Friday, June 10, 2011


Nope, no pictures today.  We have been re-landscaping the area around the pond.  Moving ornamental grasses away from the edge and planting more manageable flowers in that area. 

From the time we decided to put in a pond, we fenced the area,  mainly to keep the dogs out so we would have a safe area for critters AND doo-doo free grass.  However, since Buddy and Jack are gone, TERRY (see how his name is in BOLD) decided that we could take the fence down now.  It would be easier to mow and Junior would not bother the area.  I liked the fence and wanted to replace it with wrought iron.  I liked that I had plants along it including climbing rose and peony and hollyhock, plus much more. But since I don't always have to have things MY way, I deferred.

Anyway, back to the area I started talking about. I have been weeding and planting flowers in a small area on the house side of the pond.  I like to look out the window and admire the blooms.  While I was working last week, I noticed the ground moving and knew there probably was a mole down there, but couldn't get him.  I just let it go and went about my weed/planting business.  I planned to finish that area up this weekend.  However!! When I got up this morning and looked out to check on the Blue Birds,  that area had been dug up.  I saw that it was kind of a track pattern. Terry said Junior did it.  I figured if he did, then he was after the mole.  But his paws were not muddy, which I mentioned to Terry.  He huffed off since he took that for protecting my dog.  It was just a statement for heavens sake!  For me, this all comes back to removing the fence that I (in Bold) never wanted to remove in the first place. 

Sweet guy that Terry is, went out to replant the flowers to try to salvage them.

So, do I go out and replant the area?  Or do I stick a bush there and plant flowers in a different area.

And Junior?  Well, he's a dog.  He does what comes doggy natural.  THAT is why someone invented fence.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

New Birds Are Visiting

We have lived in this house since 1976.  From the very first year, we saw Orioles flying by from a nearby yard.  They never stopped at our house, but we saw them every year.  I have tried to lure them with everything I ever read that Orioles like.  No Luck.

I always have suet for the Woodpeckers.  We have several varieties that live near, probably because we have a dying tree in the back yard.  They all love to eat the Sunflower suet I put at the feeders. About a month ago, I bought a suet I had never seen before...No Melt Apple Dough.  Let me tell you that from the first day I added it to the feeders I was visited by both the male and female Orchard Oriole.  They LOVE it. They come several times a day.  The other birds have shunned the other suets and are eating the new one exclusively. Who knew!

This is the male.  Its been really hard for me to capture a picture. They are very alert to humans and don't stick around if I even come near the door.

Believe it or not, this is late afternoon.  Even though it got dark with a storm threatening, this male just kept mowwing that suet.

This is a Weigela in the back yard.  I saw a lot of movement in it and took a really close look.  I don't know how to edit a picture to draw a circle around the bird.  If you double click the picture, you will see orange near the bottom.  The Oriole is taking nectar from the pink flowers.

Another new regular visitor is a Flicker.  We also have a pair of Grey Cowbirds that I have never seen before.  Their call sounds just like a kitty mewing.  Bluebirds are nesting in one of the Blue Bird houses. Thankfully an English Sparrow has been calling for a mate every day, ALL DAY, forever with no takers and the wrens moved on too so maybe, just maybe the Blue Birds will have an easy time of it.

Oh, I caught a frog with my hand the other day!  Terry called me to look at it because it had a kind of pointy nose.  Without a thought I just reached down and picked it up.  I think it startled both of us that I did it so quickly.  You may remember that Terry banned the big frogs last year because they were eating his fish.  That hasn't hit him yet this year.  I asked him if he wanted to take the frog down to the river and he told me to throw him back in.  Didn't have to ask ME twice.  I love my frogs.

Blessing abound in my world, how about yours?

Saturday, June 4, 2011


Why I make THEM empty their pockets before I wash their jeans!!!

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Our Nightly Entertainment

Our living room has two patio doors that open onto a deck that runs almost the width of our house. For the last year, we have been visited at night by a orphan possum that I named Opie.  The deck is really close, but not attached to the house.  Opie scootches between the house and the deck to see if there is any peanut butter bread left over from the squirrels.  Its pretty amazing that he can get through such a tight space.

I always know when Opie has arrived because Junior lays at attention patiently waiting for Opie to appear.

Sometimes I can tell Opie is under the deck because Junior paces from one door to the other, ears at attention.

Imagine my surprise when I looked out the door and saw THIS critter scarfing up the bread!

He's a baby too and it didn't phase Junior at all that he was out there.  Junior just continued to intently watch the racoon eat...and watch back.

When I get ready to go to bed, Junior is still keeping guard...