Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Is This A Habit?

Are you old enough to remember when this was on TV 1st run?
Well, I am.  I think it was on TV on Satuday nights.  I don't remember watching it, but we probably did.  My mother LOVED Lawrence Welk.  I know we watched THAT.  I think I read a book instead.

Terry has discovered the Encore Western station.  Every weekday night, Gunsmoke is on at 7:00.  We watched it a couple of times. Now, at 6:55 no matter what I am doing or where I am in the house, he comes to tell me that Gunsmoke will be on in 5 minutes.  Right now, the older ones are on.  The ones that Burt Reynolds were in playing the part of a black-smith.. part Indian..sometimes deputy.  The show is actually pretty good. And its a nice hour spent watching TV with Terry.  We hardly ever did that before.

And another thing. He has started taking his BP at 8 after the show and its been in the high/normal range.
Go figure.


Crazy Mama said...

who knew that gunsmoke would be good for your health? lol. whatever works...keep with it!

Anonymous said...

I remember Gunsmoke. I watched it. Loved Miss Kitty and her costumes.

There used to be lots of Westerns on TV.

Lynn said...

I only had sisters, so we never watched Westerns in my house. The Courtship of Eddie's Father was one of my favorites and of course the Brady Bunch and the Partridge Family. Saturday mornings I wouldn't miss Land of the Lost. I have no idea why I liked that show so much. I think I thought the Dad on the show was cute. lol.

I've got Pete watching The Ellen Show with me after dinner (I DVR it). I'm so surprised he watches it with me. He's usually all about the Outdoor Channel or (ugh) MMA fighting! I watched Tuesday's episode without him and he was bummed I deleted it before he could watch. I guess there is something to say about bonding over a TV show!


Timaree said...

My husband has found a station (we are on antenna here) with old shows and he's now watching Highway Patrol, The A Team, and a bunch of others. I don't watch them with him though. I gave that up a long time ago as he watches with no lights on. All I do is chew off my fingernails since I can't just sit still.

I'm glad you two have found a "together" time. We actually do have one as we do crosswords on the computer everyday - 3 of them! I hope it continues to keep his BP in a respectable range.

Roberta Warshaw said...

Burt Reynolds was on Gunsmoke? Really? Who knew?

My dad and my late Uncle Joe loved that show. When it came on you couldn't make a peep!

Unknown said...

Too Funny! Yes I remember! My hubby and I have a few we only watch together too!

crystal said...

Oh yes, Carol!

I remember Gunsmoke. :-)
I loved Miss Kitty. I remember one time I had a cold and was almost losing my voice. It sounded much deeper as a result, and one of my friends said I sounded just like "Miss Kitty!" I thought that was too cool! Of course, as soon as my cold was better - I no longer had her voice!

It's so nice that you two are having some "us" time. :-)


Sandy said...

I must be getting old. Not only do I remember the show, but I'm finding that the old ones seem better than whats current. Thanks for commenting on my blog.

GlorV1 said...

I like the old shows. What they show on TV these days is nauseating. PBS, the Food Network are my favorites. I am though watching American Idol right now. Hope you are having a great weekend. Take care Carol.