Monday, September 20, 2010

Whats Going On Here......

This morning, my friend Crissy blogged about never getting everything done she wanted to.
But really, it was about being grateful for accomplishing SOME things and realizing the hidden value of your accomplishment.  Maybe you didn't get the garage cleaned, but you visited your parents and THAT was more important than your original plan.

The older I get, the less I get done, both at home and work.  I just don't have the hustle that I used to.  And that's OK.  I have come to realize what the important things really are in my life.  Maybe the end tables in my living room get a little cluttered.  Maybe I go to bed with a couple of last minute dishes left in the sink.  But I always find time to listen to Ky's toooo loooong stories with patience and interest.  I always find time to help with homework, or to listen to a rehash of what happened at the gym. What Corey's World Civic  teacher has to say about evolution vs creationism and to discuss the Big Bang theory so he can get BOTH sides of the story.

In my opinion, life is about trade offs.  When I accepted Terry's marriage proposal oh so many years ago I thought we would never be money rich.  But I knew he loved me more that any other man on this earth EVER would or could. 

I work at a job I really do like.  The money is ok...actually pretty good.  I know I could probably make more somewhere else.  But this job gives me the opportunity to be other places when I need to be.  They are totally in agreement that family comes first.  I don't mind staying late when I need to. Choices and trades are silently made on both sides.  A mutual trust so to speak.  A trade.

I find this in many areas of my life.  It works for me.  Its how I justify choices I have made.

In the past, I have looked at this blog as a place to offer a view to the artful things I do and to my time spent around the garden and my bird friends.  But my blog friend June made me realize with her post this morning that there is so much more to me that I never talk about.  So, in the future, well, you just don't know what you are going to find here or what I'll be talking about.

If you take the time to read, please leave a comment.  I love them and I'd love to know what your opinions are too.

Have a great day.  And remember to find inspiration today to be a better person.


A Creative Dream... said...

I'm with you Carol... that's why I asked the question this morning. I think it is important to look at who we are, and what glasses we look at ourselves through. I know I am tired of the times I see myself through my mother's eyes, and am working hard at leaning my own definitions of myself. Maybe we are just at a point in our lives where we are lucky enough to realize what we consider important is what counts. And, we are very lucky to have a wonderful batch of bloggers who are great to bounce ideas and thought off of... I'm pretty glad we have each other!

NEDbeads said...

Carol, This was a fantastic and touching post. It made my morning, and reminded me to be grateful for all the things in my life, and my choices as well. It was a wonderful way to wake up. Thank you so much for sharing yourself with us this way!!!!

Kristen said...

That is hitting the nail right on the head! I love this post and how you talk about trade offs! Being Stay at Home has it's own trade offs but my Family always comes first! Oh and I have been married forever too!

This time I hit the follow button!!!!


Crystal said...

Such wise words, Carol!

As you say, recognizing the "trade-offs" that enrich our lives and those of our loved ones *should* be our main concern.

Isn't it wonderful (and a little amazing) that through our blogs, we get support and encouragement to remind us where to place the focus for the greatest sense of fulfillment.

Love ya!

Crystal :-)

Plays with Needles said...

I have always thought that you are one of the most insightful people I know. And I KNOW you are a good writer because your comments are beautifully written.

I am BEYOND excited that the daily voice that shows up in comments on my going to live here and share her wisdom with us.

You are a wise soul and I look forward to hearing what you have to say and learning. Yay.

xo Susan

beadbabe49 said...

Glad to hear anything you have to say...I'm noticing our blogs are reflecting more and more of who we are, not simply what we do and I think they're richer because of it.

a2susan said...

Yes, I like the idea of reflecting and writing on who we are, not what we do or what we've done. When I was fired from a job years ago, a job that I thought was my identity, I learned through much pain that what I did was not who I was. It was such a release...

Thanks Carol for this great post.


Whytefeather said...

Great post, couldn't agree with you more!!

I look forward to seeing/reading more of you here :)

Anonymous said...

Oooh I'm intrigued now about the direction your blog is going to head off in! I must admit I started out with one idea for my blog and now - as you know - I blog about anything that takes my fancy. I suppose it is anything I think might be of interest to others.

We reveal ourselves in what we say about others, too. So any kind of blog is going to show who you are - that's the beauty of blogging!

Though I do love it when you show some of your lovely beadwork and art. Very inspiring.

I always feel like I don't have enough time - it is something I'm so fed up with feeling. And it's because I have so much I want to do (I think). Maybe I should ditch my 'To do' list!! lol!

bbdyevr said...

I am so looking forward to this fuller and richer blog experience...not that showing and discussing our art isn't's just that in discussing and discovering our lives (our selves) deeper and further...then our art will also reflect these discoveries and express our thoughts all the better.
It's a win/win step into the abyss!

Big Hugs for starting off on this "journey to find your inner Zen and to attain a higher level of Spirituality"
As you say in your profile!!
I believe I might just join you!

freebird said...

I love to see your art but admit I find more satisfaction in reading your posts about life. You tell a good story every time. Looking forward to more posts.

As for time and choices, I've been leaning towards de-cluttering in a very serious way. I want to rid myself of not only art stuff I don't use but everything. I've been looking at and their Tiny Houses and thinking how good it sounds to have only what I NEED rather than all this STUFF. It may be a passing phase but I wonder...

Cindy said...

Thanks for the peek into your psyche - These are things I might have guessed about you anyway... :)
Looking forward to finding out more!

Pursuing Art... said...

I think it is wonderful sharing different things and thoughts and I'm glad you are sharing, Carol! I always look forward to reading your posts and seeing what you are creating and/or sharing.

I couldn't agree more. It is being happy and grateful for the choices we make and having accomplished *some* of the things on our to-do list and accepting that there are only so many hours in a day. And trade off's...don't think we could live without them.

I hear you on not quite having the hustle that you used to ~smiling~... me either, but that's okay! I'm not in my 20's, 30's, or 40's anymore, lol! And I don't know what it is, but the older I get the faster the hours fly by in a's frustrating because there are SO many things I want to do! Time is SO precious... XOX

Lynn said...

A long time ago, I read an article about 'research' that shows people with terminal illnesses most always had regrets for not spending more time with their family. At the time I had 2 small children, and was travelling the country as a trainer for a computer company. I saw that as a message. I quit that job, started working part time at a firm that is literally within walking distance from my home and haven't looked back. I'm no slacker, mind you. I stay late when needed, etc., but I still keep my family first.