you deal with the new, less private surroundings at work.