Wednesday, February 9, 2011

I Found The Answer

Don't you love this guy!  I just can't post without a pic!

So, Indiana must have some law now that says when the temps dip to a certain degree schools will be on a two hour delay.  Since it was below zero this morning and will be for the next two mornings, I guess I will gain two extra hours at home so that I can taxi the kids to school.  Nice.  Yes, I enjoy the extra time.  BUT, and there ususally IS a throws us off schedule in the AM.

So this morning Corey was taking just a little too long to get his Prima Donna butt in gear.  I said " Hey Corey.  Its getting a little late."  His typical reply was "O God".  Before I thought about it, I replied "Don't call me God, because if I was God I'd make it 90 degrees outside".  I waited, listening for a wise crack reply.  Silence.  Do you think I found the perfect response?  Well, I think I did.  I'm gonna try it again the next time I get the OG whine.  I'll let you know if I'm good until they think of the next come-back ~lol~.

Have a great day...Spring is just around the tell me someone...which corner!


Momma Bear said...

too funny! I'm going to borrow that if you don't mind, you can never have enough snappy comebacks in your repertoire!
my DS and DD#1 always say, but I want
whatever, and my comeback has always been and I want a million dollars, go get it for me and we'll talk!

Whytefeather said...

Oh I love your response! Maybe you did find the right one LOL.

That corner... that one over there... no really... maybe this other one? Sigh. Still haven't found that corner to look around for spring but I'm still looking!

Kristen said...

I wish I could have seen the look on his face!

Gloria said...

Looks like it worked. Hope it starts warming up over there soon. I think Winter is going by just too fast, because you're right, Spring is just around the corner and I hear tell that we are supposed to get an early spring. Hope you have a great rest of the day, take care and I'm glad Corey got up. Tee hee.

Marty S said...

Great response! :-)
Marty S
Crackpot Beader

a2susan said...

Not this corner! Although I see predictions of temps in the 30's for next week. That'll feel like summer after the bitter cold of this week.
Stay warm,

Magpie's Mumblings said...

Don't expect your comeback to have a lasting effect because kids can always come up with something new! I'm with you though - which corner is hiding spring?

crystal said...

Aw, c'mon! 90 degrees? How about a compromise - say about 75 degrees!
;-) xo

Hélène H said...

Hi Carol, Thanks for your visit and kind words on my blog, it is much appreciated.

Hope you're OK. Hugs.

Hélène from BJP

freebird said...

Good response. Kids keep your brain working though don't they?

Beedeebabee said...

If I find the corner spring is hiding behind...can we please trade? I'll take another winter and you can have my spring...and summer too!...I can't help it, Carol, I love the colder weather!...I loved your response by the way! xo Paulette :D

LissC said...

The ape is too cute! Yep, I think you stumped him with that response. LOL.

Thanks for posting, and yes I know the Tigers make me really sad. They are my favorite of the big cats, and it just breaks my heart that they are disappearing. The siberian tiger, my very fav, is down to around 300 I think.

Like you said, so many don't care about earth, but everything we do to get the word out helps. If everyone did just a little, it would add up to a whole lot.

Little Treasures said...

This was hilarious! In fact you may have found the perfect response - just stick to it!
This reminded me of a joke I loved as a kid (I still do):
A child asks his mother: "Mom, does God live in our bathroom?"
Mom says:" Why, no honey, why do you ask?"
The child says: "Well why is it every morning when I am in the bathroom Dad bangs on the door and yells 'Dear God - Are you still in there??!!"

I wish you the Happiest of Valentines!!!

brenco1 said...

Spring has been in Arkansas all week, but they are saying a cold snap it on its way next week. A few of my friends posted daffodils (sp) and violets blooming. We have been spotting robins. My prediction is we will get snow in March - it has happened before.

Teresa said...

I think you have found the corner... even though it only arrived here about 2 or 3 days ago! It actually isn't normal weather for us either (75ºF is not normal for March or April) and the evening was actually warmer than a lot of summer nights. But then, we always get some days like this around this time and then back to not so nice days...