Tuesday, July 12, 2011

If You Don't Like A Bath, Why Are You In The Tub!?!

On Monday a super storm raged across the Midwest from Minnesota to the East Coast. Some straight line winds reached 85 MPH.  That is blow down trees strength and very scary. I was at work when the sky got black, rain poured down and the wind raged on. 

It seems like since our other two dogs have gone, Junior is acting pretty weird doing things he usually doesn't do like digging holes, pacing, nothing really bad.  Did I say digging holes? But let me back the story up just a little.

Junior has an immune system illness that causes him to have skin yeast infection which causes him to lose hair, have a tough hide where its gone and a distinctive odor.  I have to give him a bath every week in a medicated shampoo which has been keeping it in check.  Junior hates a bath, but has learned to know that if I say he will get a bath, I am dead serious. So is he and he doesn't cave until he knows its hopeless.

Reel forward to yesterday and the storm now. I was at work when the sky got black. Imagine my surprise when I opened a text message from Corey with this picture attached captioned "Junior wants another bath".  Juney was so upset when that storm blew through that he jumped into the bathtub.  That's where Corey found him when Corey woke up.

Corey said "Well that's where they tell you to go if you think a tornado is coming."

Friday, July 8, 2011

Second Chance Flowers

This is one of the things I like best about the pond.  We add more water-lilies every year.  We keep a heater in the pond for the fish over the winter and it seems it is helping to keep the water-lilies survive the winters too.  I have several colors now and love every one.

Since we have been staying away from the pond area, we have concentrated on re-landscaping the front of the house.  Rose of Sharon seed themselves here and it can be quite annoying to have to pull the starts out like weeds.  I have been having an issue with my eye that is probably caused by allergies so Terry surprised me one morning and beat me to weed this area.  He is just the best.

I got these petunias in the clearance area at Lowes.  They were pretty much sticks.  But at 50 cents for a container of 6, I figured what the heck.  I bought $5 worth.  I was going to put them in the pond area.  When I went out to prepare the ground a Cardinal started yelling at me so I retreated to regroup.  I looked around for some pots and thought they would probably do well on the front deck.

This one is my favorite.  I love the color contrast.  There are also three long rectangle planters full of them. Terry hung a shelf from the deck rail to put them on.  I also got geraniums in the clearance and they are also doing great.  I have a water soluble fertilizer that I water them with and that must be the secret. 

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

They Left and Never Even Said Goodbye

They haven't stopped here for a couple of years.  The last time they did ended in tragedy.  We were heart-broken. The minute I saw this male blue-bird scoping out the houses, I took down the feeders with food that English Sparrows sometimes visit.  It limits what other birds visit, but I didn't want to encourage ES to visit my  yard.
He's calling his mate to check out the new pad. But, poor guy, he should have known she'd find one she liked better.
This one is better, I heard her tweet.  It's not so close to that fence. 

 She doesn't know that the house by the fence was a decoy for the ES.  The entire time the blue-birds made a comfy nursery, the ES male would sit on a house nearby chirping his heart out to attract a female. She must have gotten my message that if she dared, I'd be her home wrecker because she never showed up.  For weeks he chirped and I got sick of hearing him all day long.  Gosh, why didn't his throat get sore!

On with my tale. Finally the blue-bird babies were hatched. I was practically glued to the kitchen window. We had watched the male bring goodies to his mate while she warmed the eggs.  Then we watched as both of them took turns bringing a smorgasbord  of birdie delicacies to the chicks, who chirped wildly all the time waiting for the next course.  As they got older, the chicks only chirped when they sensed the parents were near.

The parents brought moths, green wiggly worms, little white worms and earwigs. I wonder what else they brought that I didn't see. It was difficult to get pictures since the parents would fly off if they sensed any movement nearby.

That's why the area around the bird house looks like this.  After months of an over abundance of rain we needed to clean this area which is near the pond.  But we were convinced it was necessary to give our visitors their privacy in the new parental role.

One day I looked out and saw this tiny face and for a moment, I knew the day was near that the babies would be fledglings.
Then, before I knew it, they were gone and they didn't even say good-bye.