Thursday, September 22, 2011

We Are Honored

 Let me just take a moment to warn you.  If you don't like tattoos, don't understand about tattoos, or don't think people should HAVE tattoos....don't read on.  

 Corey has lived with us almost all his life.  We know he loves us.  But I think we REALLY understand now how he feels about us.
I can't tell you how touched we are that he got a portrait tattoo of Terry and I.

And he is proud to have it.

He's growing into a well adjusted young man. He is on the high school wrestling team and continues to study Jujitsu.  His grades are good and he is taking a tech class at the Career Center for auto body repair, which is affiliated with the high school.  He loves it. Its a two year course.  The best are usually offered jobs when the course is completed.

Though you always hope your kids will go to college, some don't.  Some do later.  At least he will graduate high school with a skill.

And THIS is his brother.  He is our Techno Geek (said with love and affection).  He fixes broken X-boxes.
Tears apart controllers and wires them with led lights.  He's straight A's and a B.  He says he's going to college and he will own the business and give his brother a job.  He is the brains and his brother is the brawn. He is our resident comedian. He studies  Jujitsu too.  I say, everything he learned he learned from U-Tube. ~lol~



Susan Elliott said...

Isn't that something! Corey has a lot of love in his eyes in this picture and I think it's terrrific that he loves you so. What a very special tribute. YOu've obviously made a lasting impression in his life and he wanted to honor that.. His brother might say he has the brawn but I see a big heart.

ACreativeDreamer said...

Ah... tattoos... such a mixed bag. I'm learning to live with the Little One's love for them though.

You know, I am a firm believer that college is a great thing... IF it's your thing. There are a whole lot of folks though who love something else. If Corey loves auto repair, then he needs to pursue his love... not go to college just to say he did.

On the other hand, if his brother loves something that a college will educate him about, then go for that degree.

In the end (and considering I did go to college and work for one now this is probably sacrilegious for me to say this) in MY humble opinion, where you get your education from, whether it is a technical program or a university, is far less important than learning how to do what you really enjoy doing.

Cindy Caraway said...

I have to admit I am not a tattoo person in the least but this is a wonderful tribute to how much he loves you ~ Kudos for having such cool kids!

freebird said...

I'm not a fan of all the tattooing I see as it is so massively done anymore and I wonder if they'll want to get rid of them later but he is obviously showing his love for you two and that is a good thing. My kids grew up with my dad, living with him off and on. He was a better "dad" to them than their own at times so he was special to them like this and while he would have thought them crazy to get a tattoo he'd have supported them in doing so. When a grandparent sees the person their grandchild is rather than a generic "kid" they'll be considered special so my kudos to you and your husband!

Tattoos sure have gotten fancy since my husband made his own maltese cross with a needle and india ink back in the 60's!

Whytefeather said...

Wow, amazing tribute. It looks like he had a good artist with that tat.
They are both good kids and you are right to be so proud of them :)

robin michelle said...

Amazing! I think that is so sweet! You should definitely be proud he thinks so much of you two. A very cool tattoo!

Momma Bear said...

what an amazing tribute to the love and care which you and terry have given this wonderful young man!
college is not for everyone, and he is learning a skill that will never let him down!
my fuxbro(best friend since H.S.)is a mechanic and is now a manager in desplaines dept of motor vehicles maintenance matte what everyone needs a mechanic at some point! it's like plumbing, everyone needs it and you'd best have a good one when you do!)
as for the little one he sounds like hes on the right road too!
you done good babe!

Robbie said...

And honored you should be. Love can be shown in so many ways!

mairedodd said...

well, you know i think that is a beautiful and heartfelt tribute... all we can ask for is to help our kids thrive ... we all have different paths, and i am so glad he is getting what he needs and enjoys...
you are great people - they are lucky to have you both...

crystal said...

Wow, Carol! The *coolest* part is that he thinks it's cool to have his grandparents as the subject matter!

Ever since we first "met" here in cyberspace, I have been keenly aware of just how lucky those sweet boys are to have you and Terry as grandparents. You two are the grandparents every kid should have! It's absolutely wonderful to know that the boys realize it, too! :-)

You must be so proud of them. Their Auntie Crystal sure is.


Teresa said...

You are lucky to have such grandchildren and that tattoo is a wonderful message said with no words. You remind me of my mother and her relationship with my son--we always say she's his mother when I'm not around... or is it the other way?! Grandparents play such an important role in our lives and mark us forever...
Paulo is taking a tech course too--on computers and programming. I agree with you entirely, if he doesn't want to go to college when he graduates by the end of the year he will (or not) go when he's ready for it. I've had 2 good examples of that in my family, and they're probably the most successful ones! If not... he's ready for the work market with a skill!
You've done well, my friend!

rairie said...

It is so nice when they love and respect us. How they express it is their business...ouch! Too chicken to ever get a tat but the artwork is super!

Michele Bilyeu said...

This made me cry! What an absolutely amazing way to show the depth of his love for both of you! It's no accident that they came to live with you and your husband. It is obviously a house filled to the brim with love as the center of all that you do. I'm so delighted you stopped by for a visit today and commented on my soap wraps because now I get to see all of these wonderful loves of your life. Your heart and your light are part of Zen, Carol and they are beautiful to are you!