Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Do You List?

Stoneweaver commented on my last post that she also feels like she doesn't get enough done so maybe she should get rid of her To Do List.

That got me thinking about lists.  We all keep a list whether is written or mental. For me, if I relyed on a mental list I would never remember all that is on it.

I am diligent about keeping a list at work.  Not so much at home.  I keep a running list at home of items that need to be bought on the next trip to the store.  If you need it and its not on the list...to bad.
When I go to the store, I also scan the ad and list anything that is on sale.

If I am planning a holiday dinner, I always have a list of the menu, with a list next to it of ingredients I need to buy.

When we travel, I always make a list of what I want to take and check each item off when it gets packed.
Same goes with sporting events.  Many times we have gotten where we wanted to be, only to return home for a forgotten item.

I used to keep a Honey Do list for Terry but we don't do that anymore.  Since he began doing maintenance at a large apartment complex, it was pretty cruel to give him more work orders ~lol~.

I HAVE to have a list of kid activities, otherwise I would never know where I am driving next. Since I am great at multi-taxing, I try to combine errands into trips to sporting practice etc.  I understand pretty well why I eagerly anticipate Corey getting a driver's license!

Personally, I would be happy if I could just remember to carry my cell phone.  God only knows where it is right now. ~lol~

So, tell me.  Do you keep written lists, or do rely on your memory?


A Creative Dream... said...

You know... I don't list anymore (other than the grocery list), and I'll explain why... I made lists that were far too long to finish on any given day, and then, when I didn't get them finished, I'd feel as though I had failed. Instead, at the end of the day I take a second and go over the things I accomplished during the day. What I find is that, without the pressure I put on myself to finish my list, I am getting a whole lot more done, and feeling awfully darned successful at what I do get done.

bbdyevr said...

Lists? Well, I guess it all started when I was a kid and my parents worked at Marshall Field's all day. My mother was a real "white glove" clean freak. She would leave a list starting with "Good Morning!", then about 7 or 8 items to have done by the time they returned...12 hours later.
I keep a list now for groceries and most of the other things you wrote, but I, too have stopped with the pressure of having to get everything crossed off to feel I have accomplished something. The "Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval "people aren't coming to check out my house today...and even if they were...
phooey on them if they can't lighten up and realize what is really important!

beadbabe49 said...

memory? what memory? without lists I'd never have any food in the house, I'm miss all my doc appts., and I'd never see my friends...so yup...I write it all down so I know where I'm going and what I'm doing each day, lol!

freebird said...

I keep a grocery list going and sometimes I'll start lists of art supplies or things I want to accomplish but then I lose those lists. I know I should put them in a journal which shouldn't get lost but haven't remembered to do that yet. My husband has a checklist for when we travel but I don't. If I really forget something, I can go to a local store and pick up whatever it was as I travel with pretty basic stuff! Listing helps to set the items in my brain even if I do lose the list so it's worthwhile. I only get upset with myself once in a while for losing a list and never for not doing what is on them.

Crystal said...

I do both. I rely on lists for shopping and special "events" - such as parties, packing for travel, and the "seasonal chores" (like washing windows, etc).

I am not somebody who writes a *daily* to-do list. First, because I think it would drive me nuts to see in writing all that I didn't finish, and second, I figure the time I would spend making a daily list is time I could use to do something on said list - ya know? ;-)

Every now and then, when I feel as if there's a lot that has been *waiting* to get done, I will make a list with all sorts of things on it. I suppose you could just call it the main list. It's there to look at from time to time to jog my memory and see if there's anything I should/could be doing.

If I were to list smart, sweet people then you, Miss Carol, would be at the top! xo :-)

Anonymous said...

I think you probably guessed that I keep lists - about everything!

What I like - discovering an old crumpled list and ticking off loads of things :o)

What I hate - discovering an old crumpled list where nothing - and I mean no thing - has moved :o/

BTW thank you for your comment about my last post. You'll see I've taken the whole post down! I realised that if I started getting others on board I would feel 'obligated' to do it - and that is such a turn off. So I reckon I'll just do it in my own time. It is interesting how we repeat these automatic patterns - like this one with me setting myself up to fail. So thank you for your insightful post dear friend. :o)

(I still recommend the book though!)

robin michelle said...

I've always made lists but when I was younger I didn't need to carry them around with me. Just writing it down was enough to get me to remember. Now if I lose the list it's all over! I rely on my lists and electronic calendar reminders for everything!

BSOTF said...

No, I don't make list on things to do. I figured out long ago, it was just much easier to train the stuff to wait for me to get to it. Due to noone else was going to. Just remember that sooner or later you will get to what ever & gee, it will be there waiting for you to deal with it. So relax & enjoy the day. Get done what you can & don't sweat the rest. We have to have some fun in the day too.

Beedeebabee said...

I'm guilty of keeping lots of lists... they help me stay focused lots of the time! xo

Cindy said...

I am an avid list-maker! I start everyday with a to-do list, organized by importance, and check things off as I go through the day. If it doesn't get done today, it gets moved to tomorrow. The only problem is that there are some things that have resided at the bottom of those lists everyday for MONTHS!
Also, if I don't have a list when I go grocery shopping, I wander around the store like a zombie because I can't for the life of me remember what to buy. :P

Anonymous said...

I used to remember everything down to the smallest detail. Now...if I remember what day it is I feel lucky. Haven't started a list yet. So afraid that I will become overwhelmed with what I am not accomplishing...lol


a2susan said...

When I traveled more, I would make a list of clothes and items. Then when I came home I would make a list of how often I wore or used something. I now pack very lightly, except that beads, which don't usually take up a lot of room, seem to weigh a lot!

Pursuing Art... said...

LOL! I am a list girl...always have been...work and home! When running errands...I do the circle to get more accomplished in one trip. Honey-do lists aren't very frequent anymore...they used to be though! ~wink~

Lynn said...

Definitely a list girl! But I can't tell you the amount of times I "look" at the list, but don't "see" it. Walk out of the store without sugar -- look at the list when I get home -- sure enough its there! I think I just need a personal assistant!