Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Are You Resolute?

I was thinking about the things that I listed that I wanted to do this year.  Actually, I really did do most of them.  Just not in a big way. Not in an accomplished way.  Not in a satisfying way.

So, I started to really think about why that was.  The first thought that popped in my head was that I didn't make enough time.

Make time? You can't MAKE time.  There are only 24 hours in the day and no matter what you do, or how smart you are, its impossible to put more than 24 hours in one day.

Do you read "Notes from the Voodoo Cafe"? Well, even if you don't, and you think you need to MAKE Time, read just this one post that I gave you the link to. Rice is an author and so much more. She starts this post off with this sentence: "To make more creative time and space, you're going to have to give up something."

That first sentence just stood right up and talked to me.  MAKE time? Impossible. Rearrange priorities, yes. Give up time spent on something not so important and redirect that time to what I want to be doing.  Yes.  Difficult maybe.  But possible.  Break old habits.

Rediscover the importance of me. That is my goal for the year.

Five people live here now.  It cramps the space, thats for sure. But boys CAN pick up after themselves.  They can do dishes.  They can do laundry. They really do know how to vacuum and clean the bathroom and wash mirrors and be sure the mutts are fed and watered.  They can even cook or at the very least, start supper.

Huge revelation...I am not all things to everyone, and I can say that with NO GUILT.  And I pushed my funky mood right out the door.. Gone for Good and Good for me!!

My goal is in place for the year.  I have already started delegating and reclaiming time. 

My January BJP is in the works.  I have a couple other projects I have wanted to try.  I do have to de-clutter my room a bit, but I have been working on that too.

I am resolute but without Resolutions.
I am liberated. 


Unknown said...

Oh Goodie you did it. I knew you had it in you to delegate. I am not sure if I do yet but I think I might try.

mairedodd said...

this is beautiful, empowering and as you say, liberating... yes, my kids can do some things too... have to work on that one... 'resolute without resolutions' - LOVE that... thank you, carol... i will go to bed thinking on this...

kaiteM said...

good for you, happy new year cheers, kaite

Unknown said...

Wonderful post and Good For You!! Yay! Although we are in different spots concerning who does what chores etc... you saying 'resolute without resolutions' really resonated.
Thank you for the food for thought... it really adds to what I've been dwelling on lately.
Best wishes for a fantastic New Year of creating!

robin michelle said...

Congratulations! I think there's going to be some great bjp's coming from you next year! I hadn't seen the "Notes from the Voodoo Cafe" blog before. Now that's one more blog I've added to my reader when I was trying to cut down! Oh well it looks good. . .

Anonymous said...

An inspiring post. I sometimes wonder what it would be like if we really could time travel - I reckon people would buy chunks of time to do the things they need to. Then I imagine people walking around looking tired out. We can only do so much - we have to choose.

I hope you have a wonderful 2011, full of creativity and satisfying accomplishments.

Cindy Caraway said...

Way to go, Carol! 2011 will be a banner year for you, I know! Congrats on discovering the meaning of "delegate" :)

bbdyevr said...

I LOVE this!
Good for you & I am cheering for all the way!

Debi W.

crystal said...

Reading this wonderful post has me thinking you gave yourself the ultimate gift this Christmas.

Yay for you!!!