Wednesday, October 6, 2010

The Day After!!

This is about how my smile looks today....HUGE.

They may be temporary, but they are prettier teeth than I ever had.  I always had trouble with my teeth.  When I was young, my baby teeth wouldn't come out when the permanent ones came in so I had 8 front teeth all at once. My mother used to tell me not to smile and show my big horsey teeth.  Somehow, that stuck with me all my life.

I never saw a dentist till I got my own job at 16.  It was the first thing I did and had to have 2 teeth removed.  That set my resolve to take care of my teeth properly.

So, today is the day after losing all my teeth.  I have temporary plates that I will keep for 8 weeks then get fitted for permanent ones.  I can tell you, that I am glad I have temps because I don't think I could stand to feel the wounds and stitches.

Thanks to everyone that sent me well wishes and healing energy.  Let me tell you I sucked in ALL in and was grateful to have it.  I really knew I would be OK when Hawk flew next to the car for several hundred feet on the way to surgery. It always lifts my spirits to see Hawk.

So, I came and slept most of the night.  Terry bought me pudding to us to swallow my pills. 
I kept gauge in my know why. (I had some bone removed too, so the lower plate could sit correctly)

This morning I went to the dentist to be shown how to remove and replace my teeth, to learn how to care for them and to have a slight adjustment.

Its all going well.  Better than I thought.  I think I'll have to learn how to talk again.  A couple of things I found out is that:

Terry is pretty good at Charades and so is Corey.  They were pretty funny trying to figure out what I was saying last night with a mouth full of gauge.

Laurie does not play the game well and had me laughing so hard I was worried I'd choke on the teeth.

My dogs under stand sign language VERY well.

Jack is my biggest baby and has stayed close to me since I came home.

Don't worry if you have to go through this.  Select a good dentist you trust and surgeon and it will be OK.

Lots of love to all my well wishers.  It really did mean a lot to know you thought of me.


BSOTF said...

I'm glad to know that things went so good for you! Thanks for sharing your journey through this life trail. I know as soon as possible I too will be going through this as well. So you put me at ease on when it is time to cross this bridge.

mairedodd said...

ok - you got through it... and well it sounds... you were on my mind all day yesterday... get rest and heal... i am glad you have wonderful people around you...

Momma Bear said...

congratulations for getting through the first part!
I was pulling for you!
cool about the hawk! how is it the animals seem to know when we need them?
next stop roboteeth!
we can build them stronger, better than they were before...

beadbabe49 said... glad to hear all went well!

Lisa Criswell / Indigo's Beads said...

carol, i'm so glad that it went well! i hope with your new teeth you smile til your face hurts. hugs to you!

crystal said...

So good to know you are doing just fine!

Put your feet up, pull out the bead books, and just enjoy some "you"-time! :-)


kaite said...

oh well done, you've been thru a lot with your teeth but the story is now finally resolving. Like your new haircut too! :)

Jan said...

I'm very glad for you that it is going well and hope this trend continues. In the end I'm sure you will be glad you went through it all.

flyingbeader said...

Hurrah....can't wait until we see your real smile. Both my parents & a friend had this is not a I'm surprised you are able to post. Keep up the sign language...tell Terry you want a chocolate milkshake! Now how would you do that???


Whytefeather said...

Carol... I meant to leave a comment and noticed that I didn't. I just wanted you to know I was thinking of you and wishing well... so glad you have so many people caring about you.

So glad the whole procedure went well and that you are happy with your new (if temporary) teeth.

Anonymous said...

I've been away - and did not know you were going though this. What a bold step. I'm glad you are through the worst part. So now it's ice cream all the way!? Sending love and light xxx

Kristen said...

You did it!!! So proud of you! I am send healing thoughts!

Elizabeth said...

wELL YOU ARE ONE AMAZING WOMAN, MS CAROL!!! You came thru that ordeal in amazing style and gauze filled grace- bravo for you!! Isn't it amazing how our whole lives can be impacted by horrible commentsw by our Mother's - been there as well. you don't seem to ahve let it slow you down tho! How very generous to reach out to all of us to share your experiences. I am so very sure that you ahve helped us all in so many ways!!!
Continued good rest and recovery and a big celebration to well come your new pearly whites..
Thank you so very much for the wonderfully supportive comments that you leave on my blog!!
Big Hugs!

robin michelle said...

So glad you're doing ok! Keep resting and be as nice to yourself as possible - you deserve it!

a2susan said...

Thank you for updating us. I've been hoping everything went okay and am glad to hear that it did.

Beedeebabee said...

Oh you poor dear! You're very brave, Carol, and I'm so glad you're doing okay after all that! Many hugs and wishes for a speedy recovery! :) Paulette

Lovella ♥ said...

It's Lovella here from Mennonite Girls Can Cook. .thank you for visiting us. I am smiling that you are still visiting cooking blogs. . .good for you ..May you heal really quick. . .and in the meantime ..enjoy the pudding.

OH word verification is eatic. .almost like eat it! :)

Anonymous said...

Dave always takes his teeth out before eating. Why? Cause he says with the teeth, he can't really taste anything. Hope you adjust well. Maybe if food tastes funny, you will lose any extra unwanted pounds like he


Pursuing Art... said...

Oh, Carol...I'm so sorry that you were facing getting through this (I would be so scared too), but I'm so relieved to know that everything went well and that the worst is behind you now!

Happy to hear that Hawk flew by and that the whole family was there for you while you were recovering. It's great that the temps are prettier than you expected, wait until you get your new pearly whites...they are going to be just beautiful!

Hope all is healing well and that you are feeling good now! And I hope that you treated yourself to a Hershey Chocolate deserve it. ~wink~ Keep on smiling!!!

Sending you a big heartfelt hug from me. ~Lisa

Lynn said...

Wow! What an adjustment this is going to be. But I'm sure that before you know it, it will become second nature.

How cool was that hawk! I love that you recognize signs and symbols. It is what gets me through the days, and yet some people are oblivious.

Take yesterday for example, I was going over to the county clerk to record a document for work (close enough to the office to walk) and I came across two young men who needed help in finding where they were supposed to be to take a driving test. I pointed them in the right direction and continued on my way. Once I got to the clerk's office, I remembered they were closed for Election Day. Rather than be annoyed with my stupidity, I saw it as my needing to be there to help someone find their way.

Attitude (and timing) is everything!

Keep smiling :)