Monday, September 19, 2011

We call him Choo Choo

Bet cha thought I abandoned my blog.  No Way.  I LOVE the blog world.  I read everyone's blog everyday. I try to comment on each, but sometimes I just can't.  I used to be able to catch up a little while at work, but I just have not been able to squeeze it in to my day anymore.  All this work is interfering with my social network!!

Well, I HAVE been up to a few crafty things that I will be showing you eventually.

In the meantime, I'd like to introduce you to one of my feathered friends. But let me back up a tiny bit.  

If you have been around here for a while, you may remember Mr. Baldy. You may also know that I believe in the metaphysical. I was pretty upset that I hadn't seen Mr. Baldy for a while.  While driving down the highway a few blocks from my house, I saw a dead Cardinal in the road.  Something made me turn around with the intention to bury it.  But, when I got to it, it was not a bird but a piece of cloth. I felt I could NOT have mistaken the cloth for a bird.  I immediately knew that I need not watch for Mr. Baldy anymore.

A short time later, this fella started to appear at our feeder.
He is a bit unusual, which you can't see in this picture very well. He is what I call scruffty. Also, he has fluffy feathers covering his legs.  Terry mentioned that he had a chicken when he was a boy that had the same kind of feathers.  Since he called the chicken Choo Choo, that is what we dubbed this guy too.

Just like Mr. Baldy, Choo Choo's head is a bit mis-shaped.  In this pic, he is losing his neck feathers too.

He has been very illusive when it comes to allowing me to get his picture.  He always seems to know when I go for the camera.

Here he is again. He is even more scruffty than before.  I haven't been able to get her picture, but a female often comes to the feeder too.  She is also pretty scruffty.  We think they are Mr. Baldy's offspring since they look very similar to the way he looked the first time I saw him.  That was about 6 years ago.

These two birds know that I love them.  If the feeder is empty, they sit in the tree, or on the feeder and actually squawk to get our attention.  When we come out, they fly to the tree and wait for their meal.  Before we even move away, they land and begin their meal.

YOU may not believe that I communicate with my critters, but that's OK.  I DO.

Be well my friends, and remember.  Be Kind To Yourself.
xx, Carol


Penny Berens said...

Oh, yes, I remember Mr. Baldie...Choo Choo and his sister must surely be his offspring. Keep up the communication for they surely are listening.

Barbara said...

I do believe you communicate with your critters, and it makes me want a better connection with mine. Time to feed the birds outside now!

mairedodd said...

i believe it...
i found a cardinal feather this week - a first for me... and we have lots of cardinals... i had gotten a huge feeder for all of our feathered friends... then one night i forgot to take it down and the raccoons got to it... oh well... i'll get it filled again soon!
oh, and your stopping by my blog when you can means the world to me...

Timaree said...

I think there is an animal communication that reverberates beneath the human voice level and isn't English either. It's a felt communication and shouldn't be laughed at but is by those who don't feel it. I'm glad you have your new bird friends out to keep you company! Hope work slows down a bit too.

Unknown said...

Choo choo... fantastic name :) Now I want to name something that LOL!

Can't wait to see your Boho bag, love the colors you are using!

crystal said...

Hey Sis,
I think the fact that they are "scruffty" makes them even more lovable! They're awfully smart, too. Will you name the female? Choo Choo and ????
Enquiring minds want to know! :-)

Love ya!
Crissie xo

Mosaic Magpie said...

Loved the post. Yes, indeed you are communicating with those birds, a wonderful conversation.
I found you through the post Stacie did on the goodies you sent her.

Unknown said...

I totally talk to them too so no worries here. I love your new pair they are so unique. I have a pair here that talk to me and my son (he can actually mimic their calls)