Sunday, February 26, 2012

Do You Pin?

What will be the next Big Thing?
Just when you think you know, something else comes along.
Do you Pin?  I love Pinterest.  I used to save pictures on my hard drive that I have found on the web and want to see again.  Now there is Pinterest. You can open a site and save and organize pictures right on the web.

BUT, I am not an artist and if Post a pic on the web, I don't care if you save it.  Remember that garage sale sign that Laurie made when she got divorced?  "Divorcing The Idiot Garage Sale".  Well, I actually had someone show a pic of that sign to me that they had found on FB.  Some page about vengeful things ex-wives will do.

One of my blog friends posted that she didn't need a Pinterest account because pictures of her quilts were showing up all over Pinterest.  Another blog friend was upset that her pictures appear elsewhere on the web. She didn't say if someone was claiming them for their own or if they were pinned.

Anyway, I have added the P button to my sidebar.  If you don't know about Pinterest, visit the site and let me know what you think.  If you DO Pinterest, let me know so I can see what YOU have liked there.  I would love to hear any thought you have about Pinterest.


Terri said...

Hello Carol,
Thank you so much for stopping by my blog and for your kind comments!

Yes, I pin too! It is new for me as well. I have only just begun to hear about ownership issues and am not sure yet what that means. But it is true, my art was already up on Pinterest before I even knew what it was. I am all for it as long and the original artist is always credited.
I will have to keep an eye on it and see how it goes. But it is fun!

jinxxxygirl said...

HI there Carol!

I just recently started a Pinterest page. I only have a few pins but your welcome to pop over and take a look. I haven't decided whether i like it yet or not. I've also found CraftGawker. Its been fun poking around there too. Hugs! deb

MosaicMagpie said...

I love Pinterest! It is such a good way to be inspired! I was like you and added things to my favorites....but then I could not find anything when I wanted to or often just forgot what they were. On Pinterest I can find them again and also see what you have found!

Magic Love Crow said...

I have heard that it's great, but you have to be on facebook or twitter to join and I am not on either!! Darn it!

Magpie's Mumblings said...

Pinterest is too scary for me to contemplate sso I doubt I'll bother with it. I have stayed away from tweeting and facebook for the same reason. The computer can suck up enough of my creative time as it is!

Whytefeather said...

I have gone and seen what others are looking at on Pinterest, but no haven't made my own. I probably won't just because it would be yet another time suck for me LOL! I do have a folder I save interesting photos to for inspiration on my PC though.

Timaree said...

I haven't done Interest for the same reason everyone else gives - I already spend more time looking than doing! If I get caught up in too many things I tend to stop and delete everything. So, no interest and no tweets. Facebook and blogs are all I am handling right now. I don't even go to Flickr anymore.

Anonymous said...

Hi Carol. I am finding myself spending more and more time there. It IS addicting. You click on one thing that looks interesting and an hour later...

I love looking at the page my blog readers created for me. They sure do love my gray plant hanger.

Now I am thinking I should go ahead and create my own page. I like how you have yours set up.

It does beat trying to find something in a very large and unsorted Bookmark. :)

Little Treasures said...

Yes,I use it and it is highly addictive. I've got about 74 boards to prove my addiction :)

It is an amazing source of inspiration and I enjoy spending time there.

My boards are here if you are interested:

Crystal said...

Hi Carol :-)
I don't pin, but I have surely enjoyed the smorgasbord of beauty that can be found on Pinterest. Like the others, I find it increasingly difficult to have enough time for all of the wonderful sites that keep popping up on the internet. Lately, I've been trying to use some of the time that I would usually spend perusing the web to instead work on a project! So far, so good. ;-)

Michele Pacey said...

I don't do Pinterest either just because of the time it might steal from my other pursuits. But I do like to visit other peoples boards every now and then to see what's there. It does look like fun!

Shirlee Fassell said...

I found some of my stuff on "pinterest" on day since then I learned how to label my pics!!

Anonymous said...

Hey there how are you? Well I'm backing away from the P button - simply because it will be another distraction and I have far too many already!!!

BTW over here in New Zealand we have an illegal drug called 'P' - so Pinterest has a dubious connotation!!

Lisa Criswell said...

i went to pinterest once, but it looked very confusing and i am a little embarrassed to say, i just didn't get it.

Lakshmi said...

Carol I prefer to add to picasa(keep it locked) and keep it viewing or keeping as inspiration for my self if i find any interesting pictures..

/alien Beader said...

Yep, I like the idea- opened a Pinterest account at the very beginning. But sorry, I don't want to share my ideas with everybody who happens to stop by.

It may sound unfriendly, but I think I want to get to know people before I go telling them about what inspires me.

I use the "favorites" collection on Etsy to remind myself of things I want to purchase and items I think are beautiful. Etsy is a sweet and safe place. I'm not sure about Pinterest.

PeacefulBird said...

I have a large file on my computer with many sub-files where I store all the images I see on the internet that I want to be able to see again. I can open the files and run them as a slidshow on my computer to view them easily. It works for me to do it this way, and I take the time to organize them, naming the files in ways that enable me to find things. Therefore, I don't really see the need to have a Pinterest page, although somebody once put one up with only pictures of my beading. I was flattered by that. I'll go check your P page right now! Thanks for this intesting post!