Sunday, March 11, 2012


Pazza Pazza is a blog I like to visit.
The request was to discuss TIME by posting our thoughts.

5 hours sleeping.
1 hour drinking coffee and reading the paper.
2 hours getting ready for and traveling to work.
8-10 hours spent at my "40 hour job".
3 hours traveling home, getting comfortable, cooking and eating supper, washing dishes, straightening kitchen.
3 hours spent with Terry, TV, hobbies, my dog.
No exaggeration.  Monday thru Friday its the routine.

When Yael mentioned Time, my first thought was the Rolling Stone's song (one of my all time fav groups, BTW) Time Is On My Side.
I like that saying.  Time Is On My Side.  You have time to be patient to achieve what you want.

Most that post about time will certainly say that they don't have enough time.  Certainly most will agree.  But I think there are 24 hours in the day.  We choose how to spend those hours.  Some of us want to be doing something other than what we do, but do what we must.  Others are blessed to be able to do what they want.

Right now, Terry and I are in the mist of reclaiming space in our home.  Redecorating and remodeling.  Painting and choosing new furniture. Tearing up, tearing out and replacing.  A lot of work.  Far more tiring than when we were younger. Much slower going than then too. My grandson told us we CREATE work. ~lol~

At the end of the day, if you can look back on the day and feel that you accomplished something.  If you did anything that you are proud of.  If you spent the day enjoying what you did, or simply relaxed and rejuvenated your soul.  Well, IMHO, that was time well spent.


Lisa Criswell said...

i like your thoughts on time. it's both a curse and a blessing that i'm home now. being disabled is the curse and being home with and for the family is the blessing. any day that i spend creating happiness in my home is a day with my time well spent.

Dawn of LaTouchables said...

How wonderful--and I especially love the Charles Schultz comic you chose for this subject!

mairedodd said...

i absolutely, positively couldn't agree more... it often has so much to do with your attitude in how you approach what you are doing... there is no sense in resenting the way a day went - it was a gift you won't get back... when i feel strapped for time, i remind myself that there are some choices i can make...
a positive and beautiful post... thank you -

Yael said...

Thank you Carol!
Yes, you are right and I said this in my post too, and I really mean it: time you enjoyed spending is never wasted! :-)

Anonymous said...

Yeah - I always feel 'Time poor' - because I want to do so much! So maybe I need tp prioritise. THings do get done.

BTW I came here to give you this link:

It's about Pinterest. It looks like there could be legal issues with it. Just thought you should know about it (if you don't already).

Pesky Cat Designs said...

What a wonderful post! It lifted my spirits. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on time!

Irmi said...

I like Yaels Blog also -
and your Blog is beautifull. Ich will come back. My English is
not so good)
Many Greetings to you

Crystal said...

Great post,Carol!
Thought-provoking and inspirational.
Seems many of us are constantly in search of the right balance of time. The lonely want less. The harried want more. The gifted seem especially able to find the right proportion for a satisfying life.

I only know, for sure, that I'm glad I spent time stopping by here, today. xo

Timaree said...

Yes, fixing up the house was much easier when we were younger. Did you take before pics so you can show the difference you are making?

Little Treasures said...

Oh, the precious time! Lately I didn't complain that the day should be 48 hours, I wailed why I can't be cloned to achieve everything I want :)
All joke aside, I do lack time because I find so many new things to be explored, experienced and tried, but amidst all of it I am happy because I feel fulfilled with what I do!
Great post Caren! I enjoyed it!

Penny Berens said...

I'm humming....Ti i i ime is on my...
Looks like your time hums!
With my daily scratchings I'm thinking too the some days take up more space than others.

Eileen Bergen said...

Congratulations, Carol! This beautiful, thought-provoking, wide-ranging blog has been chosen to receive the Versatile Blogger Award by Eileen at The Artful Crafter. Please hop over to pick up your award button.

Anne@A Little Fur in the Paint said...

Such a lovely blog!~ I'm a new follower ~ ♥♥