Thursday, June 2, 2011

Our Nightly Entertainment

Our living room has two patio doors that open onto a deck that runs almost the width of our house. For the last year, we have been visited at night by a orphan possum that I named Opie.  The deck is really close, but not attached to the house.  Opie scootches between the house and the deck to see if there is any peanut butter bread left over from the squirrels.  Its pretty amazing that he can get through such a tight space.

I always know when Opie has arrived because Junior lays at attention patiently waiting for Opie to appear.

Sometimes I can tell Opie is under the deck because Junior paces from one door to the other, ears at attention.

Imagine my surprise when I looked out the door and saw THIS critter scarfing up the bread!

He's a baby too and it didn't phase Junior at all that he was out there.  Junior just continued to intently watch the racoon eat...and watch back.

When I get ready to go to bed, Junior is still keeping guard...


Lisa Criswell / Indigo's Beads said...

what an adorable post! how funny that he keeps watch like that.

Gloria said...

How great! At least he's keeping guard. He was probably having a great time watching the racoon. I'm not a fan of racoons, they scare me, but they do have their place. Fun post, have a great Friday.

crystal said...

Aww, Junior is such a great protector! :-)

You *do* have a whole cast of characters - I mean critters - to keep you entertained.

Hope the weekend weather is nice enough for you to relax outside. Have you been seeing the frogs yet?


kaiteM said...

Junior has a very important job to do there.

flyingbeader said... that was my house, I think Frodo would break down the glass door to get that critter. Junior is a good boy...very good boy

Barbara said...


Momma Bear said...

he is a wonderful wattchdog!
we too have outdoor critters who will occasional get the "leftovers" from the table. we call them the "yeti" and range from the morning squirrel to the neighborhood wachcat to our night critters an enormous opossum and a midrange raccoon.
they do keep us entertained!
no inner animals though.
*the house critter having been dealt with in the sternest possible manner a few months ago* yep it was a mouse or two!

freebird said...

Good dog! But with a racoon, I'm glad he's keeping watch on his side of the glass. How interesting for you all though to get to watch these animals. We get to watch rabbits, ground squirrels and an occasional road runner. It's fun to watch but I don't like it when the rabbits and squirrels kill my plants!

Thanks for stopping by my blog so consistently. You are good for my ego!

A Creative Dream... said...

There's currently a small groundhog making my backyard home. He's young, you can tell because he cautious, but very curious about me and the dog. The other morning I had the dog out in the yard, and the little guy inched up, then inched up some more... then a tad more... and all the while the dog just sat there with his stupid grin seemingly to say.. "Gee mom, look, a new friend!"

They are something, aren't they?

Plays with Needles said...

What a wonderful story. What a beautiful soul Junior must have...he seems wiser than my neighbor's dog who would just go ballistic to have any animal anywhere nearby. I think you've rubbed off on him...

Cathie said...

Sounds like your life is one creature adventure after another, Carol!