Sunday, January 20, 2013

There IS power

I can't look at a sunrise without feeling a tremendous sense of serenity, peace and calm. It's almost, if not, a spiritual experience.
Not matter what Higher Power you believe in, seeing the sunrise at just that moment of beauty before the sun rises just a little higher, is a moment to remember throughout the day.

I believe that if you ask for what you want, it will come to you.
A daily affirmation is just a thought to keep your mind on the right path.  What I am talking about is something more than an affirmation.  It is a desire deep inside that takes hold of your sub-conscience and begs to be heard.

A rather trivial example is what happened to me recently.  You know I have been unsettled at work this year. I wasn't sure if I wanted to quit now, work part time, or retire.  Terry and I discussed it and retiring was decided, but I still couldn't reach that elusive harmony. My deepest desire was to begin working part time as I did when I was hired 12 years ago.  I was burned out when I left another job and came to this one.  At the time,  part time job was the answer.  In my heart, I knew I was in that same situation yet again.  Also, my position would not be that easy to fill.  How much notice should I give before I leave.  I wanted to be fair, but I also wanted to look out for myself in certain matters.  I dwelled on it for almost a month.  Then one morning at work, our owner called us together for a staff meeting.  He gave us the news that we had lost one of our customers to a  business merger.  The news came at the worst time of the year, as we usually have  a slow end of the year and cash flow would be tight.  There were not going to be any layoffs, but we needed to replace that customer and increase sales to maintain the same staff level. If we had any questions or concerns he welcomed us to come to him with further questions.

Here's where the answer from the Universe comes in. When I spoke with him, I told him that I would like to again work part time.  I compromised set part time hours with an offer to do what I needed to do for the day then go home.  I also mentioned to him that if things didn't pick up and he felt the need to limit office staff, I wanted him to take into consideration that I am going to retire at the end of the year.

Relief....calm...serenity. I am a path to Harmony at work.

I would be interested to know what you think about asking for what you want, whether it's prayer to your God or whatever Higher Power you recognize.



I think you have come to a wonderful harmony. I think part time and than retired is a good way to easy into the world of retirement. Just My 2 Cents. Hugs Judy

Barbara said...

Lovely story, Carol, and an affirmation of how things sometimes work out in spite of ourselves. We like to think we have a handle on the future and plan accordingly, even ask for help from above, but then something totally off our radar presents itself. I like to think of that as the answer.

Nicole Beadwright Campanella said...

I definitely believe in asking for what you want. How is the universe suppose to know if you don't ask for it.

Carol- Beads and Birds said...

Yes Barb, that is exactly how I think it works.

char said...

I believe if you put it in God's hands, the answer always presents itself, not always as we imagine it to be, but how it IS to be. We have beautiful sunrises and sunsets in the winter time here in Alaska, I am constantly taking pictures of both, they always move me in unexpected ways. Happy New Year Carol.

Gloria in CA said...

Hi Carol. You made a decision and carried it out and you feel good about it and that's what counts. You definitely are in harmony with yourself and your needs. I wish you much luck for the coming year and know that you will make things work for you and your family.
God Bless You. Have a wonderful week.

Momma Bear said...

I know this has been praying on your mind and It's good to see it resolved at last!
I do what my father did before me, if there is something I really need resolved, something praying on my mind, I go out into the garden (whatever the season) take off my shoes, plant my feet in the grass and tell the universe my thoughts on the subject and what I would like to happen.
you have to be patient, sometimes the universe is busy, it doesn't get back to you for a long time but I have found it always answers you, in some way.

Penny Berens said...

Oh, yes, Carol and as you know I walk at sunrise every morning. The best time to commune with the universe or mother nature.

Cathy K said...

How wonderfully this has worked out for you!

When I was laid off from the construction credit industry in 2007, I went to work as a part-time summer camp art counselor at our local historic farm. Talk about DIFFERENT! But it felt right, and soon led to a permanent part-time job as a bookkeeper for the farm, where I stayed for 4 years. Then, when my Etsy shop took off, it felt right to step down as bookkeeper and “retire”. That was a leap of faith, but it was the best thing I ever did.

Without realizing it, we make our own opportunities. I think if we trust whatever it is (God, the universe, our gut feelings), things always work out. And I am so happy that you are feeling good about it. That is the best confirmation that you are on the right path!


Timaree said...

Yay, I am so glad things are working this way for you. I don't believe we get what we pray for all the time and that "no" is an equal answer to what we were praying for. I lost that idea when my nieces newborn boy died at one week from catching strep as he passed through the birth canal. She'd been tested the week before as this can happen and she didn't have it then. We all prayed and prayed but it was useless. This became a crisis in faith for me and 16 years later I still haven't regained my trust in God's benevolence. I think we have to do the best we can and see what happens. I wish I could trust again but I wonder if I ever will have the same trust I had at one time. Still, synchronicity sure does seem to happen a lot as in getting my house in California and so far everything has gone pretty smoothly. So I guess my bottom line is that the Universe is quite fickle!

Jeanne said...

As you can tell, I haven't been reading blogs for awhile or posting. I think this news is fantastic. Love how your harmony is coming together.

Love and hugs