Sunday, November 27, 2011

What Would You Be?

Sometimes I wonder what I would be if I had taken a different path. Oh, that thinking sets me off on all kind of paths.  

I am not talking about wishing I could be a rock star that could just belt out a song in perfect key, dressed in perfect rock star garb.  No, not GAGA.  I don't think I could ever be THAT creative or WANT to dress that way.  I would probably dress more in Cheryl Crow mode.  But that's a day dream.

Sometimes, I'm a dancer..Broadway Dancer! Kicking high, doing a quick roll and back on my feet to kick again.  In my day dream I ALWAYS spin  and spin and fall right off the stage.  No matter how many times that one has run through my head, it always plays out the same way.  I actually do remember riding in the car when I was about 8 years old having that day dream!

Of course, sometimes I sew, and knit and embroider like no other and actually make a living at it creating one of a kind always in demand high-end ...anything.

But what I REALLY wish I was is a Psychologist. I never day dream about it.  I just wish it was the path I had taken. Of course, I would not be a rich Psychologist.  I would be helping those that have no one else..

So, I am rambling, but I really am content in the path I took.  I just wish I knew then what I know now.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Things Have A Way of Happening/ Counting Blessings

I have been telling this to a few of my friends.  This information has had a huge impact on me.  It actually blew me away...scared me a little..gave me pause....I am re-evaluating priorities.

I went to my doc Tuesday to discuss the test and surgery I had.  I got a little more than I bargained for.  I also got some kind of shocking news. Remember I posted that I had 2 gall bladders? The 2nd gall bladder is refered to as a second gall bladder, but its really a somethin-somethin cyst that is usually not detected unless you have gall stone problems. If it goes undetected it usually develops into cancer. Mine tested OK.  So I am one lucky lady with a whole lot to be thankful for. It was lucky that Terry pushed me to have the colonoscopy or I would have let the GB issue go for a long time.

So, on especially this day, I am counting my BLESSINGS.

Happy Thanksgiving to all my friends.  You are in the count.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Diamonds R Forever

The best presents I have ever received from Terry, have been the unexpected ones.

For a long time I have wanted a ring that fit just right on my thumb.

Even though my gem of choice is not diamonds, and my metal of choice is not gold, I cherish this ring.

Because "diamonds are forever, like you and me, and gold is preciouse, like you are to me".  That's what he said after surgery.
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Sunday, November 13, 2011

A Medical Mystery

Well, its been a month since I posted.  

Its been a crazy month.

I had a bad day.  Bad enough to stay home from work. Had some pain, and other symptoms.  Called the doctor for an appointment.  Thought I needed to have a colonoscopy.  Now, I have to tell you that I have been careful to monitor any symptom that might call for the test.  My mom (aunt that raised me) ignored symptoms.  She died from peritonitis caused by diverticulitis.  The doctor agreed, I had the test. I have diverticulosis.  A warning to eat more fiber.

BUT, during the initial exam, we had discussed  pain I had that NOTHING to do with that condition.  My doctor ordered an ultrasound of my gall bladder.  I had pain under my right ribs.  I also had shoulder pain that I had thought was a pulled muscle, but was lasting a long time. I was occasionally nauseated.  The ultra sound showed my gall bladder was full of stones, and what looked like a cyst on my liver.  Last Thursday I had surgery.  Imagine my surprise when I was told the cyst was actually a second gall bladder!  I was a medical mystery.  My surgeon was excited because he had never seen anyone with two, let alone two with ducts from the liver to each of them.

So, I'm here to tell you, do NOT ignore pains or symptoms that you think (hope) will go away.  Both of my conditions would have gotten much worse if ignored.

Now, I am looking forward to two quiet weeks at home to recuperate. As I have been reminded by some of my friends, my body has been through a LOT in the last year.