Sunday, June 24, 2012

Are These Totems?

 Do you ever wonder why you love what you do? Why we keep close the things we love to see or feel.

Terry started to put up poles in our pond area and would find treasures to hang from them. I've shown them here before..but one grew to two, two increased to three and now there are four.

Wind chimes abound at the pond.

There is a wide variety of glass, bamboo, shell and pipe.
 There is one hanging here that my grandson Kyle made in metal shop at school.  It hangs in a prominent place and of course has very special meaning.   He made a birdhouse for me one year for Christmas too.

There are other items on our poles.  Everything that Terry finds and loves..metal steer heads, mermaids,
whirlygigs the kids have bought us and a variety of items mostly metal.  Any time you look out the window you can see a bird perched here or there.  I guess they love them too!

So why do we both love these poles so much. It's a question I have often pondered.  We always say we are  opposites, but in truth we are very much the same.  We often say that  the Universe brought us together and wonder if in fact there is reincarnation, we know that we knew each other before.

 Here is "The Chief".  You have seen him before. He is my forever love.  Someone left him for me to find and he always has a prominent place at the pond.  He watches over our critters and reminds us that even the smallest deserve our respect.

And finally a picture of those darned fish that have grown from tinies with some grown now to over 15 inches from tip to tail. A gift of serenity and meditation.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Backyard Entertainment

Can you guess what kind of baby bird this is?

Here he is, peeking out.
Actually, there are 4 babies in there.

It was Memorial Day weekend.  On Saturday, we were watching this baby poke his head out farther and farther.  I bet Terry that he would be out by Sunday.  A couple of minutes later as we watched, that little
bird jumped out and off he went.  Pretty soon all 4 babies were flying around the pond.
Here they are, meeting at what I like to call The Birdie Bistro.  Its a real birdie cafeteria serving
a variety of seeds and suet in a variety of feeders.  Something for everyone.

Here is Papa Blue eating Meal Worms out of a
feeder designed especially for him.

And, of course, pictures of my feeders would not be complete without a picture of this baby. The picture is deceiving because this IS a baby.  I actually pet him and asked him to wait while I went to make him a peanut butter sandwich.  He took that bit he is eating right from my hand.
We have a larger variety of birds this year. Orioles, Cat Birds, Cardinals, Blue Birds, Hummers, Chickadee, Titmouse, Nuthatch and Finch are just a few that visit us. So far, its been a great Summer.

Oh, by the way.  That first little bird is one of our blue bird babies.  The parents have started another family in the same nest box.  I'd love to know if these are the same birds that were here last year.