Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Front Porch Chat

I have begun following a couple of more blogs. I think I followed a link to  Marianne from a linky party.
Marianne is wonderfully talented.  She also is a care giver to senior and special needs dogs, which of course would interest ME!

Marianne led me here to Every Day Ruralty. Its also an interesting visit.  I decided to join the weekly "Chats"
which is done by links to bloggers that choose to participate in ~ what reminds me of the memes that we all
used to do a few years ago.

Anyway, here are the questions this week:

Do you have any fun plans for the summer?
Mostly we are going to work around the house getting everything that needs to be done finished.  New privacy fence  ~ finish remodeling the kitchen and laundry room~ replace the tub  in the bathroom with a shower unit ~ AND the pond needs a new liner.  I gotta get those boys over here!

Are you currently dieting or following a specific eating plan?
Not really.  We are trying to eat more fiber, fruits and veggies.  That's been going pretty well.

How often do you wear blue jeans (or any other color of denim)?
I wear jeans to work, so you could say I live in jeans.  But as soon as I get home they come off and on go the yoga pants ...and flip flops.

Who is your favorite singer?
O, this a very hard questions for me to answer.  I like a lot of Pop artists like Train, Bruno Mars and Pink.  Then there are my all time favorite blues artists like BB King, and Ray Charles and Stevie Ray Vaughn.  Country?  Not much except Kris Kristofferson and a couple of the old time country artist..I like most music.  My fave singer at the time depends on my mood.

Have you cooked anything interesting lately?
No, but I'll be interested to see the answers to this question for inspiration.

So go over to Every Day Ruralty and see what others said.  Maybe you'll link up too!


GlorV1 said...

Hi Carol. Sounds like you found a couple of interesting blogs. Great questions. Same with us as far as summer plans. Re-do the sheet rock on the living room ceiling fence. Wow, you sound like us and what we are doing. tee hee. Have a great week Carol. Nice to see you.

Sherri said...

Your summer sounds very busy. However, your projects sound like lots of fun. The Man & I love projects...Have a blessed week :O)

Suzanne McClendon said...

Remodeling can be lots of fun, but also lots of stress. I think that leveling our house would be a good start to a remodel.

Enjoy your summer!

Timaree said...

You have a lot scheduled for this summer! Hope you get it all done. That will feel really good. I must have quit listening to new music a long time ago as I don't know most of the bands or people you know mentioned! As far as cooking goes, I am ready to quit! I've been cooking for over 50 years both before and after getting married and it's lost the fun. I could eat out all the time but that costs too much and is a pain too. Maybe I should just give up eating, lol.

Unknown said...

Good questions, sounds a little like here but maybe not getting to so many of the to-do projects. Love Bruno Mars and Pink, I need to see what new artists I might like. Eating healthier and finding interesting recipes is one of my goals this summer though. Good to hear from you!

Patrice said...

Welcome to the chat. I have some remodeling projects too do. You have varied taste in music too. I think mine depends on the mood I'm in. Have a good upcoming week! Patrice

ACreativeDreamer said...

I'm going to have to go visit this site!

I thought of you last evening after some pretty heavy storms rolled through here. I took the dog out and as we went under one of the massive holly trees I noticed all sorts of tall grasses hanging down. My first thought was, "wow, those winds were REALLY powerful!" I thought it had tossed some of the tall grasses from the back of the yard into the tree, but when I looked up it was a bird's nest, within arm's reach no less. And the momma bird, as drenched as she was, was sitting there steadfast protecting her eggs.

Obviously, she hasn't heard about the snake that lives in the backyard.

I'm headed out after work to get her her own personal feeder and bird feed.

Looks like I may have to hang a few houses in the tree next year if we're going to get visitors like this!

I'm gonna send you photos as soon as it stops storming enough for me to take them!