Monday, July 23, 2012

Life is Good

 I live three houses off a connecting highway.  Its not uncommon to see road kill almost everyday. I live very near the river, so I see a family of raccoons on the road pretty often. On the evening of one such morning, a little, no very tiny, raccoon appeared on the front deck.  He could barely climb the footer post to crawl up.  He came to eat the left over peanut butter bread that I leave for the squirrels.  At first, he would come about 7 at night (still very light outside).  He would eat a bit then curl up in a corner for a nap.  A few hours later he would wake up and eat a little more.  He got used to hearing my Critter Voice and is not scared of me, though Terry startles him.  Junior watches him...even waits for him to come every night.  We were feeling so sorry for him because he was so tiny.  This picture was taken about 2 weeks after he started coming.  ( see the stickers all over his head? After a few days they were gone).  We named him Rocky.  He must sleep under our deck because about 9 PM or so I call his name and he'll come up to eat.

A couple of days ago,  he started to bring a friend that is just a little older and bigger than him.  We call him Ricky.  Now, later in the night (after the bread is gone) Randy appears.  Sometimes Roger comes too.

I  know, I know, they are a nuisance.   I'll be sorry.  But honestly I am only putting enough out for the orphan who shares it with his friend.  The others may get the crumbs.  Living near the river, we have always had wildlife coming to the yard.  This is nothing new.  It keeps life interesting.

Most of the country has been unbelievably hot, as we are too.  And we are in drought conditions. My Chippys are too hot to pop. They spend a lot of time laying around on the feeder....on a tree branch...on the cement blocks that trim off my front garden.  We make sure there is plenty of water in the front bird baths for them.  Yes, they steal the birdseed, but that is life at the feeders.  Its all good!

Have you ever seen a Tree Frog?  Well we have lots of them in the back yard.  This little guy was sleeping on the front deck banister.  I put the penny next to him so you can see how small he is.  Tree Frogs change color to camouflage themselves.  The banister wood is weathered grey.  Little Frog is grey too, but you can see his green in the folds of his skin.  He slept there all day.

There has been lots going on around here...normal life stuff...lots of drama...I took a few days off to just be alone and quiet.  I'll let you know how that works out ~lol~.


jinxxxygirl said...

You know i would do the same thing. AND everyone including my hubby would tell me that i would be sorry...but i would do it anyway. I LOVE squirrels too and would feed them and encourage them and i KNOW they can get in the attic and cause all kinds of trouble but.....i would do it

I think with the little raccoons just don't feed them too much. You don't want them to depend on you too much they still have to learn to forage provide for themselves so leave them a little hungry. :)Hugs! deb

Terri said...

Love the pictures! We also have a raccoon that comes around and eats the cat food! My sister named him Rocky too. He's been coming around for a couple years now.

And chipmunks are very destructive too! My mom has always fed the squirrels, birds, outdoor kitties,and neighborhood critters of all kinds. The chipmunks, not once, but TWICE, ate through the wiring to the central air at mom and dad's house! The second trip out, the A/C man put copper tubing around it, so no more troubles!!

Rocki Adams said...

"Rocky" - love it Carol! I so enjoyed reading this and now that I'm back to blogging, I'll be a regular reader again :)

I would really love to visit your yard, and you of course too :) You have such amazing critters! I'll be blogging about my feather friends in the coming days :)


Bead-Mused said...

I love that you love wildlife. At our first house (which was in the middle of the city) we had a raccoon that would eat with our cats. They were all very comfortable with each other. And yes, they can be a nuisance but they are so darned cute!

However, when you have chickens, they aren't welcome. So we try to make sure the cat food is gone in the evening. It's the only way to keep the birds safe.

Love the pics!

Momma Bear said...

yeah I'm a sucker too!)
I know we have frogs 'cause I can hear 'em, but I rarely see them. and when I do they are tiny!
we are at the top of a hill about 450ft above sea level and down the west side they have been habitrailing (putting up cul-de-sac econoboxes)so every time they cut down more old growth forest patches we get more refugees!
the deer are gone now and the coyotes too, every once in a while I see a raccoon or possum, we have 2 kinds of squirrel, grey and fox, and many, many birds I have yet to see anything bigger than the 'coons though.
I agree living in nature is much more rewarding than not!)

Cindy Caraway said...

I love having animal visitors to our yard - we get mostly squirrels and those of the feathery persuasion - but have seen the occasional rabbit, opossum and even a groundhog waddling down the alley.

My parents have cats and get lots of "visitors" wanting the cat food and water they leave for the outside cats. Besides opossums, they also get skunks which are beautiful but a little smelly! The skunks are used to them and never spray but Dad will trap them (live, of course!) and carefully relocate them back to the timber.

Penny Berens said...

Those raccoons, cute as they are, sure managed to pick the right house! I always feel that such encounters with nature are such a privilege don't you.

Cathy said...

What a great post! You share your yard with some interesting creatures. And remember, maybe Randy or Roger is really a Rita or Rachel, in which case you may end up with some babies and have to come up with lots of other names. Just to help you out (I am so thoughtful, aren't I?) here are some possibilities: Roxy, Roland, Roo, Rutherford, Ralph, Ringo, and Bob. Hugs, Cathy

Unknown said...

Aw, lucky Rocky found you! I'd end up doing the same thing, always a sucker for the underdog.
We get meadow/plains birds around but lack of trees so no squirrels etc. I miss watching them, but I do get to watch the birds and dragonflys. We call our tree frogs house frogs as they are typically climbing our house... haven't seen very many of them this year and my toad population seems to be down too.

Unknown said...

Oh I would so love to do that too! I am glad things are normal for you and that you are having fun with your wild creatures!

Yesteryear Embroideries said...

Just love your wild visitors! Wild creatures are always wonderful to watch and to enjoy!

Beedeebabee said...

Carol I love to feed the little critters but I have to be careful because my neighbor doesn't share my love of animals at all. A few years back we were feeding a stray cat, (who we've since adopted and now he's a house cat) and one time a little possum came up onto the steps, and they were eating together out of the same bowl! I think the kitty was in as disbelief as I was, and eventually he very gingerly tapped his dinner guest on the head a couple of times with his paw...the possum just kept on eating! Too adorable!
xo Paulette

Ladydy5 aka: Diane Yates said...

You are truly a wildlife conservationist.

Cathie said...

It's a critter party at Carol's and I wasn't invited! Isn't it so delicious to be surrounded by such magic and wonder. I live in a wooded area and it brings me joy every day. And don't worry - it's going to be getting cooler any day now.