Wednesday, September 26, 2012

I Saved A Monarch Today

Today was overcast but not cool.
The guys in the shop had the overhead doors open.
They keep a huge fan in the doorway.
I usually close my eyes as I walk by it.
The wind dries my eyes.
Today I forgot and noticed something flutter on the floor.
Stooping down, I found a Monarch.
It seemed to be unable to lift out of the draft.
I picked it up on the paper I was carrying.
I carried it past the fan, protecting it from the wind.
Outside, I found a broad leaf weed to place it on.
 I waited a moment to be sure it was able to hold on.
I know I saved him because the guy that works in that area would think nothing about a smash.
Not looking for praise.
  Just sharing a Feel Good moment.   ;)

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Flags for Peace Project - 2012

The humblest prayer comes from the heart
It starts deep inside and rises up
Sent in the breeze to meet other prayers

More humble prayers meet and unite
Each new prayer gives power and energy

If each person on earth had the same prayer thought
at the same exact moment.......

The flag is denim to endure
Honor all life
Love yourself and others
Have compassion for every living person and thing
Be tolerant

We all join here to unite and share our prayer.

Maire Jane Dodd is an amazing artist who makes me look into my soul and inspires me to find my best self. Thank you MJ for allowing me to participate in this project.  I had grand visions of the flag I would make that looked nothing like this.  But no matter, no apology.  My prayer joins force with others that we may make a difference and heal.

Please visit the Flags for Peace Project 2012 blog and share a prayer. There are amazing artists there, and others such as me with a humble offering, but all with one united purpose.

Peace to you.
xx, Carol