Sunday, May 27, 2012

Never Forget.

Tomorrow is Memorial Day.

It brings many memories for me. Even though the date changes every year, the memory it evokes for me is that my mother was buried on Memorial Day.

There is a special place in my heart for all Vets, but especially the Viet Nam Era.

This is the center of one of my CQ background blocks. I love this country. Monday is not a day for politics, but a day to remember all those that have given the ultimate gift. And to remember all of our loved ones that are gone now.

Never Forget.


Momma Bear said...

I have allways had a deep and abiding love for the soldiers and vets of our great country. they give of themselves and ask so little in return, REMEMBER, not so hard when you think about it.
and now my son is amongst them doing his part. Bless them all and keep them safe.

Donna said...

So true. Well said!!

Timaree said...

You do have a double memory here. I have it on Veteran's day as my daughter was born in an army hospital on that holiday. My mother used totry to explain to people the difference between the two holidays but I think they never really got it. Maybe they didn't care to as it seems the WWII group just wanted to move forward in life away from the depression followed by a war in which everyone new someone who died. The wars we are in now don't cost mmuch in terms of personal sacrifice but the deaths are still very real. I am glad they are winding down as my nephew (the only military member in this generation) has been to Iraq three times and Afghanistan once. I don't want him going back again.

Susan Elliott said...

Your block is beautiful and so are your thoughts. It seems like such a small thing to fly your flag on Memorial Day...yet only a small percentage of my neighborhood flies them.

I vow to next year send out an email to everyone to remind them. And maybe even purchase a few flags to hand out. If I had lost someone to war, I would be very comforted by every flag I see on Memorial Day.