Sunday, March 6, 2011

I Can Survive Anything As Long As I Have A Cup..Constantly

March certainly started off like a lion around MY house.

Monday Terry called me at work right after I got there and said he was sick and was going back home.  He NEVER does that so I knew he was pretty sick. That turned out to be the flu.  He was sick all week and finally agreed to go to the doctor on Friday. Even with meds, it still been a slow recovery.

The boys were in Ohio this weekend competing at The Arnold's Competitions.  Both boys took gold in their weight class. Sly Stallone was in the crowd which was pretty cool. I have to give my daughter a lot of credit because she came down on Monday with the same flu Terry got.  She had to go to work on Wednesday or lose her job AND she took the boys this weekend.

My job is super busy.  Not a bad problem to have, but yet stressful.  To be honest, I'd rather not have overtime, but I still hit a few hours over even with taking off at 1:00 on Friday to take Terry to the doctor.

O, you are wondering about my teeth! Well, I still don't have any.  My temps are just too big to use and I don't want to pay another $150 to have them adjusted.  (I find it hard to believe that they could be adjusted down to be comfortable). So, after April 5 I will begin the new denture process that takes 3 fittings, 10 days apart.  I don't regret this whole process and view it as a necessity.  I have lost 30 pounds and weigh what I did in 1998.  Pretty soon I'll break down and see if I have any jeans stuck anywhere that will fit.  AND I just don't see myself ever eating a rib-eye steak again.  So, if you have top and bottom dentures, I'd like to hear from you on what I can expect as far as eating with them. Right now I pretty much live on soup and I really  like it.

O, and a couple of people have asked me what I am working on. Well, I have undertaken a big project for me.  I'll be revealing more about it another time because I am too lazy to take pics and post!!

What I am grateful for today:

Terry is feeling far better.  I was really concerned about him.

My grandsons performed to the best of their abilities and all their hard work helped them to achieve their goal and enhanced their self-confidence.

My daughter was able to enjoy quality time with her boys.

Junior, one of my dogs, is recovering nicely from a dermatological yeast infection.

I got a million more.......


Lynn said...

Wow. March has been quite the ride so far! I can't believe you are still dealing with your teeth issue. That just doesn't seem right to me.

I hope the flu bug has left the house for good! Sounds nasty.

Congrats to the guys on their medals - and how cool to have a celebrity there! That's so neat!

Keep on beading girl -- can't wait to see what you're working on!

Plays with Needles said...

Seems like March is full of silver linings. No teeth but 30 pounds + skinny jeans! The boys BOTH won gold medals -- way to go Team...And Mom got to see it all.

Terry is better and you got out of work early.

I'm with Lynn. Keep beading. And keep celebrating. The alternative is unthinkable. xoxo Susan

Kristen said...

WOW March has been busy for you! I am glad they are recovering and proud of your boys too! I had been wondering what you have been up to so thanks for the update and the tease on your new project.


shawkl said...

What a week! Lot's of ups and downs! Glad to hear Terry is on the mend...that flu us bad news! Regarding your mom had a full set done about four years ago. It took several trips to the dentist to get the "fit" almost right. Finally, she took matters into her own hand and filed away little places that were really bothering her with a nail file! Hope you have better luck! Oh, now she eats most anything...except nuts...she cuts steak into tiny little pieces first. Good luck!

freebird said...

And March just began...

Hope everything goes better the rest of the month!

What are the symptoms of your dog's infection? My sister has a dog who they say has allergies but he's been chewing on himself and itching for years.

This year I finally got a flu shot. I went to Target while at my daughter's home and paid for a tetanus shot and got my flu shot at the same time. It was covered by my insurance while the tetanus wasn't. Don't we need both? But, I took my sister for a tetanus shot at her local CVS pharmacy and it was cheaper than the Target price. I'm telling you this because my reason for going to the store to get the shots was to avoid a doctor bill. I didn't want to pay for a doctor's visit as it would have come out of my deductible; it was cheaper for me to just pay for the shot. So, if insurance or deductibles are keeping you from a flu shot, pheumonia shot (my brother-in-law got pneumonia recently) or any others try seeing what your local pharmacies offer. It's lousy to get sick if you can avoid it and although we don't like to think it, we are at an age when illness starts to have big effects on us.

I can't wait to see what your big project is.

crystal said...

You are always so good at accenting the positive, Carol!

It's truly inspiring!!! :-)


Jan said...

Thanks for the up date. so you are on the dental diet. Maybe you should write a diet book, get rich quick and retire. Glad you have so many blessings. Take care.

kaite said...

best wishes for April 5th and thereafter. k.

Little Treasures said...

Dear Carol, you have lots of news. First of all I hope your family has recovered from the flu (we've all been through it already - twice!!) when I am writing this comment!
Next you must be so proud of your grandsons' achievements! Bravo!
And last but not least... can't wait to see what you are working on!!

Anonymous said...

Hi there! you sound as though you are in a really good place - despite lack of gnashers (!) That is so good to hear.

I have been a bit down of late - the whole EQ thing suddenly became 'real' - if you know what I mean. And all the stuff coming out from Japan. My heart aches.

But we keep going eh? And it is always uplifting to hear when a friend is on the up - brings me up a little too!

Many things to be grateful for. Just need to focus on that.