Sunday, July 15, 2012

More Falsies

Years ago I saw the movie  "Every Which Way But Loose".  If you ever saw it, you may remember to grandma that sat on the porch with a shotgun. Even way back then I wondered how I would act when I got to be that age and what "style" I would have.  I always saw myself in older age as someone who still wore makeup, dressed up to go to the grocery store, hair well dressed,  always wore jewelry, heels and was well manicured.

Well,  I most always wear jeans, but pretty much dress  nicely even to go to Walmart. No heels!! Sciatic issues and now a bad hip on the other side keeps me in flat shoes, most always cute flip flops and sandals. Of COURSE I always wear jewelry.  My hair is well coiffed, even if it means pulling it up in this heat.

Oh yes, the nails.  Well, my nails have never been good.  They are weak and lately have been splitting. So off I went to the place I always thought I would someday go...Cali Nails.  The only decision was gel or acrylic tips and length.  Since I type, sew an stitch, I chose a shorter length.   I took a poll of the ladies there and they all swear by acrylic. The owner is known to be an nail artist so I told her to paint them how ever she wanted. I chose Hot Pink and Aqua and she took it from there. They look fab and feel OK. I hope I have good luck with them because I love the look!!!

Do you have your nails done ?  It's very popular in this area.


Unknown said...

LOVE your nails... wonderful nail artist!
I used to have my nails done way back when I was 18/19 and the money to blow :) I had a fantastic nail lady that did my acrylic nails, never got fungus/bacteria issues even though I worked as a florist.

I don't have my nails done now, but occasionally I get a wild hair and paint them myself even though it doesn't stay nice very long with everything I do outside.

Cathy said...

Well, Carol, your nails look wonderful. My mom used to wear acrylic nails and my daughter (mid-twenties) does, too. But the fancy fingers gene skipped me. I cannot stand long nails, and cut mine every 10 days or so. Nail polish once in a blue moon. I like gardening, and do wear gloves most of the time, but love to feel the dirt occasionally. I'm also on the keyboard a lot, and used to play the piano, so nails are just a hindrance. But I will admit to a certain envy of lovely painted nails, as long as they are on someone else!

Big hugs, Cathy

char said...

I tried nails (the glue on type) once, they just didn't work for me, I always seem to have my hands in paint, or glue. I really couldn't figure out how to work my hands with nails......mine are like yours, very soft and split easily. I've tried vitamins, minerals, name it. And I noticed, while I had the nails, they were all I could think about..worry, worry... I too live in my jeans, but I also keep my hair tidy, wear a little makeup and always jewelry. Anyway, your nails look beautiful, and if it makes you feel great, then all the better!!! Thanks for visiting my Blog, always nice to hear from you.

jinxxxygirl said...

Fake nails just always felt foreign to me....and like Char said when i had them all i could think about was them and how i had to be 'careful'...but BUT i absolutely LOVE yours! :) That artistic paint job is just fantastic!

I always walk out the door looking 'nice' fixed and if no other makeup i HAVE to put some lipstick on....i blame that on my mother as she was the same way. :)I'm letting my hair grow out...drumroll please....after YEARS of very short hair so that 'grow out' stage is gonna drive me nuts for the next year so who knows what i'll look like. :) Hugs! deb

GlorV1 said...

Your nails look great Carol. I don't do nail anymore. It's been over a decade since I had my nails done. I just apply Sally Hansen clear hardener and that's it. I always get paint on them and do a lot of yard work so it wouldn't pay for me to get my nails done. Besides I'm not a girly girly, I'm still tomboyish. Tee hee. Even at my ripe old age. You look great though and I do like your nails. Have a wonderful week.

Yesteryear Embroideries said...

Beautiful nails. I had once treated myself to acrylic nails and I loved them. However, they do not do well with a gardeners hands. I don't use them any longer. I still like to paint my nails.....even if I am working in a muddy pumpkin patch.

Momma Bear said...

I love your nails!
I got mine done once, for my then sil wedding. I loved them but as I garden, sew, (at the time) kept house and ran after 3 kids they weren't practical.
they lasted the week end but then I got home and the garden needed weeding, that was the end of them!
I think I will get them done again for some extra special event but they are really not for me! now I always dress to go out even to the grocery store. though I never wear makeup or heels anymore, I will occasionally do my hair.
I have discovered I am much less vain,though I do admire those women who still find the time and energy it takes to make themselves up, now that I'm Pushing 50, getting all fancied up isn't as important as being comfortable with myself!

Penny Berens said...

Well I Carol!
Not something I've ever been interested in. I'm just happy if I can control my mop of curly hair!

Cindy Caraway said...

Tee hee! I love them! I am not one for snazzy manicures (manicures of ANY sort, actually!) but that is super cool :)

Crystal said...

They look wonderful, Carol! The designs are amazing - very talented nail artist!

I wear polish almost all the time but I do it myself. I've always been fortunate to have strong nails - though lately I am seeing signs that they are not as strong as they used to be. (This getting older stuff is a nuisance!) ;-)

Still wear makeup - it's just harder to see what I'm doing when I put it on. Thank heaven for a good magnifying mirror!

xoxo :-)

Beedeebabee said...

Wow...those are some pretty nails Carol! It must have taken forever for her to paint on such details! I hardly ever paint my finger nails. I'm always in the water and the polish just doesn't last on my hands. My toes, always look pretty though! I'm like you, I never go out looking like a mess...and, I love that movie! Enjoy those gorgeous nails! xo :)

Donna said...

Love those nails!! So pretty.

Years ago when I was working, I have acrylic added to the tops of my own nails. I could grow long nails just fine but they were weak. I wore acrylic for about three years before deciding to have them removed.

Fast forward to today.

A year ago before going back "home" for a reunion, I decided to go all glam. I went to the nail salon. Manicure, acrylic nails, pedicure, eyebrow trim.. the works. I was there seems ALL DAY. LOL!! But they did a wonderful job.

Now I go every 3 weeks for a fill. No problems thus far. My favorite nail polish is Romeo and Juliet. It matches the lipstick I wear. :D

Maya Kuzman said...

Lovely nails!
I on the other hand am very Spartan when it comes to my nails. I have strong, white, healthy nails and very rarely put polish to my daughters sheer disappointed because she's almost obsessed with mani and different nail polishing techniques.