Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Don't Ask-Don't Tell**No! Not THAT One!!!

Nope! Not gonna get political here.
Whenever I hear the phrase "Don't Ask-Don't Tell" I snort just a little.
It always reminds me of my daughter's teen years.
She had her own version of DADT.
Like the time that she asked to swim in the neighbor's pool, two blocks over.
I asked a lot of questions, got all the right answers.  Later I found out that I just didn't ask the RIGHT questions and the situation wasn't exactly as I was LED to believe.  That was a turning point for me in our relationship.  That was when I realized that she wouldn't really lie to me but if I didn't ask it right, I wouldn't get the stuff I didn't want to know. LOL. Occasionally we get the opportunity to hear now what we didn't know then ~lol~. 

 Today she and her boys live with us. That has its good and bad points. She works long hours...5 x 12.  The boys usually look to Terry and I for permission, guidance, and support.  We also have the opportunity to teach them our values.  Even so, its a whole new world out there.  I am sure they have their own version of DADT.

Did your kids ever use DADT on you?


BSOTF said...

All kids do that to their parents or guardains. It's normal part of being a kid. I don't think that's going to change much. Yes, it's a different wolrd now a days. I'm thrilled that you get to spend time with your grandkids. It's importan to all of you! Keep up the good work! Your daughter is working hard & she's lucky to have you & your husband to help her too.

Beedeebabee said...

Carol, this is so funny! My oldest son was always the spunky one, and a bit of a clown. Yep, I guess he did have his own version of DADT! Like when I found out that when he was in high school, he and some of his football buddies climbed to the top of our town's water tower. OMG, I almost fainted dead away on the kitchen floor. I am one to ask a million questions, even now. "Where are you going? When will you be back? Who are you going with?", but I never even thought to ask, Will you be climbing the town water tower tonight? Thank goodness they didn't fall off...I swear my heart races just thinking about it! xo Paulette

ACreativeDreamer said...

Oh, I learned when she was about three that it was all about what I asked when it came to my Little One, still is... with the Big One, it wasn't as bad. Raising kids is always a mixed bag, heaven knows there are things I don't want to know... but I just hope that both of mine have learned that, when it really matters, they can tell me anything. After all, I am their biggest fan, and the one who is always going to support them, no matter what.

Crystal said...

Never mind if my kids used DADT... the first question is - did I use it on my parents! lol

I did, of course, and my kids surely inherited the gene from me. ;-)

It's probably nature's way of allowing kids to stretch their wings a bit (hopefully not TOO much!!!) without having their parents in need of oxygen on a regular basis.

Unknown said...

Good grief, YES! It always drove me crazy trying to figure out what questions to ask to get the answers I wanted to find out!
I know I did it to my parents too, Ha! Payback and all that :)

And yes, we hear about things now that we didn't know were going on then... sigh.

I made the comment to the husband last week after hearing the latest escapade from the youngest in his "living out on my own" life... you know, I'm pretty sure now I drove my parents batshit then. HAH.. his reply was "Really?! What ever gives you that idea?!" Lol!

Timaree said...

I used it! Did my kids? I don't think they needed too. I just didnt' think to ask the questions. I trusted they knew what they were doing and for the most part, they did. Did they always tell me things? No, not till years and years later like my son swinging across a ravine on a vine and deciding it wasn't safe enough to do a second time but another kid did and broke his neck (he turned out okay). Another time he went into a WWII bomb shelter (in Japan) which was condemned. I am so glad I didn't know about these things then. I thought he was much too timid to try these things. My daughter snuck out of the house with her cousin one night but came home not liking what her cousing was up to (they were 13 at the time) and that was it for her except for letting me know she used to drive the ten miles on Minnesota back roads to work reading a book the whole way. Wouldn't be such a big deal but those roads had big ditches on either side.

mairedodd said...

i lived with my parent and 3 kids for about 10 years... it was a trying time for all - but i wouldn't have traded it for anything... my kids love my parents so much... hmm, dadt seems to run along the lines of your daughter's def... esp with my 14 yr. old son.. he and i are working on it, but aren't we all?

GlorV1 said...

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Lynn said...

Of course! And I used it too!!