Monday, February 7, 2011

Boys Wanna Be Men Wanna Be Boys

Doesn't look like a lot of snow, does it?  Well, it's been snowing every day and this just happens to be an area that the snow drifted OUT of.

For some reason the boys wanted to go out and play in the snow.  They got the idea that they were going to take the tractor and push snow into a larger pile and build an igloo.

I was in the kitchen when I heard
"kill the Caribou".
What the heck did THAT mean.
It meant that Ky was going to slay something.

But the "Caribou" proclaimed that he could not be taken and found his weapon.

So much for the igloo.

They want to be young men one moment and play like boys the next.

But they always accept the responsibilities of helping with work that needs to be done.

But they are still boys at heart!

Incidentally, Terry had a birthday recently. I went to the only best place in Elkhart Indiana to buy him the best cake in town.  They are not cheap, but worth EVERY cent and decorated beautifully.  I have never before seen a cake decorated with chocolate pine cones and pine needles.  White cake with custard filling.  The icing tasted like the whipped milnut frosting I used to make 30+ years ago. It was a nice day spent with good friends and family.


Lisa Criswell / Indigo's Beads said...

men do become boys and then back to men again. i love that about them. looks like they had a great time. looks like a tasty cake!!!

Anonymous said...

But I thought that men were ALWAYS boys inside! They never grow up really do they? (And that's a good thing imho.)

Camilla La Mer said...

Hi Carol!

What a beautiful cake! Sounds like you are celebrating the moments that truly matter in a lifetime. Your "boys" succeeded at making an igloo after all! Lucky for the Caribou...Stay warm. We are getting ready for a large storm tonight with 0 degree temperatures!


kaite said...

Happy Birthday Terry, don't eat it all by yourself.
and i love the waving from the igloo pic. hugz, k.

A Creative Dream... said...

LOL... kill the caribou... one I have yet to hear... yes, it is amazing how it goes back and forth, but isn't it lovely that it still can for them? Gorgeous cake... and Happy Birthday to Terry!

Lynn said...

this post reminds me of one of my favorite sayings:

Jump in a Puddle
Skip a little rope
Snuggle a puppy
Giggle at a joke
Life is for living as children well know,
Such pleasures we often forget as we grow.

Happy Birthday Terry! That cake is gorgeous. I love the way the lettering is done.

freebird said...

Men ARE boys! They may grow up and take on plenty of responsibility but then they want to come home and find someone who'll take care of them just like momma did. I'm glad the boys are able to have fun with the snow and the improvised ice weapons! Weapons - now that's a male thing for sure. Girls would be making angels.

The cake looks wonderful. So do you have that icing recipe still???

Little Treasures said...

Oh this is such a lovely post!
I totally agree with everything freebird above me said!! And the title goes hand in hand with that :)
Lovely pictures by the way and Happy birthday to Terry! The cake does look delicious!

Momma Bear said...

Don't let them grow up too fast!!
it seems to me your boys have the the right mix of lighthearted and get the job done. don't let them loose that!
it's when they start thinking "I'm a GROWNUP you must take me seriously" that they go wrong.
as for weapons I've seen boys make 'em out of barbie dolls , much to thier sisters dismay!
the cake sounds lovely, I'm sure it's a happy memory by now!)

mairedodd said...

happy birthday to terry! i had never seen pine needles or cones either - but i love it... we all need to let our guards down, have fun, be silly... glad the boys got to do that... of course, i also think about just good old nature and how boys have the urges to act in ways they might have 1000s of years ago...

Beedeebabee said...

Hi Carol! I can't agree with Freebird more. Boy, did she say it just perfectly!...I want to play in that great igloo, and have some of that yummy cake too! Happy Birthday to your dear Terry. :D Have a fun week! xo Paulette

crystal said...

Happy Birthday Terry! :-)
Wow, what a wonderful cake! I'll bet it's gone by now - boys/men love to eat, too. ;-)

Great snow pix, Carol. Those boys sure are handsome!

Kristen said...

Happy Birthday Terri! That cakes looks delish! I love seeing boys be boys!