Sunday, November 21, 2010

Another Blue Moon

Did you know that the moon tonight is considered a Blue Moon?  Some quirky thing with the blue moon rule.  If you are interested to know, please google.  I had a link to the yahoo story, but someone got a dangerous site notice so I removed it.

I have been doing a little reflecting on certain things.  It seems like only yesterday that we were discussing the New Years Eve 2009 Blue Moon and what some of us felt about it falling at the end/beginning of a year.

I felt sure that 2011 was going to be a good year.  Looking back, it was an excellent year.  It has brought prosperity regarding the things most important to me. This is in no order of importance.

Corey's attitude about school has turned around 100%.  He is focused on his grades and talking about college.  I don't know how much of it can be attributed to wrestling, but we no longer have discussions about why school is important.  One stress off my plate! ~lol~

Terry had a mini stroke.  We found out he has high blood pressure, which we didn't know. If it hadn't happened, who knows.  Even though he decided to step down from mgmt for less pay, he is far happier at work now.  Today when he took his BP, which we monitor every day, it is the FIRST time that he got a normal reading.  The FIRST time!! I am so grateful.  Why?  Can't put it into words.  I guess I feel we are dealing with the unknown.  The medical bills have given us quite a set back, but heck.  I guess we just won't be taking the Austrailian Vacation anytime soon.  He wants to go to the Amazon so I guess I'm off the hook on THAT one. ~lol~

We dealt with my teeth.  I am STILL dealing with THAT situation.  But its all good and will all work out.  And financially speaking, well, we did it while we were still working before we get seriously thinking about retirement.

Laurie found a job earlier this year and we are hoping that holds out.  Keeping fingers crossed that the RV show in KY is a big success this week.

We have had a very prosperous year.  Financially, not so much.

How do YOU measure prosperity?


Gloria said...

Hi Carol. Sounds like you've been thinking of this year. I don't blame you, the year is almost over. I think to me being prosperous first of all means being healthy and happy and then perhaps accomplishments that have come to be through our hard work and planning.
In case I don't read you before Thursday, Happy Thanksgiving and take care.

robin michelle said...

I like the way you say you had a prosperous but not financially. You have a wonderful perspective on what's important in life!

Anonymous said...

It has been eventful for you hasn't it. Hope the teeth situation gets better. Still on ice cream and soup?

I had a great year too - in terms of travel and new things. I went and did the Abel Tasman walk, went to Kaikoura and swam with dolphins, went to Sydney - twice! Visited Adelaide. I can't believe I fitted all this in the same year!

Also I've learned lots of new craft skills: wet felting, dry felting, cross stitch and applique, plus I'm learning how to actually use my sewing machine!!

For all of it I am very Thankful. But most of all - that Christchurch survived the quake and no one killed - that was truly a blessing.

Plays with Needles said... an abundance of love. It sounds corny but I think that's what everything boils down to...

So glad that Corey likes school and that Terry has normal blood pressure. A good year indeed. And I too, like the way you said you had a prosperous year but not financially. You're the best.

P.S. I guess I better run and sign up for the bjp...I think I'd like to try again...

Kristen said...

Hey any year you can still break somewhat even and have your loved ones around is a good one! Now it is my hubby's turn to deal with teeth issues which as you know all too well never comes at a good time. LOL but as long as we are all together it is the best! Thanks for being a friend that is also another good thing for this year!


freebird said...

Great post. (It's not 2011 yet though, lol). There are certainly things worth more than money for sure. Health is really key to just about everything. Glad your husband was able to make the switch so he can live better now. Your mouth will heal; it just may take more time than they told you. (My eye surgery didn't go so well as they said either). Glad your grandson has quit fighting school. My son fought it till he decided to join the navy's nuke program in his senior year!