Friday, January 6, 2012

I love gimmicks. You have heard of them.  Little games you play to make yourself do chores that must be done.  Like when The Flylady told me to take 15 minutes a day to do just a little of a chore, like dusting or clearing the clutter from the dining room table.

I like to read the blogs that YOU are reading.  That's how I came across my newest favorite game.  The 366 Challenge.  You can read about it here.

I decided to play along.  Every day I'm going to choose an item, maybe more to donate or give to someone that can use it.  Maybe I'll even have a give-a-way or two.  Each week I'll post a picture of what I cleared out.  This isn't going to be easy, but I can DO it!!

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

What Did You Say????

I wanted to get up early today.  I guess Junior thought I meant 3:30 AM when Opie (the possum) came to visit. So, I had an early start to a good day.

 Terry had an appointment at the VA Clinic in Ft. Wayne for a hearing test. We had decided that we would leave whenever we got up and have a nice relaxed trip.  It takes about 1-1/2 hours to get there. We go to Ft. Wayne every now and again.  There is always someplace to visit.  Its a big city.

Now, its official.  Terry has lost 1/2 his hearing in both ears.  O, what 1/2 you ask?  Well, the 1/2 that hears HIGH pitches.  You know the ones that his wife's voice pitch falls in.  Now he has an excuse ~lol~

Seriously, he has been hard of hearing since before we met. Its probably from the big guns, whatever they are called, that he shot while in Korea.  He served at the DMZ during the conflict when North Korea took our Pueblo and its crew captive.  I guess the next step will be to look into hearing aids.

 After we left the clinic, we had lunch and then checked out some shops on the way home.

It was a nice day with quiet time spent together.  The kind of day we don't get very often and cherish when we do.

Sunday, January 1, 2012


Yes!  Happy New Year!!

I have been giving so much thought to the coming year. I am not dwelling on the past year.  Oh, it wasn't a BAD year. I'm just not looking back. But the coming year is going to be exciting for me.

Terry is going back to the property that he transferred from.  The old manager quit after he left so we expect this to be a good move.

The owner of the business where I work has bought a new building.  It is HUGE. A block long HUGE!  A little farther away from home.  My office will be back in the "Office" and no longer in the shop.  I'm losing my private bathroom.  But I CHOOSE to look forward to the move. AND Boeing got a multi-billion dollar contract so that should be good news for our future.

My daughter and grandsons will be looking for a place to live.   X = (this is my fingers crossed!) I look forward to them moving on with their lives and becoming more independent.  AND Sometimes my house is a circus, or noisy like a depot as they come and go. Or a bank cause we are the go to bankers when the boys need. Or a gym when they practice Jiu Jitsu in the living room or wherever else they decide to throw each other around!  Do you know that Corey can actually (from a standing position) lift his foot to the sink and hurl his body threw a window opening to the next room!!  It's a circus, I tell ya!  Anyway, it's time, though Corey told me he is leaving his room intact just in case.

So.  Are you wondering about the WORD that I mentioned in the title?  Lots of you (us) pick a word to inspire us for the coming year.  Unlike resolutions that are only meant to be broken, THE WORD helps us to focus on what we expect to accomplish in the coming year.  I've had a discussion with a few of my friends about what their word will be and my perseption of their choices.

Since I talked to Susan Elliot, I have only had one word that my heart, no my SOUL, as spoken.  It is FREEDOM.

Freedom to create and show my creations without fear of how others perceive them. I once posted a piece that I LOVED and still do.  It sits before me right now.  One commentor called it primitive. I didn't take offense at all, but it stiffled me a bit. Made me shy to post some other of my pieces for fear that more accomplished stichers would judge them.  I'm shakin' that off!!  So don't worry, say what you think when you see coming pieces.  I'm not self conscience about them ANYMORE. I welcome constructive comments.

Freedom from guilt because I  allow the others that live here to be responsible for themselves.  Ah, FREEDOM.  I welcome you!

Freedom to be less serious.  To smile and laugh more.  To be more of the person I keep hidden inside.  Freedom to be free.

Happy New Year.  I'm going to be "out there" much more this year.