Monday, May 16, 2011

Your Heart Gets Bigger, Even Though A Part Breaks

I saw him on the morning news, during a segment that introduces available rescue dogs. I already had 3 dogs, but the minute I saw Jack I fell in love.  I couldn't get him off my mind.  I called The Pet Refuge and the next scheduled time to meet a dog was a couple of days off. I couldn't stop talking or thinking about him. My daughter called and told a volunteer about how taken I was with Jack so they arranged a special meeting.  There was a mutual undeniable attraction. They told me that Jack had been living at their facility for quite a while.  That since he was a pup, he had lived in a paint shop. I took him home the very same day. When I took him to the vet that had been taking care of him, I was surprised to see a very big file. I didn't even ask what his medical issues had been. Jack was a boxer/labrador mix that looked like a pit bull.  I called him a box-a-dor. From the first day, Jack got along with the other dogs.  He was a family dog, but everyone knew that he was mine and I was his.  I had many nick names for him...Black Jack, Black Jack Shelack, Jackie Chan (my favorite), Jack of all Trades and many more.

Jack did a dance that I like to call the Jackie Jig.  Later I found out that Boxers do a dance called the Kidney Bean Dance.  The Jackie Jig was a much cooler version than the normal. He would dance on command any time I asked him to.  Jackie always loved to look out the front windows into the trees across the street and watch squirrels.  He HATED trucks.  I surmise that part of the reason had something to do with his crooked jaw and snaggle tooth. Terry always said that Jack looked at us like he knew us from another life. We always joked and asked if we knew anyone that could dance like that.

Jack lived with us for about 10 years.  I always say that I rescued him from Doggy Jail.

He was scared to walk by Buddy, because Buddy always growled, though it was just a warning that Buddy's bowl had food in it.

Jack and Junior were best friends.  They were always together and sometimes almost crowded me out of my sewing room so they could lay next to each other next to my chair.  Jack slept next to my bed, and his place in the living room was next to my recliner.

Last night about midnight, Jack started to have seizures..or heart attacks...or strokes...I'm not sure.  I felt his end was near and stayed with him to comfort him and to comfort me. When the vet opened we took him there to find peace.  But I am not at peace.  I am heartbroken. I loved Jack more that even I can believe. I don't know what to do without him.  Junior doesn't know either. He has been digging up the grave.

I know my friends that read this will want to send healing wishes.  I thank you in advance because I will turn comments off.