Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Are You A Magnet?

When the movie "Pretty Woman" came out, there was a line about how she called herself a "Bum Magnet".  That became our name for someone who shall remain nameless.

Terry tells me I'm a Weird magnet.  This is the kind of stuff that happens to me.

Terry and I were in line at Walmart.  I'm sure it was apparent that we were together.  The older gentleman in front of me in line turns to look at me and says "O my gosh, your Aura is the brightest most beautiful blue I have ever seen".  I'm a pretty friendly person so I smiled and asked if that was good.  He touched my arm, which I quickly pulled back, looked him straight in the eye and told him I didn't like to be touched by strangers. (I didn't look at Terry but I am sure he was at attention).  Anyway, he apoligized if he offended me.  He then proceeded to explain that he could read people and because of my Aura he wanted to feel my energy.  (Well yeah, I'm sure!)  Then he tells me that my Aura tells him that I am at peace with myself.  I have an inner serenity. (Hmmm, I'm thinkin he never saw my temper...yet).  Then he tells me that when he touched my arm he got a sense that I was a very giving person.  That I will work with anyone that goes at least part of the way, and that I am the kind of person that will take only so much before I would cut you down with only a look. (Do you think I gave him the "Look" and didn't know it?)  He then told me that he didn't know what my job is, but it is a position of  a lot of responsiblilty.  I told him I buy steel. He said that made sense (?) and that I have what it takes to barter a good deal.  I asked what he did...he sells houses.  He says he just has this knack of knowing about people.  I told him that actually, he did pretty well.  Then I asked what he knew about Terry.  He told me he couldn't read him very well, but he did know that when he gets made, his eyes turn black.  Even though science says that doesn't happen, Terry is one of the few people that it did.  Well, THAT was true.  Its something that our whole family talks about.

Sometime I'll tell you about some of he other "weirds" I have encountered.
Are you a magnet?
What do you attract?

Monday, September 27, 2010

Love My Art Jewelry Blog

Here is a link to a new spot on the web
Its a collaborative effort of several artist.
Do you know Maire Dodd?
Well, if you love her art as much as I do, you will want to visit.
Go see because they are having a give a way to introduce the site.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Don't Ask-Don't Tell**No! Not THAT One!!!

Nope! Not gonna get political here.
Whenever I hear the phrase "Don't Ask-Don't Tell" I snort just a little.
It always reminds me of my daughter's teen years.
She had her own version of DADT.
Like the time that she asked to swim in the neighbor's pool, two blocks over.
I asked a lot of questions, got all the right answers.  Later I found out that I just didn't ask the RIGHT questions and the situation wasn't exactly as I was LED to believe.  That was a turning point for me in our relationship.  That was when I realized that she wouldn't really lie to me but if I didn't ask it right, I wouldn't get the stuff I didn't want to know. LOL. Occasionally we get the opportunity to hear now what we didn't know then ~lol~. 

 Today she and her boys live with us. That has its good and bad points. She works long hours...5 x 12.  The boys usually look to Terry and I for permission, guidance, and support.  We also have the opportunity to teach them our values.  Even so, its a whole new world out there.  I am sure they have their own version of DADT.

Did your kids ever use DADT on you?

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Do You List?

Stoneweaver commented on my last post that she also feels like she doesn't get enough done so maybe she should get rid of her To Do List.

That got me thinking about lists.  We all keep a list whether is written or mental. For me, if I relyed on a mental list I would never remember all that is on it.

I am diligent about keeping a list at work.  Not so much at home.  I keep a running list at home of items that need to be bought on the next trip to the store.  If you need it and its not on the bad.
When I go to the store, I also scan the ad and list anything that is on sale.

If I am planning a holiday dinner, I always have a list of the menu, with a list next to it of ingredients I need to buy.

When we travel, I always make a list of what I want to take and check each item off when it gets packed.
Same goes with sporting events.  Many times we have gotten where we wanted to be, only to return home for a forgotten item.

I used to keep a Honey Do list for Terry but we don't do that anymore.  Since he began doing maintenance at a large apartment complex, it was pretty cruel to give him more work orders ~lol~.

I HAVE to have a list of kid activities, otherwise I would never know where I am driving next. Since I am great at multi-taxing, I try to combine errands into trips to sporting practice etc.  I understand pretty well why I eagerly anticipate Corey getting a driver's license!

Personally, I would be happy if I could just remember to carry my cell phone.  God only knows where it is right now. ~lol~

So, tell me.  Do you keep written lists, or do rely on your memory?

Monday, September 20, 2010

Whats Going On Here......

This morning, my friend Crissy blogged about never getting everything done she wanted to.
But really, it was about being grateful for accomplishing SOME things and realizing the hidden value of your accomplishment.  Maybe you didn't get the garage cleaned, but you visited your parents and THAT was more important than your original plan.

The older I get, the less I get done, both at home and work.  I just don't have the hustle that I used to.  And that's OK.  I have come to realize what the important things really are in my life.  Maybe the end tables in my living room get a little cluttered.  Maybe I go to bed with a couple of last minute dishes left in the sink.  But I always find time to listen to Ky's toooo loooong stories with patience and interest.  I always find time to help with homework, or to listen to a rehash of what happened at the gym. What Corey's World Civic  teacher has to say about evolution vs creationism and to discuss the Big Bang theory so he can get BOTH sides of the story.

In my opinion, life is about trade offs.  When I accepted Terry's marriage proposal oh so many years ago I thought we would never be money rich.  But I knew he loved me more that any other man on this earth EVER would or could. 

I work at a job I really do like.  The money is ok...actually pretty good.  I know I could probably make more somewhere else.  But this job gives me the opportunity to be other places when I need to be.  They are totally in agreement that family comes first.  I don't mind staying late when I need to. Choices and trades are silently made on both sides.  A mutual trust so to speak.  A trade.

I find this in many areas of my life.  It works for me.  Its how I justify choices I have made.

In the past, I have looked at this blog as a place to offer a view to the artful things I do and to my time spent around the garden and my bird friends.  But my blog friend June made me realize with her post this morning that there is so much more to me that I never talk about.  So, in the future, well, you just don't know what you are going to find here or what I'll be talking about.

If you take the time to read, please leave a comment.  I love them and I'd love to know what your opinions are too.

Have a great day.  And remember to find inspiration today to be a better person.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

This Is How The Conversation Went.......

Hi Marie.  How are you?

Hi Dear.  I am doing pretty well. ( She looks me over, her eyes glancing at the top of my head).
Are you letting your hair go?

What do you mean?  Did I forget to comb it this morning? Or can you see my roots?  Or do you think I need a cut? (I have my hair pulled back into a wild uptail with bangs).

Well, no..  You know.  The front is one color and the back is different. I think the front is lighter.

O, that!  Well, you know me.  You NEVER know what color my hair will be.  Right now, I am lightening it because its hard to cover all that gray.  The back is a little darker because its older hair.  You know, the older we get, the hard it is for us to change.  Our hair is like that too.

Oh, I know what you mean.  I have been dying mine lighter too.

Well, I think lighter softens your face when you are older.  But you know, I saw a girl in Walmart the other day with purple streaks in her hair.  I think I might like that.  Do you think I'd look ok with purple streaks?

O, HAHAHAHAHAHA.  Carol!  You can't dye your hair PURPLE!!

Why not.  I dyed it dark red once.  It was when I worked in a factory.  My hair was so dark and the lights were so bad that the guys thought it was Navy.

Well, I came to see John.  My car has a scratch and I think I need to take it to Leroys so he can paint it.

O, Marie, John isn't here.  He's at lunch.  Don't know when he'll be back.  I can show you a picture of him though.

O, HAHAHAHAHAHA.  Yes, I know he's so busy.  Sometime I have to look at his picture if I want to see him!

Well, Marie.  You are pretty High Maintenance today.  You need your hair colored, you need your car painted.  What else do you need as long as you're out spending money?

O, HAHAHAHAHAH. Carol!!!  No, I don't need anything else today.  I'll just hang around for a bit to see if John comes back soon.

We give each other a genuine hug, and say goodbye.

I work as shop secretary in a local machine/die shop.  The owner's father started the business in the '40s.  Marie, his wife, was a school teacher who quit teaching to work in the office. When Marie's husband retired, their son, John, bought the business. (He had been the president for quite a while before that occurred.)  Marie is a 90 year old widow that only retired 10 years ago.  When I came, I job shared the front desk with her.  I worked in the mornings and she worked in the afternoons, until John and I developed the Shop Secretary position.

Marie is a dear person that I love.  She is one of the few people I know that I can be myself with.  I let my guard down with her.  We laugh together all the time.  I can almost see her son shaking his head as he over hears our conversations.  I wonder what he thinks.