Wednesday, November 3, 2010

The Cheesiest

I admit it. 
When I come home from work, I am looking for the quick way out when it comes to supper.  Life is pretty hectic in my home at night until about 8 o'clock.  Each boy is involved in a different activity and are usually going in different directions.  They pretty much depend on us to be sure they get where they need to be when they need to be there.  About once a week I depend on good old Kraft to help me get food on the table quickly.  Its good and its inexpensive if you pick it up on sale.

The other night horror of horrors, I only had one box.  Somehow I have an adversion to running to the store to pick up some last minute needed item so that was not an option.

I always have a large variety of pasta in the pantry, especially now since its about the only thing I can comfortably eat with any substance.  Yep, I had a box of macaroni.  My refrigerator is ALWAYS stocked with a variety of cheese.  I had the ingredients for homemade mac and cheese.  I am embarassed to say that I haven't made it from scratch in years. (I rarely use a recipe, so don't ask).

The kids came in for wrestling practice.  "What's for supper".  Chicken and Macaroni.  No reaction.  THEN they came in to check it out.  Whats that?  Homemade Mac and Cheese.  O.  THEN they took a taste from their plates.  WOW!  This is great!!  I LOVE this stuff!  It was a huge hit. 

I get lots of great compliments on my cooking.  I come from a long line of Polish fantastic cooks.  I don't brag, I'm just proud of my skill (though, I don't like to bake).

So, 3 boxes of Kraft on sale...$1.50. 1 box macaroni and 12oz cheese about $3.  Family's Reaction ....PRICELESS.


A Creative Dream... said...

I LOVE a good old fashioned, homemade mac and cheese... Sadly, my Little One doesn't... and since it's just me and her most nights, and since it is impossible to make mac & cheese for one... it's a rare thing at my house. Glad yours loved it though!

mairedodd said...

that is so funny you tell this story - i have been dying to get away from the boxes (which we so often use)... i will confess that i am a frustrated cook - our family is split half vegetarian, half not... so it isn't always easy... and being one of the vegetarians, i don't always like handling meat -
anyway - your mac n cheese and chicken sounds great! glad the boys got to experience what a great cook their grandmother is!

Lisa Criswell / Indigo's Beads said...

oh, i hear you on the activity thing! we've got either football or soccer going on almost every night of the week plus saturday mornings. making a good dinner has become all but impossible. by the time we all get home it's sooo late! home made mac and cheese sounds good to me, although my husband has an aversion to cheese stemming from velveeta sandwiches when he was a kid. maybe i'll try it sometime and make him something else. i also get TONS of compliments on my thing i take pride in is cooking my family good meals. in the off seasons of course. lol isn't it great when they rave about dinner?

Lynn said...

Spiral Mac 'n Cheese - can't beat it! Have you ever tried mixing in a little salsa? It's so good!

When Claire was young, she would ask me every night when I tucked her in to bed "what's for dinner tomorrow?" I guess I'll take that as a compliment.....

Now that the girls are old enough to have boyfriends, I love to cook for them too! Nothing like a crowded dinner table to make for a good night :)

beadbabe49 said...

I still occasionally have the kraft version, but it doesn't agree with my tummy these days, so I've re-learned how to make a white sauce, add cheese, mac and a bit of ham and my tummy is happy.
(but we only have 2 cats to herd, so that makes a big difference!)

Pretty Things said...

LOVE homemade mac and cheese. My stepsons are grown and they make one with jalapeno and gruyere -- they like to show off.

crystal said...

Mac and Cheese???

I'll be right over!!! ;-)

Take away the candy, the pie, and the cake - but leave the mac & cheese, PLEASE!

I have a feeling the boys will be requesting your homemade version from now on. :-) xo

robin michelle said...

Now I want homemade macaroni & cheese!

freebird said...

I don't make mac'n'cheese anymore. When I did I would only eat homemade but my husband occasionally wanted the cheap store brand stuff with only half the butter called for. It's too fatty of a meal for me because the only way my husband wants it is as an accompaniment to fried fish! When I grew up it was our Friday supper and 8 ounces of cheese served 8 people. We had salad, a baked potato, canned veggie and bread to round it out. Not so fatty then.