Friday, June 10, 2011


Nope, no pictures today.  We have been re-landscaping the area around the pond.  Moving ornamental grasses away from the edge and planting more manageable flowers in that area. 

From the time we decided to put in a pond, we fenced the area,  mainly to keep the dogs out so we would have a safe area for critters AND doo-doo free grass.  However, since Buddy and Jack are gone, TERRY (see how his name is in BOLD) decided that we could take the fence down now.  It would be easier to mow and Junior would not bother the area.  I liked the fence and wanted to replace it with wrought iron.  I liked that I had plants along it including climbing rose and peony and hollyhock, plus much more. But since I don't always have to have things MY way, I deferred.

Anyway, back to the area I started talking about. I have been weeding and planting flowers in a small area on the house side of the pond.  I like to look out the window and admire the blooms.  While I was working last week, I noticed the ground moving and knew there probably was a mole down there, but couldn't get him.  I just let it go and went about my weed/planting business.  I planned to finish that area up this weekend.  However!! When I got up this morning and looked out to check on the Blue Birds,  that area had been dug up.  I saw that it was kind of a track pattern. Terry said Junior did it.  I figured if he did, then he was after the mole.  But his paws were not muddy, which I mentioned to Terry.  He huffed off since he took that for protecting my dog.  It was just a statement for heavens sake!  For me, this all comes back to removing the fence that I (in Bold) never wanted to remove in the first place. 

Sweet guy that Terry is, went out to replant the flowers to try to salvage them.

So, do I go out and replant the area?  Or do I stick a bush there and plant flowers in a different area.

And Junior?  Well, he's a dog.  He does what comes doggy natural.  THAT is why someone invented fence.


Momma Bear said...

there is an old saying good fences make for good neighbors, I suppose that goes for good dogs too!)
I don't know about the mole thing though.
I know we have a few because every few days there is a new mound of dirt someplace in the lawn. but what to do about them? dunno. other than making the lawn lumpy I don't know what they do.
not a helpful answer I know but well, there it is.

Unknown said...

Good luck with your mole... we have those every where here, the neighbors amuse us with their constant war with them :) I figure we're in the country, so I don't expect a city kept looking lawn... we butt up against a cow field for pete's sake!

Not sure how to solve the issue, it may not be the dog, and if it's something else maybe a bush wouldn't be as interesting?

crystal said...

It wasn't Junior's fault. (Sorry Terry)

The mole will probably dig around the bed again, and if he doesn't he may have a brother who will - so I'd say plant the flowers in a different spot and put a flowering bush that will make you smile when you look out your window.

xoxo Crissie :-)

Carol- Beads and Birds said...

Hey Sis

How are ya.

Well I have been thinking outside the bed, so to speak, the FLOWER BED, that is.

I really want flowers in that area so I am going to concoct some method to put them out. I picked up petunia 1/2 price yesterday. I'm going to look around Terry's "trash stash" and see what I can come up with.

Stay tuned.

Timaree said...

I am sitting here at my son't house in Oceanside, California today. He finally set a trap for a gopher. Digging up his lawn was one thing but going after his fig tree is another! He tried repelling them but that didn't work. I bet the mole is after your flowers. Great food and in freshly dug dirt its a snap to get too. He'd have to dig up a lot of ground as those plants don't have all that many roots being new plantings. I bet it was the mole rather than the dog but, you can do as I see a lot of my son's neighbors do and plant the flowers in pots rather than straight into the ground. Put down some pretty mulch, rocks or some plant they won't like and then set some pretty pots in amongst them with your flowers. Neither the dog nor the moles will bother with them then. Good luck however you go.

GlorV1 said...

Moles can be pests Carol. I like that you are gardening, it's so much fun. I'll send you some of the seeds from the Wisteria. Just email me your address, I don't have it any more and I'll get some out to you. They still need to dry a little more but they can be mailed out. Take care.

Maya Kuzman said...

Oh I like freebirds suggestion. Planting them in pots would be the winning solution to get rid of the mole. And you can arrange the pots Mediterranean style, scattered robust pots from which flowers pour down in cascades...
And I would love to see pictures when you get done with the landscaping!

Teresa said...

Freebird's suggestion seems to be a good one--that way you can have your flowers safe and not worry about Junior or the mole :)

Jan said...

I hope you find an amicable solution to this problem, one that everyone is satisfied with. Too bad the fence was removed in the first place. Of course, moles don't eat flowers they just eat bugs, worms and such. And they do like the nurtured areas because of the richer wetter soil. Junior is just trying to help out, right? Ha ha.
I enjoyed your previous posts too, with the birds and what is with the skull? In a pocket? Is it a raccoon?

Robin said...

Case closed! Fence wins, hands down.

Doggy natural and Male natural.

Life goes on....

MarmaladeRose said...

Haven't you learnt by now Carol that men always know best! lol.

I don't know how you found me either but it's nice that you did :)