Saturday, April 2, 2011


I've been on kind of a roller coaster lately.  One of my dogs has been sick and it looks like his problems stem from an immune system issue. I took Friday off because I needed to give him medicine and was advised to stay with him all day incase it made him sick. I thought we had things under control but Friday brought another trip to the vet due to Junior developing conjunctivitis. I had no idea dogs got it! Scared the heck out of me because it didn't cause his eye to be pink, but caused the tissue around his eyeball to swell.  VERY SCARY and UGLY! I have found the most wonderful vet and she is my new friend. She gave me ointment and by the time I left the office, Junior's eye looked 100% better. Thank you Sheila.

Laurie is off to Indianapolis to visit a friend. She usually spends a lot of time with the boys on the weekend, so her trip gave Terry and I the opportunity to spend a little time with them. There is a movie theatre in Niles Michigan which is just a few miles from us if we drive the county roads.  The tickets for first run movies are $2.50 before noon, $4 from noon to 6PM, and $5 after 6.  Big bags of popcorn are only $2.75 with .75 refills.  These prices are so unbelievably affordable, so we took advantage of our time together by taking the boys to see Limitless.  We all thought it was a pretty entertaining movie.  Then we stopped at a restaurant that Terry and I used to go to all the time years ago.  They have good burgers and a really great atmosphere. Niles is a quaint little town that Terry and I used to visit about once a month to visit the local antique mall or see a show and have dinner.  The day brought back a lot of good memories and I'm sure we will be traveling there often again.

Tomorrow will be quiet. Its supposed to be stormy.  The boys are on Spring Break and I took Monday off too so they probably will have plans for me.  However, I am going to try to get some sewing in this weekend too.

O, I forgot....Yay BUTLER!!  Great Game.


Terri said...

Go Dawgs!! :-)

Niles, MI is a beautiful town. I've been through it a few times, but we've never stopped or stayed there. I'd love to go back some time.

I hope your dog is going to be okay!

Camilla La Mer said...

Glad your dog is doing better and that you are having some spring break fun in the midst of it all!!!

xoxo Camilla

Lisa Criswell / Indigo's Beads said...

glad your pup is doing better. sounds like you had a fun time with the boys. can't believe those prices! sounds about what they were 15 years ago.

kaite said...

good for you for taking your dog to the Vet and not just "hoping" it would be ok. i'm glad he's doing better.
and hey, all the best for Thursday this week, i think it is.

A Creative Dream... said...

Sorry to hear one of the doggies is feeling under the weather, we do make them our family, don't we... and feel so badly for them when they hurt. Wonderful that you've a great vet though, makes all the difference!

Since the Cats lost (I was shocked they even got there), I'll be cheering for Butler with ya!

Barbara said...

I had the same eye issue last week with my kitty. It took about 5 days of ointment to put things right. I guess it's not uncommon, but it does look awful. Hope your dog's is gone for good too. Listless is sometimes a good thing.

jinxxxygirl said...

Hubby and i saw Limitless this weekend too . Don't know how old your 'boys' are but i don't think i would have taken kids to this movie. I mean the drug use and the guy drinks blood! But your right we thought it was an excellent movie. What do you think did he get off the drug in the end or was he still taking it??? Several of us were discussing that walking out of the movie.

Carol said...

I was thinking about those same issues.

Our boys are 13 and 15 (both turn a year older in just a month).

Both of our boys are training in Ju Jitsu and VERY health conscienous. I do worry about the lure of steroids. At dinner, we discussed the effects the drug had on those that used it both physically, emotionally and morally. It was mentioned in the film, so I thought that was good. But seeing the movie with them opened up a discussion that we would not have had the opportunity to have had. You know, you have to talk about things like this when kids are open to it, so in that regard I thought it was an excellent movie for them to see.

As far as the blood drinking goes, well they thought it showed just how far a drug user would go for a fix.

We all agreed that he didn't get off the drug. But the boys heard something that I missed so I'm not sure if it was in the movie or not. They said that in his talk with Deniro at the end, he said his lab had changed the drug and taken the bad effects out of it.

If anyone saw the movie and heard that too, please let me know. I think we will probably see the film again when it come on pay per view.

freebird said...

Those ARE good prices for a theater. My daughter took me to a movie yesterday and the bargain was a small bag of popcorn and a small coke for $5. She thought that was really good.

Hope you have fun on Monday. Just a day to relax is good.

crystal said...

So happy to hear that you and Junior found Sheila. She sounds wonderful! :-)

I know you have some appointments coming up, Sis! You'll be in my thoughts. :-)

Sending love and lots of hugs!

Little Treasures said...

Sorry to hear about your dog and wish he gets well soon!
Haven't seen Limitless yet but the names of actors suggest entertainment!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you had a great time - but you didn't say much about Limitless - what is it about? Now I'm intrigued....