Thursday, April 28, 2011

Goodbye Buddy.

We said goodbye to a friend yesterday.
He was Junior's brother.
I remember when the kids would call us in the morning before school to help them get him back in the house. He liked to run out the door and go to visit the workers in the factory down the road.
He knew how to make the water from the cooler come out so he could drink from the tray.
He knew how to turn door knobs to let himself out.
He woke Laurie up in the middle of the night because he wanted a cookie.
He loved everyone especially Ky and Laurie.
We always waited at the door about 5 minutes before Laurie got home.  How did he know?
She called him "Big Dog".

Monday, April 25, 2011

Falsie Flower

Fake Flowers have been popular for a while now, but you know the takes a while for fashion fads to hit. (They're really called Shabby Chic Flowers, but I call mine Falsie Flowers).   Anyway, when I saw a fabric flower on a military jacket, I loved the look.  Then I noticed one on the strap of a great purse. I started playing around a little bit with making flowers.  I haven't yet hit the one I want for the jacket I bought, but this one is really pretty and it looks great on my black sweater.

I'm going to putz around with more.  I have a couple of old denium shirts that I wore to death and I think their soft worn fabric will be great.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Happy Holiday!!

Na, I'm just kidding.  We don't eat bunnies at our house.  Heck, we barely eat meat.  A few years ago I switched from making the traditional Easter ham dinner to the New Traditional 2 selections of Lasagna, one with red sauce and one seafood alfredo, yum!

Wishing everyone a happy holiday, not matter what holiday you celebrate.  If its not a holiday for you, the have a terrific Sunday.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Spring Is Here, But Has Anyone Told The Weatherman!!

We have daffodils blooming by the pond. The lilac bushes are budding right along with some of the other bushes.  The birds are building nests and you can hear see male sparrows sitting on the top of the birdhouses they have selected, calling for a mate to join them.

O, but what happened yesterday (Saturday)!  Snow mixed with rain fell in broad daylight, dashing hopes of shorts and flip flops coming out anytime soon. Forget about working in the yard to clear debris and leaves left from late fall.
But what do I care!!  I know the weather will get warmer and when it does, I'M READY! I found these Ranunculus.  I liked them so much after I got them home that I went back and bought 7 more pots. I usually select shades of purple or orange, but Terry wanted me to buy all colors so that's what we did. When it gets just a little warmer, we'll go out to the pond and move he ornamental grasses farther from the pond.  Terry planted them too close and they have spread to unmanagable sizes. Yay for me, because I have flower plans for where they were.   The wind we had brought to light some issues with our privacy fence.  Our lot is 285' long and the perimeter is privacy fenced.  The wind blew down a couple of sections which made us realize that we need to start replacing it all.  Its been up for more than 25 years so we expected that we would have to.  Its not such an issue as far as the work goes because the boys are always willing to work and learn something new, but financially at $25 a section plus new posts, well darn it!!

Terry just called me to the window.  Bluebirds are scoping out one of our bird houses.  They are so beautiful, but we have so many English Sparrows around which love to kill them, that I almost would rather the BB move on.  We'll see how it goes.

I have been making fabric (shabby chic) flowers.  I'll be showing them later in the week.

Junior is doing very well and looks great. Some days he's tired, but mostly still loves to chase the laser light.

For those that have been asking, on April 7 I went to the dentist to have a mold made for my falsies.  Usually two weeks later you go back for the first fitting.  But my dentist took my deposit and went on vacation ~lol~ so I don't go back now until April 26. I have been really pleased with this entire situation. I am patiently waiting to have them and feel comfortable with them.  On August 7, Terry and I will be married 40 years and I have already paid to have our pictures taken by a photographer for the newspaper. Gosh I love my guy.

So, please remember all the things that you are grateful for today.
I'm thinking of my family and friends, pets and critters, jobs and the ability to help those in need.

Saturday, April 2, 2011


I've been on kind of a roller coaster lately.  One of my dogs has been sick and it looks like his problems stem from an immune system issue. I took Friday off because I needed to give him medicine and was advised to stay with him all day incase it made him sick. I thought we had things under control but Friday brought another trip to the vet due to Junior developing conjunctivitis. I had no idea dogs got it! Scared the heck out of me because it didn't cause his eye to be pink, but caused the tissue around his eyeball to swell.  VERY SCARY and UGLY! I have found the most wonderful vet and she is my new friend. She gave me ointment and by the time I left the office, Junior's eye looked 100% better. Thank you Sheila.

Laurie is off to Indianapolis to visit a friend. She usually spends a lot of time with the boys on the weekend, so her trip gave Terry and I the opportunity to spend a little time with them. There is a movie theatre in Niles Michigan which is just a few miles from us if we drive the county roads.  The tickets for first run movies are $2.50 before noon, $4 from noon to 6PM, and $5 after 6.  Big bags of popcorn are only $2.75 with .75 refills.  These prices are so unbelievably affordable, so we took advantage of our time together by taking the boys to see Limitless.  We all thought it was a pretty entertaining movie.  Then we stopped at a restaurant that Terry and I used to go to all the time years ago.  They have good burgers and a really great atmosphere. Niles is a quaint little town that Terry and I used to visit about once a month to visit the local antique mall or see a show and have dinner.  The day brought back a lot of good memories and I'm sure we will be traveling there often again.

Tomorrow will be quiet. Its supposed to be stormy.  The boys are on Spring Break and I took Monday off too so they probably will have plans for me.  However, I am going to try to get some sewing in this weekend too.

O, I forgot....Yay BUTLER!!  Great Game.