Tuesday, September 7, 2010

This Is How The Conversation Went.......

Hi Marie.  How are you?

Hi Dear.  I am doing pretty well. ( She looks me over, her eyes glancing at the top of my head).
Are you letting your hair go?

What do you mean?  Did I forget to comb it this morning? Or can you see my roots?  Or do you think I need a cut? (I have my hair pulled back into a wild uptail with bangs).

Well, no..  You know.  The front is one color and the back is different. I think the front is lighter.

O, that!  Well, you know me.  You NEVER know what color my hair will be.  Right now, I am lightening it because its hard to cover all that gray.  The back is a little darker because its older hair.  You know, the older we get, the hard it is for us to change.  Our hair is like that too.

Oh, I know what you mean.  I have been dying mine lighter too.

Well, I think lighter softens your face when you are older.  But you know, I saw a girl in Walmart the other day with purple streaks in her hair.  I think I might like that.  Do you think I'd look ok with purple streaks?

O, HAHAHAHAHAHA.  Carol!  You can't dye your hair PURPLE!!

Why not.  I dyed it dark red once.  It was when I worked in a factory.  My hair was so dark and the lights were so bad that the guys thought it was Navy.

Well, I came to see John.  My car has a scratch and I think I need to take it to Leroys so he can paint it.

O, Marie, John isn't here.  He's at lunch.  Don't know when he'll be back.  I can show you a picture of him though.

O, HAHAHAHAHAHA.  Yes, I know he's so busy.  Sometime I have to look at his picture if I want to see him!

Well, Marie.  You are pretty High Maintenance today.  You need your hair colored, you need your car painted.  What else do you need as long as you're out spending money?

O, HAHAHAHAHAH. Carol!!!  No, I don't need anything else today.  I'll just hang around for a bit to see if John comes back soon.

We give each other a genuine hug, and say goodbye.

I work as shop secretary in a local machine/die shop.  The owner's father started the business in the '40s.  Marie, his wife, was a school teacher who quit teaching to work in the office. When Marie's husband retired, their son, John, bought the business. (He had been the president for quite a while before that occurred.)  Marie is a 90 year old widow that only retired 10 years ago.  When I came, I job shared the front desk with her.  I worked in the mornings and she worked in the afternoons, until John and I developed the Shop Secretary position.

Marie is a dear person that I love.  She is one of the few people I know that I can be myself with.  I let my guard down with her.  We laugh together all the time.  I can almost see her son shaking his head as he over hears our conversations.  I wonder what he thinks.


Penny said...

What a lovely posting about friendship and sharing and most of all laughter!

robin michelle said...

That's a great conversation! She sounds like a fun person and pretty together for 90 years old. I'd definitely go with purple hair if I were you!

Jan said...

It's great to have friends you can be yourself with, I am fortunate to have some too. They laugh at my corny jokes and don't mention a thing about the cobwebs in the corner.

beadbabe49 said...

Your marie sounds a lot like my mom...still going strong at 90 and a wonderful person to talk to!

crystal said...

Oh Carol,
Great post!
Marie sounds wonderful. Your description of her gave me a clear picture of the bond that you two share.

You're both lucky. :-)


a2susan said...

John probably loves hearing your conversations and appreciates his wonderful mother and the "shop secretary" who laugh together.

freebird said...

You are so lucky to have a friend like this. And a spunky 90 year old at that. Boy, I sure hope I can be a spunky 90 year old. Maybe I'll dye my hair purple if I get to that age!

Anonymous said...

Heee hee heee!!!

I remember a similar convo when I used to dye my own hair. I hadn't noticed that it had literally gone purple (supposed to be dark brown). At that point I realised I needed help - and found myself a good hairdresser!!!

I think it's worth it as it does knock the years off you. I made a booboo with a nurse the other day, who had all grey hair. We were talking about the menopause and I assumed she'd been through it done and dusted. She said er nope - a few years yet. Oh cringe!! I hate doing that! ;o)

Beedeebabee said...

Carol, I betcha he thinks you two are just hysterical when he overhears what you're saying...I thought that little conversation was so funny! What a spunky, dear lady Marie sounds like. It's so nice that you share such a lovely friendship!
xo Paulette

Anonymous said...

And just when is the hair becoming purple? Lol I can see it...

Lovely story.


Marie S said...

Appearing soon...

LOL! Carol, I hope I am like that Marie when I get to be 90.
And she is still driving??? LOL!!

Pursuing Art... said...

What a great post!

You are so lucky and fortunate to have such a wonderful relationship with her, Carol. She sounds like she is a hoot and very spunky for 90! I bet her son is shaking his head and smiling...but I bet he loves every minute of it!!! ;-)