Sunday, December 29, 2013

What Does Saturday Mean To You?

Mary Ann (Magpie's Mumblings) posted a great thought provoking story.  It made me think about my own thoughts on Saturdays.  Please visit her post here  if you haven't already.

After reading the story, thoughts about my own Saturdays came gushing forward starting with childhood memories.

When I was young, Saturday mornings were spent thoroughly cleaning the house. Top to bottom, wall to wall, behind furniture, washing floors on your hands and knees with a scrub brush. It was set in stone.  When I was in Junior High, I was a cheer leader.  I particularly remember that we were going to the State Championships in Indianapolis...leaving very early.  My mother told me I could only go if I got the Saturday housework done before I went.  I don't remember doing it, but that Saturday rule memory has always stuck with me.  I'm pretty sure it didn't apply when  I got older and got a job in a bakery that required me to be at work at 6 AM on Saturdays.

After I got married, it took a long time for me to shake the Saturday morning ritual.  Terry and I did our own thing on Saturdays. I ran with my friends to the mall, or a show or lunch and Terry ran with his motorcycle friends.  An unspoken rule brought us home by 6 PM to get ready to do whatever the guys conjured up together.  We ran with a crowd of about twelve couples.

Over the years, Saturday mornings were always spent at sport practices and games.  Both when my daughter was young and when my grandsons were involved in "lots" of sports.  We seemed to go from one season to the next with few breaks. But again, it was good family time and you can never give too much support to your kids.

As we got older and settled down, Saturdays became Terry and my day to do errands together. It became a nice day to spend together doing whatever we wanted to and going wherever we needed or wanted to go.  It's still that way today. We truly cherish our Saturdays together and never make any separate plans without consulting one another.

How about you?  How do you spend your Saturdays? I would love to hear your story.

Friday, November 29, 2013

An Interesting Blog

Do you know who Seth Godin is?  I followed a link to his blog about a week ago.  Sorry, I can't remember who posted about him.  If you are reading this and it was you, thank you.  Click this name for a  link to his post today and check him out.  He was the vice president of marketing for Yahoo.  He launched Squidoo, too.  His blog is mostly geared toward marketing so I suspect if you own a business you would find it interesting.  However, even if you don't, his thoughts on how people think, react and what motivates them is definitely worth reading. It's FFFT (Fine Food For Thought).

I'd like to read any thoughts you might have on what he thinks about ANYTHING.

As a follow up to my Black Friday post all I can say is that times are a changin!  Stores opened on Thanksgiving.  Shoppers waited in line on Thursday, just like they used to do on Friday.  On Friday morning, all those stores were empty.  We went to Walmart with very few shoppers in the store and bought everything we wanted that was advertised in the Thursday ad.  We went to Menards and bought doggy beds and toys for Tyson.  Then out for breakfast and home to relax.  It's All Good!  How about you.  Did you shop?

Sunday, November 24, 2013

I Liked Black Friday BEFORE It Was *#%$##* BLACK FRIDAY!!!

It has always been my tradition to start Christmas shopping on the day after Thanksgiving.  Wherever I worked, they KNEW I would not be there on the day after Turkey Day.  My daughter and I would trek over to Michigan City, Merrillville or Fort Wayne.  If the weather was bad, we went to the local malls.  It was always a busy day to shop, but we enjoyed being in the crowd and stopping somewhere for a nice lunch. That was before the Black Friday Frenzy hit. On Saturday, we always put up the tree and decorated the house. It was always an enjoyable weekend.

Then, some marketing engineer invented Black Friday. (After doing a little research, I found that Black Friday dates back to 1924 but it was never marketed to today's standards).  Out came the sale ads luring us with hugely discounted prices on just about anything you can imagine. Some hold off major purchases to see what the Thanksgiving newspaper will bring. Then they pour over the ads, making lists and creating their shopping strategies. Some (and I can never understand this one, especially since I live in the snowy Midwest) actually camp out in line at stores so they have a better chance to acquire the booty.  Retailers used to keep their ads a huge secret. Then the internet hackers came along a sneaked a peek on line of what deals were in store for the public.  Now retailers "leak" their ads themselves hoping to lure you there with earlier hours and deeper price cuts. Now, Walmart even offers to price match other retailer's ads BEFORE Black Friday.

About 20 years ago, K-Mart came up with the idea of opening with special deals on Thanksgiving. We had severe lack of funds back then.  The  sound on our TV broke in about September.  We brought another TV into the room so we could watch TV on the bigger screen while we listened to the smaller one.  We were hoping to hold off buying a new TV until Black Friday.  BUT, K-mart advertised opening on Thanksgiving at 8:00 in the AM and offered a 23" TV for $184. Back then that was a BIG TV at a super price.  So off we went to buy a TV.  No lines.  FEW people were even there to shop.  The clerk didn't even know where to find that TV. Finally Terry helped her get it and several others down from a high wall shelf.  A few other shoppers were there to get one too. We went back home to fix our meal and watch Macy's Parade and football on our new TV.  Opening on T-Day must have been a bust because it was years later before the stores started opening on Thanksgiving again.

So here we are with the Christmas shopping season upon us.  Our new tradition is to go to Menards.  They always have great stocking stuffers and its now a one stop event since our boys are older and we give them money to spend on after Christmas deals. Then we stop for breakfast and on to home to decorate the house.
No, I'm not shopping on Thanksgiving this year...but I thought about it for a minute when I saw that Walmart would have some unknown brand 32" TV for $98.  Nope...not going.  I'm promoting boycotting Thanksgiving Day shopping and hope EVERYONE else does too so workers are able to enjoy the day with their families or at the very least rest up for a very busy few weeks.

How about you?  Do you venture out on Black Friday?  How do you feel about shopping on Thanksgiving? O, I forgot.  Will you be shopping at small locally owned stores on Saturday?  I will.

Monday, November 18, 2013

Do I Want A Kindle Fire HDX?

I think I do.
I don't want an Smart Phone.
I only want to use my phone to make and take calls.
I DON'T want the added monthly expense of Terry and I having phones that have features that we will never use.

Recently, I went with my grandson when he bought a new I-Phone.  While at the store, I looked at I-pads.  I admit, I had never even looked at them before and it piqued my interest.

So, I asked my most tech savy OTHER grandson, Ky, what he would suggest if I were going to by a tablet. He suggested the Kindle Fire.

I'm thinking I would like to be able to read digital magazines and books.  It would make blogging much easier to be able to take and edit pictures and upload them directly to the blog or a printer.  There are so many features that I think I would use.

I would sincerely like to hear any one's experience and advice about tablets.  I am seriously thinking that I "need" one ~lol~.

Friday, November 15, 2013

My Retirement Stash Slash Savings Game

 Good Day!!

Here are the latest pics of the pup.  He is a typical Boxer.
He loves everyone.  Listens pretty well and is housebroken.
He gets a lot of play time and Corey takes him on a long walk everyday over to the county park.  I love to see how much they love each other.

Tyson loves everyone. BTW, he has a girlfriend on the other side of the back fence.  She is a much older German Shepherd.  I call her the Cougar!! They kiss through the fence.

Just thought you might like to see that cute face.  But here is the Stash Savings Game part of the post.

When I decided to retire, I guess I felt the need to justify being home and not contributing to our income.  So I keep thinking of all the things I do that actually save us being able to cook meals now instead of carry out and frozen quick fixes.  We are loving that!

As long as I have collected crafty/ needlework components, I have called them my retirement fund.  My thinking was that when I retired, I wouldn't want to spend money on hobbies, so whatever I collected up to now, I would find a use for when I retire.

Yahoo!! I found my first stash buster slash retirement savings!!  Corey wanted a longer leash for Tyson and thought he would buy one this weekend.  Looking through my "stash" I found this web band that I knew I had.  It is 12 ft long.  The end is one of those key clips. leash and no money spent.  The clip could actually attach to another leash in case Corey wants it even longer.   We'll see if he likes it when he comes home.

Every year at just about this time in the fall I come down with a respiratory bug.  It hit just a little late this year and I am still recouping so making a leash today and posting is a BIG deal ~lol~.

Happy Weekend.  Don't let the coming holidays stress you out!

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Happy Halloween!!

Halloween has always been one of our favorite holidays.  ALWAYS.

I just painted the living room walls and am getting ready to update the Family Picture Wall with new frames and different photos. I came across this Polaroid of Terry and Laurie which brought back so many memories of past Halloweens.

Over the years it has been our tradition to dress in costume to give out the treats, then to friends house to prank.  Sometimes it was a simple costume like this with Terry looking through their window to scare them. Maybe we left a picture of us on their door know with a cryptic note leaving them to figure out who visited. We never went the same place two years in a row.

Today, I visited here .  Oma was remembering and gave info on Beggar's Night which I found really interesting since we went out on Beggar's Night when I was a kid, but I didn't know exactly what Beggar's Night really was.

What are some of your childhood memories of this night?  It's changed so much over the years.  Everyone is more careful these days with good cause. It seems to me that we were able to enjoy the night a little differently when I was young.

Happy Halloween! I hope there is a good scary movie on tonight!!

Monday, September 23, 2013

Serenity Now

 In recent years, I have been on a quest to eliminate drama from my life. Oh, I know everyone has some amount of drama. But I realized the fix was a difficult decision that I couldn't make.  Circumstances beyond my control brought issues to a head and for the first time in a very long time I am truly in a peaceful place. Add retirement to the mix and ....well .... It's All Good.

So, since I have pretty much been an absent blogger, I want to share a few of the highlights of my year.  Funny how so many of them evolve around my grandkids!

Corey and Brandi have been dated for about a year now. Here is a pic of them before they went to the prom.
Brandi is still in school so I suspect I will share this event with you again next year.  They are such a sweet couple.

Not a very good pic.  I'll blame that on a new camera that I didn't really know how to set for this distance.  But anyway, a very proud day for Corey and for us too. Did you  breathe a sigh of relief when your kids graduated high school?  There was never a doubt, but still it's reassuring.

This is quite a story. About 4 years ago, Terry went to a barn sale and saw a cow head curing on the wall and wanted to buy it.  Not for sale, boo hoo.
Ky found out that the barn was owned by the school custodian and asked him if he could buy it.  No..but Marty would let him know when he had another.  Ky reminded Marty often.  Soon Marty was reminding Ky that he would have one soon (which is not really THAT soon).  On Father's Day, Ky asked me to drive him over to Marty's farm.  The head was ready.   Meet Miranda.  She is still curing out by the pond.

Then in June, Ky turned 16.
His passion all summer was fishing, so of course we got him a fishing cake.

And we supplied pizza for him and several of his friends.  He looks a little grubby because we brought the pizza over after they fished all day. He thought it was a perfect birthday.

Then in July, Brandi turned 17. She fanatically loves going to the beach so, of course, we gave her a Beach Party.

One thing I didn't mention is that Corey has moved back to our home.  He remodeled two bedrooms to one large one and has made a very cool Man Cave for himself.

Since the start of his boxing training, he has wanted to have a Boxer dog.  So, meet Tyson.  He is absolutely the sweetest pup ever.  He was born on July 4.  This pic was taken on August 24. He was driving Junior nuts wanting to play all the time, but now Junior just ignores him.  No way can he keep up with this pup!

So, there's the year in 60 seconds! Since retiring I have gathered boxes to send off to Goodwill and caught up on some cleaning.  I'll be painting walls next week or the week after. My computer has had the dreaded blue screen twice so I suspect I'll be looking at new computers very soon...this week. AND..I'm  going to try to tackle the weeds again where the bees were/are...hope they are GONE!!

Monday, September 9, 2013

The Countdown Is Done!!

 Well, the countdown is done, finally.  I feel like I have lifted a load from my shoulders. A new chapter started?  Certainly.  If I were to name the chapter, I would title it Back To Being Me.

One irritation is that EVERYONE asks "What are you going to do?"

I have been working since I was 13.  My first job was as a carhop.  You are probably as old as me if you remember carhops ~lol~.  At least I was introduced to the work force with a really fun job. I was lucky to have a couple of fun jobs in my life. So what am I going to do now ?  WHATEVER I WANT!!

I vow not to make a list of things I need to get done. 
I WILL do daily chores like laundry, cooking and cleaning.
I will PLAY in the may call it weeding etc.
And I will create, read, and redecorate whatever and whenever I want.
My new Mantra is "Whatever I Do Is Enough".

Cullip Industries gave me a very nice going away.
I told John I refused to think of it as a party because I was leaving ~lol~. I know they will miss my knowledge and experience.

I came to work Thursday to find my work area decorated. John called it retaliation for all the times I decorated his area when he came back from vacation.  Like the time we moved empty boxes in his office and called it the new stock room.

He invited the entire shop to lunch at a local Italian restaurant. We ate well and several contributed memories they had of things I had done or said.  I was was a lot of fun and a very nice send off. And I received a very generous gift from Cullip.

Now the REAL party starts!!

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Weeder Beware!!

Did you know that some hornets nest under the ground?
Did you you know that they hide their hole under groundcover?
Did you know that when they attack they will chase you down?
Did you know that you will run away swatting like a cartoon on U-Tube?
Did you know that you can think you got them all, only to feel them still stinging?
Did you know you have to strip off you clothes only to find two stuck in your shorts?
Did you know that if you are allergic to their bites you could die?
Did you know that if you are mildly allergic you will itch like crazy?

Well, I know it all now.
And I don't believe that the swelling, itch and pain will depart in 3-5 days as I was advised.
This pic is Day 3. 
Red is spreading on day 4, though not so red.
I have several bites like this that have spread to about 7" round.
I have several smaller spots that itch but are not inflamed.

Let it be known that I bear no ill will to the hornets ~lol~.

Needless to say, the weeds are still growing strong around my rose bushes.

Saturday, May 25, 2013

It's A Doggy Birthday Party for Annie

 Junior is here to celebrate Annie's Birthday.  Annie's mom is Karen who owns the blog at Sew Many Ways.  If you don't know Karen, you really should visit to say Happy Birthday to Annie AND to see what Sew Many Ways is all about.  Its a great place.

Junior does not like his picture taken. He does not like you to point ANYthing at him.  It makes him really nervous sometimes.

Junie is 10 years old.  He is not in the best of health. He suffers from an genetic immune system disease that causes him to have a fungal skin infection which we are able to control with baths and prednisone shots. There are other health issues which we take care of as best we can.  He is my last dog of the 4  in the last 10 years that I have been blessed to know.  Junie is a German Shepherd/Rottweiler  mix..more Rot than Shepherd in temperament.  He NEVER EVER does anything wrong...ever.

This is the best picture that I have ever been able to capture.  I love it.  He is so so pretty and so smart and SO spoiled.  He gets a lot of our attention.

Junior spends a lot of his evenings laying by one of the patio doors in the living room waiting for some critter to come see him.  He enjoys raccoons and possum as long as they are on the other side of the glass.  He does not allow cats on his deck.

Junie is pretty much retired and isn't really a "Guard Dog" anymore.  And that's OK.   If you want to see more about Junior, click his name in my tag list.

Happy Birthday Annie..from Junior.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Another Front Porch Chat

It finally got warm in Northern Indiana.  Hot and humid actually and I have been outside as much as I can be.  When not out in the dirt, we are watching the darned birds.  A Red Headed Woodpecker has been showing up at the feeders, but is a bit of a bully and chasing the other birds away.  It's been hard to get a good pic of him because he is skittish of any movement on my side of the patio doors.  I preserver!

Our baby Blues are hanging out at the feeders all the time, but still wait for the parents to feed them.

We also continue to try to trap and remove feral cats.  There seems to be a cat explosion near my house and it is a huge concern for the cats. We often see them on the side of the highway which is 3 houses away.

So, here are the questions for the week:
Are you a heavy, light, or somewhere in between sleeper?
This is a joke at my house .  For years Terry worked third shift .  Laurie was young and I was a very light sleeper in those days.  Since Terry has been working normal hours, I fall into a deep sleep as soon as my head touches the pillow.  A truck could run into the house and I'd sleep through it.

Are you currently reading anything interesting?
This question always somewhat embarrasses me.  I used to be an avid reader.  Now I'm lucky if I find time to read Midwest Living and National Geographic.

Do you like to enter contests?
Yes, sometimes.  I always think I will win.  As long as I don't have to give too much info and I want the prize, I might go for it.  I do like to enter blog giveaways.

Are you Good about taking time to do things you enjoy?
That is a hard question.  I mostly don't do anything I don't enjoy.  But I find it hard to take time to sew and stitch.  Why is there so much else that are priorities to Me Time?

What's your favorite food to cook on the grill, or enjoy at a BBQ?
We rarely eat meat.  But if the kids are here for a cookout, there are always hot dogs and hamburgers and kebabs.  I do love grilled chicken that has been marinaded in Jack Daniel marinade.

Sunday, May 19, 2013

I've Got The Blues

Well, you know me so you probably thought the blues I have is the lack of sun kind that I suffer with every winter...Nope....They're gone.

And if you know me even better, you might think I'm taking about the B.B. King kind.  Well, I DO have those blues and listen to The Blues a lot.  My kind of music when I want to be mellow.

But, you only have to know me a little to know that I must be talking about the BLUES...The Birdy beloved blue birds.  Yes, of course they are back!! Actually, I was pretty surprised to find that they were here most of the winter.

This is actually a picture taken in  the late winter.
I noticed a male at my feeder stand.  I didn't have any worms out, but put some out that day.  I think we had a couple of different pairs visiting.

At least two pairs visited the nesting boxes and there was a little territorial drama for a few days.

Here is one of the males scoping out a nest box. The new owners of our local  Birds Unlimited suggested putting the boxes on the side of our house to protect the Blues from predators. I wasn't too sure I wanted to do that, but the safety of it did make sense so we tried it.  Of all our boxes, the one on the house was the box they fought over. I did watch in horror one day when a female English Sparrow actually flew up to the house and tried to drag the female Blue out.  I can't tell you how MAD we were.  I don't know how the birds resolved the issue..but our sparrow traps are up and ready when we are home.

 This is the female.  You can see that she is mostly grey.  Her color gets even more dull as the spring progresses.
Here she is again before she laid eggs.  This year that darn rodent Phil could not have been more wrong about an early spring.  We had really cold weather up to just a few weeks ago.  Once the female laid eggs we NEVER saw her again until they hatched.  That is kind of unusual as we usually see her once in a while.  We guessed that she was staying on the eggs due to the weather.

 These are a few pics that I took  as we patiently waited for the eggs to hatch.  When that day finally arrived..I think it was a week ago Thursday..I was lucky to be home and watch the baby blues come out.

I was looking out the kitchen window and some small movement along the fence caught my eye.  Then I noticed a baby blue sitting on the Trumpet Vine....he did not move an inch!!  The mother would fly to him and still he clung to that vine.  I just couldn't leave to get my camera.  I was sure there were more babies and I didn't want to miss a thing.  Pretty soon I watched a little head pop out of the house, pop back in, then a baby got up as if to fly and popped back down.  This went on for quite a little while.  Then...I swear this is true...the mother flew over to the house and put her head in the door and I got the distinct impression that she was giving those babies what for because pretty soon they both came out and flew up to the tree.  The bird baby was still clinging to that vine.  I watched him attempt to fly and went over the fence to the ground.  OMGosh, the neighbor's dog was out and here she came.  I hurried outside thinking I could check on the baby but the mother and father went into defense mode.  I looked up to see a Parent Blue diving for my head.  I said OK, OK I'm going in...I'd NEVER hurt your babies.

So we waited because we knew pretty soon those babies would be at the feeder with there parents.  At least I could count them and know if the first baby made it.  From past experience I knew that would probably be in about a week.  We waited and watched.  Kept a supply of worms in the new feeder I bought that deters Starlings from reaching the worms.

Then, about a week went by.  I watched as a parent got a worm and flew into the tree.

Here they are!! All three safe and sound and visiting the feeder every day.
Blue Birds really are the Birds of Happiness.

 Here is a closer look at the new feed we got.  It is perfect at keeping Starlings out because the holes on the sides are too high for their heads to reach in and get worms.  The is also room for the Blues to go in over the plexi sides.  Its also made from recycled material and will not rot and washes nicely.  We worth the money if you want to attract Blues.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Front Porch Chat

I have begun following a couple of more blogs. I think I followed a link to  Marianne from a linky party.
Marianne is wonderfully talented.  She also is a care giver to senior and special needs dogs, which of course would interest ME!

Marianne led me here to Every Day Ruralty. Its also an interesting visit.  I decided to join the weekly "Chats"
which is done by links to bloggers that choose to participate in ~ what reminds me of the memes that we all
used to do a few years ago.

Anyway, here are the questions this week:

Do you have any fun plans for the summer?
Mostly we are going to work around the house getting everything that needs to be done finished.  New privacy fence  ~ finish remodeling the kitchen and laundry room~ replace the tub  in the bathroom with a shower unit ~ AND the pond needs a new liner.  I gotta get those boys over here!

Are you currently dieting or following a specific eating plan?
Not really.  We are trying to eat more fiber, fruits and veggies.  That's been going pretty well.

How often do you wear blue jeans (or any other color of denim)?
I wear jeans to work, so you could say I live in jeans.  But as soon as I get home they come off and on go the yoga pants ...and flip flops.

Who is your favorite singer?
O, this a very hard questions for me to answer.  I like a lot of Pop artists like Train, Bruno Mars and Pink.  Then there are my all time favorite blues artists like BB King, and Ray Charles and Stevie Ray Vaughn.  Country?  Not much except Kris Kristofferson and a couple of the old time country artist..I like most music.  My fave singer at the time depends on my mood.

Have you cooked anything interesting lately?
No, but I'll be interested to see the answers to this question for inspiration.

So go over to Every Day Ruralty and see what others said.  Maybe you'll link up too!

Sunday, May 12, 2013


Well, if you know me, you know I LOVE Maxine.  I'm not sure why, because I don't share her outlook on life.  All I know is that she makes me laugh. I probably like her because she speaks her mind and I look forward to a time when I won't have to measure my words so much before speaking.

Have a Great Day and have a laugh on Maxine.

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

I've Been Outed

In  the summer of 2012, the business I work for moved to a new huge building.  It was totally updated and remodeled. I would guess that the renovation and moving huge machines, updating electric, etc probably cost about 1/2 million dollars.

It was a huge adjustment in our work flow.

This is the building front, looking along the side to the back.  That is my orange Element sitting outside my window.
 This is the view from my work space window.
I like to call it the No Tell Motel.  It has been quite entertaining watching what goes on, but also pretty sad when you think about the situation some "visitors" must be in.

I had my license plate stolen in broad daylight. I can't believe the gal that works next to me saw someone loitering in our parking lot and didn't even bother to pay attention to what he was doing.
 This is the view from my desk.
See, we are very modern. Nice little kitchenette, porcelain tile.  Three work spaces divided by movable panels.

In our old building a had a small cozy and private office. A quiet place to work and think. A few of my favorite picture wall groups on my walls.
This is my work space.

In our new space, I guess our owner bought into the theory that if we all work in the same open area we are more of a team. And we are not allowed to personalize our space except for one item on our desk which I chose to be a pic of Terry and I.  I do have a Tiger calendar that I was able to hang on the cloth partition and that's a good thing because looking at the current month picture has a way of relaxing me when it gets stressful.

So, are you wondering about this post title?  Well, I have been pretty unhappy at work since we moved.  After thinking about the cause, I realized it is because there is absolutely no privacy.  I am on the phone a lot...heck, I'm a purchasing agent and logistic manager.  The person in the space next to me talks loud, talks to herself out loud and makes noises.  When visitors come in, they seem to visit in the middle of the common area which is in front of our spaces. For some reason I have always thought of myself as an extrovert.  But recently I read an article that described me to a T and I know now that I am not nuts.  I am an introvert that covets my privacy and does my best thinking and concentrating in a quiet atmosphere.

Even though the countdown is on, I probably won't make it to the end of the year.

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Are You Jumping on the Bloglovin Bandwagon?

Follow my blog with Bloglovin

Everyone is talking about Google Reader becoming extinct.
I an not a techi and have not yet jumped on the Smart Phone bandwagon, but I do understand why such changes are being made.  I am hoping that I will still be able to view blog feeds from my dashboard.  But, just in case Blogger messes up like they have a tendency to do when they make changes, I have started using Feedly also.  If you want to continue to follow my blog through Bloglovin', I have added their button on the right side of the blog.  I'll still be reading YOUR blog, cause I love em all SO MUCH!  Have a great day.

Saturday, January 26, 2013

W hat Do YOU Do With These?

Eight of these come to my house every month.
Nope, they don't fall out of the sky.
I have to actually go to Walmart and pick them up.
And they are NOT free.
I actually pay a lot of money for them.
I wondered what to do with the empties.

They are good for beads and buttons.

You can keep $10 in quarters in them . That makes a great Christmas  fund.

You can keep them in your purse to store change.  No more digging...and they are most helpful at the cash register.

Google and Pinterest didn't yield many useful ideas.

If you have any ideas.  Any at all.  Please let me know.  I refuse to send them to the landfill.

Sunday, January 20, 2013

There IS power

I can't look at a sunrise without feeling a tremendous sense of serenity, peace and calm. It's almost, if not, a spiritual experience.
Not matter what Higher Power you believe in, seeing the sunrise at just that moment of beauty before the sun rises just a little higher, is a moment to remember throughout the day.

I believe that if you ask for what you want, it will come to you.
A daily affirmation is just a thought to keep your mind on the right path.  What I am talking about is something more than an affirmation.  It is a desire deep inside that takes hold of your sub-conscience and begs to be heard.

A rather trivial example is what happened to me recently.  You know I have been unsettled at work this year. I wasn't sure if I wanted to quit now, work part time, or retire.  Terry and I discussed it and retiring was decided, but I still couldn't reach that elusive harmony. My deepest desire was to begin working part time as I did when I was hired 12 years ago.  I was burned out when I left another job and came to this one.  At the time,  part time job was the answer.  In my heart, I knew I was in that same situation yet again.  Also, my position would not be that easy to fill.  How much notice should I give before I leave.  I wanted to be fair, but I also wanted to look out for myself in certain matters.  I dwelled on it for almost a month.  Then one morning at work, our owner called us together for a staff meeting.  He gave us the news that we had lost one of our customers to a  business merger.  The news came at the worst time of the year, as we usually have  a slow end of the year and cash flow would be tight.  There were not going to be any layoffs, but we needed to replace that customer and increase sales to maintain the same staff level. If we had any questions or concerns he welcomed us to come to him with further questions.

Here's where the answer from the Universe comes in. When I spoke with him, I told him that I would like to again work part time.  I compromised set part time hours with an offer to do what I needed to do for the day then go home.  I also mentioned to him that if things didn't pick up and he felt the need to limit office staff, I wanted him to take into consideration that I am going to retire at the end of the year.

Relief....calm...serenity. I am a path to Harmony at work.

I would be interested to know what you think about asking for what you want, whether it's prayer to your God or whatever Higher Power you recognize.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

My Mind Is Calm

                                                           Maire Dodd said:

**the balance of how much comes from within and what is without... what requires change and what requires appreciation...

everything is in harmony when the balance is struck and your spirit sings -**

I had to think about that for a while. As I see it, harmony IS balance. For me, the most difficult thing in my life is harmonizing my work away from home life, my home life, my family life and my personal achievement life.  That's where the part of Maire's quote comes in...what requires change and what requires appreciation.

Then I realized that my thinking about how to achieve  harmony is all wrong. Every element can't be harmonious unless they are each in harmony.

I'm off to a great start. My first step was to realize that I need to renew my commitment to positive thinking and attracting positive energy.

Step One:  My Mind Is Calm