Monday, December 31, 2012

Counting Down To The New Year---2014!!

First...Happy New Year.
I 've been a little AWOL, but I'm back.
Saying goodbye to 2012 will be easy.

Its been a rough year for our health.

Its been a rough year for transitions at work.
Sometimes, the drama there is over-bearing.
So, in October I'll be 62.  The decision is say goodbye at the end of the year.  Automatically...My Mind Is Calm.


Sunday, November 11, 2012


First of all I am.  Its always good to put a face with a voice, huh. This is my look for 2013.

I have been away from the blog, away from stitching, except a little crochet in waiting rooms, and        Super busy. I have been working toward voter registration, early and absentee vote AND getting my candidates elected.  I am happy to say Four More Years...Forward!

I've been thinking about how my views have changed in the last four years. Not really changed, just tweaked for the better. I've been thinking about what more I can do.

But for now, I am looking forward to taking Thanksgiving week off work. Putting my house back in order.  Relaxing.  Enjoying time with my family..and yes...I'll be cooking the bird.  The kids are out of school that week and already planning on coming over to help Terry clean out the back garage. Life is Good.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

I Saved A Monarch Today

Today was overcast but not cool.
The guys in the shop had the overhead doors open.
They keep a huge fan in the doorway.
I usually close my eyes as I walk by it.
The wind dries my eyes.
Today I forgot and noticed something flutter on the floor.
Stooping down, I found a Monarch.
It seemed to be unable to lift out of the draft.
I picked it up on the paper I was carrying.
I carried it past the fan, protecting it from the wind.
Outside, I found a broad leaf weed to place it on.
 I waited a moment to be sure it was able to hold on.
I know I saved him because the guy that works in that area would think nothing about a smash.
Not looking for praise.
  Just sharing a Feel Good moment.   ;)

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Flags for Peace Project - 2012

The humblest prayer comes from the heart
It starts deep inside and rises up
Sent in the breeze to meet other prayers

More humble prayers meet and unite
Each new prayer gives power and energy

If each person on earth had the same prayer thought
at the same exact moment.......

The flag is denim to endure
Honor all life
Love yourself and others
Have compassion for every living person and thing
Be tolerant

We all join here to unite and share our prayer.

Maire Jane Dodd is an amazing artist who makes me look into my soul and inspires me to find my best self. Thank you MJ for allowing me to participate in this project.  I had grand visions of the flag I would make that looked nothing like this.  But no matter, no apology.  My prayer joins force with others that we may make a difference and heal.

Please visit the Flags for Peace Project 2012 blog and share a prayer. There are amazing artists there, and others such as me with a humble offering, but all with one united purpose.

Peace to you.
xx, Carol

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

What Do You Think?

Since my job moved further away from where I live, I have been trying to find the best time to leave for work to avoid traffic at the 4 -way stops. Trying to find the best route to avoid school buses. There has been no solution except grin and bear it.

This morning I saw that school bus coming toward me.  Yup, we would meet just in time for the bus to slow and put out the stop sign.  I noticed 3 kids waiting at the side of the road, waiting to cross in front of me. I glanced at the bus driver who gave the kids the thumbs up, which was their sign it was safe to cross the road. I waited patiently for the door to close and the stop sign to be pulled in giving me the OK to proceed. As I slowly started to move forward, I glanced at the bus driver again. She blew me a kiss and gave me a little wave. I don't know why, but the entire event brought tears to my eyes and I can't figure out why. Stopping for a school bus and patiently waiting is second nature for me. Heck, driving the kids to school over the years, I've made plenty of these stops.  I wonder why this event on this day was so emotional for me. What do you think?

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Finding Balance

Like 56%  of the country, we are in draught conditions.  This is a pic taken this morning at  8AM.  Yep, that's rain.  Pouring rain.  A thunderstorm.

Here's a better picture. Its 8:32 and still pouring. I hope it makes a dent in our needed water.

Life is all about finding balance in every aspect of your life.
I strive to achieve it, but outside influences put up road blocks.
I have forgotten to utilize the power of positive attraction.
Recent events have been out of my control, and I need to find my stride and balance again.

Laurie and the kids had moved to a rental home in a pretty good neighborhood. Promises were made to her about certain things that would make her home more safe and other repairs that needed to be made.  Like plumbing that would accommodate the water discharge from the washer. There was a murder a few blocks away which scared the hell out of her. Without going into further details, she moved out in a rush a few weeks ago.  We made a place for most of their stuff.  Gave them a place to sleep temporarily and pretty much forced her to find a better place to be.  That worked out well. They are now in the apartment complex where Terry is the Maintenance Manager living in a second story apartment.  Moving yet again was a lot of turmoil for the kids but I think they like it.

Corey has a girlfriend.  O, he has had a few.  But for the last couple of years he has focused on sport training and pretty much ignored the girls that follow him around.  Then came Brandi.  Gosh she is a sweetie.  Always laughing with him and at him.  Corey, Brandi and Ky have become a threesome and it is so joyful to watch.

I have had a lot of time off work.  Terry had a terrible RA flare up last week.  I can't remember one this bad since he was first diagnosed. I stayed home with him one day and got him into his RA doc. After some lab testing of fluid removed from his elbow, RA doc referred us to an Orthopedic Surgeon. I'm not sure what I think about the result of that consultation. We are waiting that one out.

So, that brings me to this week. I have taken 3 days off to bring balance back to my being.
Bringing my home back to order.

Tomorrow we are back to the RA doc. Terry is in an experimental drug program and tomorrow is a couple of hours of testing. It would appear after last week that the drug is not working. Terry and RA doc will evaluate whether Terry will continue in the program, which he has been of for a year now.

Think about a washing machine that is in the spin cycle and the load has shifted to one side.  That has been July.  And I haven't even mentioned the changes at work.  We are in a new building that is beautiful. But to save money, we have one big beautiful open office that has those movable partitions  to separate 3 offices for Sue, Charlene and me.  Not cubicles, just dividers.  Our areas look into a common area, so at times it can be very distracting.  It is not working for me.  I need a door to close to be quiet at times...I'm on the phone a, I have moved in my countdown to retirement...that is kind of sad for me.

There you go.  I'm slowing down the Crazy Train.  I'm going to check the weather, get another cup of coffee and move to my sewing machine.  I can always find balance there!!

Monday, July 23, 2012

Life is Good

 I live three houses off a connecting highway.  Its not uncommon to see road kill almost everyday. I live very near the river, so I see a family of raccoons on the road pretty often. On the evening of one such morning, a little, no very tiny, raccoon appeared on the front deck.  He could barely climb the footer post to crawl up.  He came to eat the left over peanut butter bread that I leave for the squirrels.  At first, he would come about 7 at night (still very light outside).  He would eat a bit then curl up in a corner for a nap.  A few hours later he would wake up and eat a little more.  He got used to hearing my Critter Voice and is not scared of me, though Terry startles him.  Junior watches him...even waits for him to come every night.  We were feeling so sorry for him because he was so tiny.  This picture was taken about 2 weeks after he started coming.  ( see the stickers all over his head? After a few days they were gone).  We named him Rocky.  He must sleep under our deck because about 9 PM or so I call his name and he'll come up to eat.

A couple of days ago,  he started to bring a friend that is just a little older and bigger than him.  We call him Ricky.  Now, later in the night (after the bread is gone) Randy appears.  Sometimes Roger comes too.

I  know, I know, they are a nuisance.   I'll be sorry.  But honestly I am only putting enough out for the orphan who shares it with his friend.  The others may get the crumbs.  Living near the river, we have always had wildlife coming to the yard.  This is nothing new.  It keeps life interesting.

Most of the country has been unbelievably hot, as we are too.  And we are in drought conditions. My Chippys are too hot to pop. They spend a lot of time laying around on the feeder....on a tree branch...on the cement blocks that trim off my front garden.  We make sure there is plenty of water in the front bird baths for them.  Yes, they steal the birdseed, but that is life at the feeders.  Its all good!

Have you ever seen a Tree Frog?  Well we have lots of them in the back yard.  This little guy was sleeping on the front deck banister.  I put the penny next to him so you can see how small he is.  Tree Frogs change color to camouflage themselves.  The banister wood is weathered grey.  Little Frog is grey too, but you can see his green in the folds of his skin.  He slept there all day.

There has been lots going on around here...normal life stuff...lots of drama...I took a few days off to just be alone and quiet.  I'll let you know how that works out ~lol~.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

More Falsies

Years ago I saw the movie  "Every Which Way But Loose".  If you ever saw it, you may remember to grandma that sat on the porch with a shotgun. Even way back then I wondered how I would act when I got to be that age and what "style" I would have.  I always saw myself in older age as someone who still wore makeup, dressed up to go to the grocery store, hair well dressed,  always wore jewelry, heels and was well manicured.

Well,  I most always wear jeans, but pretty much dress  nicely even to go to Walmart. No heels!! Sciatic issues and now a bad hip on the other side keeps me in flat shoes, most always cute flip flops and sandals. Of COURSE I always wear jewelry.  My hair is well coiffed, even if it means pulling it up in this heat.

Oh yes, the nails.  Well, my nails have never been good.  They are weak and lately have been splitting. So off I went to the place I always thought I would someday go...Cali Nails.  The only decision was gel or acrylic tips and length.  Since I type, sew an stitch, I chose a shorter length.   I took a poll of the ladies there and they all swear by acrylic. The owner is known to be an nail artist so I told her to paint them how ever she wanted. I chose Hot Pink and Aqua and she took it from there. They look fab and feel OK. I hope I have good luck with them because I love the look!!!

Do you have your nails done ?  It's very popular in this area.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Are These Totems?

 Do you ever wonder why you love what you do? Why we keep close the things we love to see or feel.

Terry started to put up poles in our pond area and would find treasures to hang from them. I've shown them here before..but one grew to two, two increased to three and now there are four.

Wind chimes abound at the pond.

There is a wide variety of glass, bamboo, shell and pipe.
 There is one hanging here that my grandson Kyle made in metal shop at school.  It hangs in a prominent place and of course has very special meaning.   He made a birdhouse for me one year for Christmas too.

There are other items on our poles.  Everything that Terry finds and loves..metal steer heads, mermaids,
whirlygigs the kids have bought us and a variety of items mostly metal.  Any time you look out the window you can see a bird perched here or there.  I guess they love them too!

So why do we both love these poles so much. It's a question I have often pondered.  We always say we are  opposites, but in truth we are very much the same.  We often say that  the Universe brought us together and wonder if in fact there is reincarnation, we know that we knew each other before.

 Here is "The Chief".  You have seen him before. He is my forever love.  Someone left him for me to find and he always has a prominent place at the pond.  He watches over our critters and reminds us that even the smallest deserve our respect.

And finally a picture of those darned fish that have grown from tinies with some grown now to over 15 inches from tip to tail. A gift of serenity and meditation.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Backyard Entertainment

Can you guess what kind of baby bird this is?

Here he is, peeking out.
Actually, there are 4 babies in there.

It was Memorial Day weekend.  On Saturday, we were watching this baby poke his head out farther and farther.  I bet Terry that he would be out by Sunday.  A couple of minutes later as we watched, that little
bird jumped out and off he went.  Pretty soon all 4 babies were flying around the pond.
Here they are, meeting at what I like to call The Birdie Bistro.  Its a real birdie cafeteria serving
a variety of seeds and suet in a variety of feeders.  Something for everyone.

Here is Papa Blue eating Meal Worms out of a
feeder designed especially for him.

And, of course, pictures of my feeders would not be complete without a picture of this baby. The picture is deceiving because this IS a baby.  I actually pet him and asked him to wait while I went to make him a peanut butter sandwich.  He took that bit he is eating right from my hand.
We have a larger variety of birds this year. Orioles, Cat Birds, Cardinals, Blue Birds, Hummers, Chickadee, Titmouse, Nuthatch and Finch are just a few that visit us. So far, its been a great Summer.

Oh, by the way.  That first little bird is one of our blue bird babies.  The parents have started another family in the same nest box.  I'd love to know if these are the same birds that were here last year.

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Never Forget.

Tomorrow is Memorial Day.

It brings many memories for me. Even though the date changes every year, the memory it evokes for me is that my mother was buried on Memorial Day.

There is a special place in my heart for all Vets, but especially the Viet Nam Era.

This is the center of one of my CQ background blocks. I love this country. Monday is not a day for politics, but a day to remember all those that have given the ultimate gift. And to remember all of our loved ones that are gone now.

Never Forget.

Monday, May 14, 2012

I Could Not Meet My Own Challenge!

I have a blog friend, Penny, who lives in a wonderful place in the middle of all the nature I could possibly want.  I love the pictures she post showing spots near where she lives. She posted about mudflats and looking at not so pretty things  in a different way.

So, off Terry and I went Saturday morning on our weekly trip to run errands. We take the county roads and avoid the highway.   I intended to take may camera, but forgot it.  I'm not that good until my coffee has kicked in. Anyway, I kept an eye out for something of nature that I might think was not so pretty.  The idea was to snap a pic then show you here a tell my thoughts.

When we started out, Terry said right away that it didn't matter I forgot my camera because he didn't think I could find anything in nature that I would think not so pretty.  Heck, I love FROGS and think lizards and toads look cool.

But if I had my camera with me, I would have taken a picture of scenes I thought were interesting. I saw a bike laying along the road.  Looking past it to the cornfield being tilled I realized the farmer rode it there to get to the tractor he was riding to till the field.

Then there was a fabulous white barked tree.  It might have had buds, but it was too far away in the middle of a plowed field.  Perfect shaped with stark branches forming an impressive silhouette.

I could have shown you the landfill.  Not what you are thinking.  High, very high, hills covered with grass and torch pipes protruding that are used to burn off gasses.  Somewhere on the other side is the trash.  It can't be seen from the road, but on certain days you know its a landfill by the smell.  I often wonder how people can live near it.  Heck, the county even build a huge new county jail/criminal complex across from it.  I suppose there are filters in that building to keep the odor out.  I hope I never find out.

So Penny, I missed the challenge, but I did look more closely at the scenes that I usually don't notice.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

I'm Getting The Hang Of It

Here is block 1, Rev A. (That's blueprint lingo.  Can you tell I work in manufacturing? ~lol~)

Anyway, this block went together much more easily, but I still had issues.  I kind of sewed myself into a corner, but it turned out OK.  I still have a lot to learn about piecing the background.

In my next piece, I'll be working on using smaller pieces and working in a second round of patches.

I also see the value in keeping small pieces of fabric that I used to discard. Making CQ background blocks is NOT as easy as making the pieces for a BOHO bag using Gerry Krueger's method.  But I am enjoying the process and wondering what I will learn when I piece the next block.

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Crazy Quilt Chaos

Years ago I made a Crazy Quilt throw.  You know, the kind you see made of left over velvets, satins, jewel tone fabrics stitched by hand.  That was before digital cameras and before I ever cared about taking pictures of the gifts I made. I did a lot of sewing and embroidery before I went to work full time in about 1976.

In recent years, I have wanted to learn new methods of crazy quilt.  I love to see what you would call "eye candy", however, that style of CQ is not really what I would choose for myself.

This block is my first attempt at machine stitching a CQ block. I became disinterested as I worked on it.  Put it aside.  Re-organized my room.  Picked the block up again.  Super unhappy with it.  Tear it apart?  I thought about it.  Then I REALLY looked at it.  Looking for the flaws.  There are a lot of flaws. Where are the solid fabrics? What was I thinking. The pieces are big chunks, especially that HUGE one one the right.  Why didn't I apply the processes to this block that I had read about in several books.  The only word I can use to describe it is CHAOS.

That got me to thinking about what was going on around me while I was attempting to start this project. The chaotic mess my room was in with too many items stored there to make room for the kids. The activity that was going on around me overwhelmed my desire to focus on the project. Many emotions were occupying my mind.

But I realized the block has purpose.  The theme portrays that I was born in Chicago, though I haven't stitched the identifying features on the tower.  My birth was definitely a chaotic time.  Shortly afterward I was sent to live with my aunt and uncle because my mother was unable to care for me. So the chaos of the block portrays the chaos of my roots.

Nope, I'm not keeping this block.  Much like I have learned to overcome the chaos in my life, I will learn to decently piece a crazy quilt block.  Come back and see.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Where Did You Find A Hero

This weekend my daughter took the boys to the Mohamed Ali Museum.

Mohamed Ali has been Corey's Hero for a long time. Kids all have a hero.  Sometimes their heroes aren't who we would choose for them.  Some we consider to be unworthy of hero status.  Whether its a rock star, movie star, athlete or someone they personally know, kids will take direction, whether good or bad, from someone they admire.

My grandson, Corey has studied Ali's life.  If you have ever read any of Ali's quotes (“Champions aren´t made in the gyms. Champions are made from something they have deep inside them - a desire, a dream, a vision.” Just one of many) you realize there is a lot more to him than many know.

If you live near south-west Michigan, particularly Berrien County, you know or have heard of the MANY generous acts Ali has done. He is a very beloved person and celebrity.

Though my thoughts posted here are praise of this man, they are to speak about the effect he has had on my grandson.  Kids today need to be focused on something positive.  Corey has been focused since he was 6 on athletics.  The focus made him aware of how important his grades were, even if it was to maintain the ability to play on school teams. It became an important help in building his self-esteem and confidence. It became a TREMENDOUS purpose to avoid drugs and maintain a healthy body. He has played baseball, football and wrestled.  Outside school, he has attended a gym for 3 years studying Muay Thai and now focuses on boxing.
Yes, that's a worry.  But its HIS focus and choice to make and I honor it.

I don't think I have a hero, but there are MANY that I admire.  How about you?

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Off The Roller Coaster, Still On The Crazy Train.

You know, sometimes when you haven't blogged for a while, its hard to post. Many times I think about something I have to say, but by the time I get the time, I decide against it. So, here's the update on what has been going on in the last month.

I'm off the roller coaster, as I call it.  The kids are moved and settled in.  I have been spending every spare minute cleaning closets and getting "my" room back to what it was before they moved back here a couple of years ago.  Its no wonder I haven't done anything creative.  There just was no room.  If I had the time, I couldn't find what I wanted. Here's a good example.

I bought this pattern in March 2007.  I know that because I found it just the other day, still in the UPS envelope it came in.  I had taken it to work to make copies of the pattern so I could cut it out, and put them back in the envelope.  I like to make copies and enclose them in clear contact paper making it easy to trace around them onto the fabric I would use.  I misplaced it when I shoved everything into any nook and cranny  when the boys moved in.

I even searched for the pattern to buy another, but I was searching for a gypsy pattern because that's what I think of her being.  She's out of print so I'm glad I found her.  She's not on my current project list, but I am sure I will NOT to misplace her again!

I took a huge box of art and scrap-booking supplies, paper, pencils, folders and any other items over to the school that I am sure the elementary school teachers would be able to use.

I am still committed to the 360 challenge.  I took a  lot of pictures of the things that have been taken to Good Will, given to Laurie, and taken other places where they will be useful.  I am happy to say that I have NOT replaced them with more stuff.  Well, except a little, well, more than a little, fabric.

Like almost everyone across the country, we enjoyed a mild winter and an unseasonably warm late winter.  The evidence is shown in this bleeding heart that was blooming at the beginning of March.

I don't know much about Bleeding Heart, but Laurie brought this one from her yard when she moved in. I'm pretty sure that early March is way early for it to be blooming.  Even though we have had some frosts, it is still flourishing.

We have the pleasure of seeing our bluebirds return.  It appears that we have more than one pair in the area. We see them in the back yard and at the front yard feeders.  I am always amazed when I watch one swoop to the ground from a tree branch and return with a bug in its beak.  How do they know the bugs are there? We have several bluebird houses in the back yard, though this is only one of them and not the one that this male coaxed his mate to. She is sitting there, next to the one SHE has chosen, waiting...

So, you're wondering what the heck the Crazy Train is?!?
Well, that's where I work!  A little over a year ago, they hired Maria to take some of my work load.  Our owner also bought a new HUGE building to renovate...totally... and said we would move operations in 2012.
Well, Maria decided she wanted to pursue other opportunities.  Now we have Charlene who has just a fantastic personality and is very smart and learns quickly. Training has been relatively easy, though interruptions can cause some minor bumps.  AND, the new location is just about ready.  The first 2 machines should be moved in about 3 weeks.  I'm trying to figure out how to twitch my nose and make it all happen over night.  Its a Crazy Train, but at least I'm not the Engineer. 

Though I may be a bad blogger, I have been a good blog friend and have enjoyed seeing what all my friends have been doing. Please leave a comment.  I LOVE to talk to everyone.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

It Started With A Chair

I had been saying that as soon as the boys moved out, we would clean the entire house thoroughly and buy new living room furniture.

Off I went to scope out new recliners for Terry.  I didn't want  to drag him around and tire him out so I found a few  that I thought he might like.  One was motorized and he didn't even want to see it because it was $200 more.

So, he chose one at the Ashley Furniture Store.  While there, I looked for an occasional chair and absolutely fell in love with this one.  The picture does not do it justice.  The back ground is a rich chocolate brown and the fleur pattern is deep aqua tones. ( the living room has burgundy accents).  The chair only listed for $800, but the price was $500.  I'd keep it in mind, and we left after ordering Terry's chair.

Then, I saw the tiny ad in the paper for a store that I never had seen before. Their hours were not compatible with my work hours, but they had Ashley Furniture on sale for 2 days at 50% off the list price. My chair was $400 and I ordered the chair which we picked up Saturday.

Waaaaaay across the showroom, Terry spotted a chair that interested him.  Ha!  A chocolate brown motorized recliner, on sale 50% off list plus 20 more if you took the floor model.

The change in my living room color scheme ALL started with my beautiful, can't stop looking at it chair.

Next stop, the paint store.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Its a Green Day

Nope, I'm not Irish.  Not even a tiny bit.  Not a smidge. But St. Pat's is a fun day and the nuns always taught us to wear a bit of green on St. Pat's Day or you'll get a pinch.

For some reason, I have been thinking of my grandmother a lot lately. I was a close to her as I could have been. Her name was Laura.

I named my daughter after her.

She loved the Cubs.  When the game was on, the TV was loud and you better not stand in front of it.

She taught me how to crochet.

She cared for my uncle all his life until he succumbed to MS.

She was a fantastic cook.  I loved her paczki, and wonder how the local stores can dare to call what they sell paczki.

Grandma Laura died more than 40 years ago.  I have childhood memories of the time I spent with her. I wish she had lived longer and I could have spent adult time with her.

**an answer to Sweetpea**

I live in an ethnic area, about 150 miles east of Chicago. Our area is rich in Polish people and many of the Polish traditions are celebrated. Paczki (pronounced POOONCHKI) are what some call a jelly filled donut, or a jelly filled bismark, but it has twice as much filling and the donut is super rich. They are eaten on the day before Ash Wednesday when Lent begins (known as Fat Tuesday). Even the Polish bakeries in this area don't make them like Grandma Laura did.

Sunday, March 11, 2012


Pazza Pazza is a blog I like to visit.
The request was to discuss TIME by posting our thoughts.

5 hours sleeping.
1 hour drinking coffee and reading the paper.
2 hours getting ready for and traveling to work.
8-10 hours spent at my "40 hour job".
3 hours traveling home, getting comfortable, cooking and eating supper, washing dishes, straightening kitchen.
3 hours spent with Terry, TV, hobbies, my dog.
No exaggeration.  Monday thru Friday its the routine.

When Yael mentioned Time, my first thought was the Rolling Stone's song (one of my all time fav groups, BTW) Time Is On My Side.
I like that saying.  Time Is On My Side.  You have time to be patient to achieve what you want.

Most that post about time will certainly say that they don't have enough time.  Certainly most will agree.  But I think there are 24 hours in the day.  We choose how to spend those hours.  Some of us want to be doing something other than what we do, but do what we must.  Others are blessed to be able to do what they want.

Right now, Terry and I are in the mist of reclaiming space in our home.  Redecorating and remodeling.  Painting and choosing new furniture. Tearing up, tearing out and replacing.  A lot of work.  Far more tiring than when we were younger. Much slower going than then too. My grandson told us we CREATE work. ~lol~

At the end of the day, if you can look back on the day and feel that you accomplished something.  If you did anything that you are proud of.  If you spent the day enjoying what you did, or simply relaxed and rejuvenated your soul.  Well, IMHO, that was time well spent.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Do You Pin?

What will be the next Big Thing?
Just when you think you know, something else comes along.
Do you Pin?  I love Pinterest.  I used to save pictures on my hard drive that I have found on the web and want to see again.  Now there is Pinterest. You can open a site and save and organize pictures right on the web.

BUT, I am not an artist and if Post a pic on the web, I don't care if you save it.  Remember that garage sale sign that Laurie made when she got divorced?  "Divorcing The Idiot Garage Sale".  Well, I actually had someone show a pic of that sign to me that they had found on FB.  Some page about vengeful things ex-wives will do.

One of my blog friends posted that she didn't need a Pinterest account because pictures of her quilts were showing up all over Pinterest.  Another blog friend was upset that her pictures appear elsewhere on the web. She didn't say if someone was claiming them for their own or if they were pinned.

Anyway, I have added the P button to my sidebar.  If you don't know about Pinterest, visit the site and let me know what you think.  If you DO Pinterest, let me know so I can see what YOU have liked there.  I would love to hear any thought you have about Pinterest.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012


I have written before about a theatre in another town that offers 1st run movies at a discount.  Five of us can go to the movie and have popcorn and pop for about $45.  Extremely reasonable for an evening movie for 5.

Every Thursday they send me an email with show times and the "coming soon" list.

Hmm...I had read good reviews of The Woman in Black.  It was acceptable to all 5 of us so off we went.  The 8:00 showing had lots of teens already seated when we arrived.
Let me tell you, that from now on, I am going to review the reviewer of movies when a review appears in our paper.  This movie was the perfect movie for a teen boy to take his date.  Its a sure bet that she would be hiding her face in his shoulder every time the music indicated a scary scene had just been shown.  Startling would be a better description.  I was more entertained watching the girls in the audience watch the movie ~lol~.  Anyway, I recommend you skip this one.  Lots of startling shots with very little substance with a mildly surprising end.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Changes Are Eminent

He was born 5 years before me.  To me, his  family is large.  5 kids..2 brothers and 2 sisters. His dad worked two jobs sometimes.  His mom was a stay at home mom which was common in their generation.  His mom had supper ready when her husband came home from work.  She made sure everyone in the family had what they needed.  She did it all.  The kids had chores, but his mom looked after everyone.  She even butchered the chickens they raised on their 5 acres.  The boys worked on a local farm after school. They lived in a rural the farmland area.

I was raised in the city.  My dad worked swing shifts in the steel mills in South Chicago.  He commuted to work by train and stayed over at his sister's home when he had to work a double shift. My mom never worked outside our home.  They were really my aunt and uncle and by the time I went to live with them, their youngest daughter was 10.  I got my first job at 13 as a car hop in a local root beer stand and also babysat for our neighbor.  From that time on I always had a job.  I didn't need one, but I always felt that I should provide as much as I could for myself.  If you were home when supper was ready you ate.  If not, it was fend for yourself.  I bought most of my own clothes and paid for my own expenses.

My daughter and the boys will be moving to their own home next weekend. She has leased a home located about a mile from us.  Terry and I have the same and different emotions about the move.  He and I were discussing those feelings this morning.  It occurred to me that the reason we feel so differently about the boys moving out has everything to with the way each of us was raised.

In one way, our feelings are the same.  He had a really good childhood in a loving family home.  He wants that same thing for the boys.  I had a not so great childhood being raised in a dysfunctional family.  I want the boys to have that loving family too.  Things are different in this day.  A loving family is not always a mom, dad and children.  What is normal, anyway?  We did our job.  We were there when they needed us, and we will be here when they need us to be, for what ever the current need is.

I don't worry about who is going to make sure they get to school on time.  Will they keep their grades up.
Will their clothes be clean.  I don't reason that they have a mom to be sure it all gets done.  I know that I have made sure they know how to do laundry, cook, and keep their rooms clean.  Terry has taught them how to do all the things boys should know and maybe some they shouldn't ~lol~. Did I say that?

Notice my picture?  Change is coming for all of us.  If you know me, you know the sun is my shining symbol of hope and well being.  The sun is there too, right in the picture assuring me that it's a good thing.

Friday, January 6, 2012

I love gimmicks. You have heard of them.  Little games you play to make yourself do chores that must be done.  Like when The Flylady told me to take 15 minutes a day to do just a little of a chore, like dusting or clearing the clutter from the dining room table.

I like to read the blogs that YOU are reading.  That's how I came across my newest favorite game.  The 366 Challenge.  You can read about it here.

I decided to play along.  Every day I'm going to choose an item, maybe more to donate or give to someone that can use it.  Maybe I'll even have a give-a-way or two.  Each week I'll post a picture of what I cleared out.  This isn't going to be easy, but I can DO it!!

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

What Did You Say????

I wanted to get up early today.  I guess Junior thought I meant 3:30 AM when Opie (the possum) came to visit. So, I had an early start to a good day.

 Terry had an appointment at the VA Clinic in Ft. Wayne for a hearing test. We had decided that we would leave whenever we got up and have a nice relaxed trip.  It takes about 1-1/2 hours to get there. We go to Ft. Wayne every now and again.  There is always someplace to visit.  Its a big city.

Now, its official.  Terry has lost 1/2 his hearing in both ears.  O, what 1/2 you ask?  Well, the 1/2 that hears HIGH pitches.  You know the ones that his wife's voice pitch falls in.  Now he has an excuse ~lol~

Seriously, he has been hard of hearing since before we met. Its probably from the big guns, whatever they are called, that he shot while in Korea.  He served at the DMZ during the conflict when North Korea took our Pueblo and its crew captive.  I guess the next step will be to look into hearing aids.

 After we left the clinic, we had lunch and then checked out some shops on the way home.

It was a nice day with quiet time spent together.  The kind of day we don't get very often and cherish when we do.

Sunday, January 1, 2012


Yes!  Happy New Year!!

I have been giving so much thought to the coming year. I am not dwelling on the past year.  Oh, it wasn't a BAD year. I'm just not looking back. But the coming year is going to be exciting for me.

Terry is going back to the property that he transferred from.  The old manager quit after he left so we expect this to be a good move.

The owner of the business where I work has bought a new building.  It is HUGE. A block long HUGE!  A little farther away from home.  My office will be back in the "Office" and no longer in the shop.  I'm losing my private bathroom.  But I CHOOSE to look forward to the move. AND Boeing got a multi-billion dollar contract so that should be good news for our future.

My daughter and grandsons will be looking for a place to live.   X = (this is my fingers crossed!) I look forward to them moving on with their lives and becoming more independent.  AND Sometimes my house is a circus, or noisy like a depot as they come and go. Or a bank cause we are the go to bankers when the boys need. Or a gym when they practice Jiu Jitsu in the living room or wherever else they decide to throw each other around!  Do you know that Corey can actually (from a standing position) lift his foot to the sink and hurl his body threw a window opening to the next room!!  It's a circus, I tell ya!  Anyway, it's time, though Corey told me he is leaving his room intact just in case.

So.  Are you wondering about the WORD that I mentioned in the title?  Lots of you (us) pick a word to inspire us for the coming year.  Unlike resolutions that are only meant to be broken, THE WORD helps us to focus on what we expect to accomplish in the coming year.  I've had a discussion with a few of my friends about what their word will be and my perseption of their choices.

Since I talked to Susan Elliot, I have only had one word that my heart, no my SOUL, as spoken.  It is FREEDOM.

Freedom to create and show my creations without fear of how others perceive them. I once posted a piece that I LOVED and still do.  It sits before me right now.  One commentor called it primitive. I didn't take offense at all, but it stiffled me a bit. Made me shy to post some other of my pieces for fear that more accomplished stichers would judge them.  I'm shakin' that off!!  So don't worry, say what you think when you see coming pieces.  I'm not self conscience about them ANYMORE. I welcome constructive comments.

Freedom from guilt because I  allow the others that live here to be responsible for themselves.  Ah, FREEDOM.  I welcome you!

Freedom to be less serious.  To smile and laugh more.  To be more of the person I keep hidden inside.  Freedom to be free.

Happy New Year.  I'm going to be "out there" much more this year.