Friday, September 23, 2011

We Spoil Them

Corey wanted a hammock.

 I can't believe that Papa agreed.  He used to complain about holes in the walls.

I didn't care.  What's the big deal? When he gets tired of it, plug the holes.  After all, Terry is a Maintenance Man.  He will teach Corey how to do it, right?  That's what I thought.

But wait!!

I always call Kyle Corey's puppet. (said lovingly and laughingly).  Of course Kyle wanted one too!

Anything to keep the tribe happy!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

We Are Honored

 Let me just take a moment to warn you.  If you don't like tattoos, don't understand about tattoos, or don't think people should HAVE tattoos....don't read on.  

 Corey has lived with us almost all his life.  We know he loves us.  But I think we REALLY understand now how he feels about us.
I can't tell you how touched we are that he got a portrait tattoo of Terry and I.

And he is proud to have it.

He's growing into a well adjusted young man. He is on the high school wrestling team and continues to study Jujitsu.  His grades are good and he is taking a tech class at the Career Center for auto body repair, which is affiliated with the high school.  He loves it. Its a two year course.  The best are usually offered jobs when the course is completed.

Though you always hope your kids will go to college, some don't.  Some do later.  At least he will graduate high school with a skill.

And THIS is his brother.  He is our Techno Geek (said with love and affection).  He fixes broken X-boxes.
Tears apart controllers and wires them with led lights.  He's straight A's and a B.  He says he's going to college and he will own the business and give his brother a job.  He is the brains and his brother is the brawn. He is our resident comedian. He studies  Jujitsu too.  I say, everything he learned he learned from U-Tube. ~lol~


Wednesday, September 21, 2011

The Fall Season is Here

Notice the yellow centers of the burgundy mums?
Notice the burgundy centers of the yellow mums?
How cool is that!

My front deck is ready to be transformed to the fall decor.  I have 6 of these mums.  I need to get a couple of bales of straw and some pumpkins.  Throw in some lights and valah!!  Fall Transformation.  

I'll post a pic when its done.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Wildflower or Weed?

This is one of my favorite flowers to look at.  The color in this picture just doesn't give it justice.  It is the most beautiful shade of delicate periwinkle.  Do you know what it is?  Chickory.

When I first saw it growing wild along the roads, Terry would stop and dig a few up and plant them where ever I asked him to in the back yard. Terry did this same routine MANY times with no results.  (Terry is a gem.  How many guys would just say, forget it.  They don't want to grow here. Besides, its a weed!).  Nope, not Terry.  He aims to please.

Finally I gave up.  I just figured it was Nature's way of telling me I should get out.  Take a drive and see all the beauty that Nature wants me to see.

But wait.  What was the tiny bit of blue/purple that I could just barely see when I looked out the window?  
You guessed it.  A little Chickory plant.  A seed dropped by one of my precious birds.  And you will never guess where it is growing....on Jack's grave.  So appropriate.  

Thank you Mother Nature.

Monday, September 19, 2011

We call him Choo Choo

Bet cha thought I abandoned my blog.  No Way.  I LOVE the blog world.  I read everyone's blog everyday. I try to comment on each, but sometimes I just can't.  I used to be able to catch up a little while at work, but I just have not been able to squeeze it in to my day anymore.  All this work is interfering with my social network!!

Well, I HAVE been up to a few crafty things that I will be showing you eventually.

In the meantime, I'd like to introduce you to one of my feathered friends. But let me back up a tiny bit.  

If you have been around here for a while, you may remember Mr. Baldy. You may also know that I believe in the metaphysical. I was pretty upset that I hadn't seen Mr. Baldy for a while.  While driving down the highway a few blocks from my house, I saw a dead Cardinal in the road.  Something made me turn around with the intention to bury it.  But, when I got to it, it was not a bird but a piece of cloth. I felt I could NOT have mistaken the cloth for a bird.  I immediately knew that I need not watch for Mr. Baldy anymore.

A short time later, this fella started to appear at our feeder.
He is a bit unusual, which you can't see in this picture very well. He is what I call scruffty. Also, he has fluffy feathers covering his legs.  Terry mentioned that he had a chicken when he was a boy that had the same kind of feathers.  Since he called the chicken Choo Choo, that is what we dubbed this guy too.

Just like Mr. Baldy, Choo Choo's head is a bit mis-shaped.  In this pic, he is losing his neck feathers too.

He has been very illusive when it comes to allowing me to get his picture.  He always seems to know when I go for the camera.

Here he is again. He is even more scruffty than before.  I haven't been able to get her picture, but a female often comes to the feeder too.  She is also pretty scruffty.  We think they are Mr. Baldy's offspring since they look very similar to the way he looked the first time I saw him.  That was about 6 years ago.

These two birds know that I love them.  If the feeder is empty, they sit in the tree, or on the feeder and actually squawk to get our attention.  When we come out, they fly to the tree and wait for their meal.  Before we even move away, they land and begin their meal.

YOU may not believe that I communicate with my critters, but that's OK.  I DO.

Be well my friends, and remember.  Be Kind To Yourself.
xx, Carol

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Planning a Boho Bag

Have you seen the Boho Bags that some of the crazy quilters are doing? They are a little too victorian for me, but I am planning to put my own version together. 

I went through SOME of my stash and came up with these 4 fabrics so far.  I need to find more blue and some sandstone fabric.  I think I have trims that will work, but if I don't, well heck, that's why they have fabric stores, right. 

I'm excited to get going.

Gerry K has an excellent tutorial on her blog.  I love her method for putting one together and avoiding bulky seams.  Go visit her site to see what its all about.