Wednesday, August 11, 2010

What Will My Legacy Be

When I look like this, will anyone remember that I did needlework?

On Tuesdays, my friend Lynn posts about Tuscarora beading.

This morning when I read her post, it got me to thinking about handwork that has been done and passed down over the years.  Beading, needleart, patchwork.  Some pieces have been saved for hundreds of years.

I have some of my mother's embroidered  and crocheted pieces. I have my grandmother's crocheted doilies.

Will anyone see the value of my work and want to save it and keep it safe?  Will they even admire it?

It saddens me that my daughter has no interest at all to learn how to do the needlearts.  I am more than willing to teach her.  She didn't have any interest when she was small either.

How will I be remembered
When I am gone from this earth
Will they think of me with love
Will they know how much I loved this earth
Will they speak of my garden, birds, squirrels and frogs
When they talk about me.
Will they recount that I was bold and out-spoken
But could be gentle and kind too.
Will they know that I will be here in spirit
To always hear what they say?


ACreativeDreamer said...

I used to ponder this question all the time... and then a friend of mine and I had a conversation one day. I said something to him about how I wondered if I left any mark with what I do. He reminded me that, over the years, I had designed hundreds of needlepoint Christmas ornaments for people all over the world, I even designed one for the White House Christmas Tree. And every year, when those people put the treasured ornaments on their trees, the designer may not be recalled, but if it hadn't been for that design created, those people wouldn't have the memories attached to that ornament.

I hadn't thought of it that way, but how good it made me feel for him to say those things.

I am lucky, my Little One started playing in my threads very early, and she had her own work going before she was even in kindergarten. She's a very accomplished stitcher and creator of things. My Big One is an artist as well, and even my Bonus One loves all things creative, so I am pretty sure things I create are safe for at least the next generation.

But, you know, after years of pondering whether or not others will see the value in what I create,I finally came to realize that even if they don't, creating is part of my life process. I think it is how my soul celebrates life, and whether those things carry on to the future or then end two minutes after they are created, it really is about the process. Think about all of the amazing mandalas created buy the Buddhist monks, that are then swept up and given to a stream to be carried away... the work to create the beauty was a meditation and connection to the Source, and the beauty was only temporary... but isn't that the lesson it is meant to teach?

Crystal said...

It's hard to follow the comment from A Creative Dream. Her words are so wise.

Sweet Carol,
I know one thing... Everyone who has been fortunate enough to have the gift of your friendship will remember you. Your words of encouragement, your generosity, and your priceless sense of humor all blend to add richness to the lives of those you touch.

Those people then go on to use that richness to affect the lives of those they meet and those they love. Your influence goes on and on....

You have said your work helps you to discover yourself. Don't be sad if the physical work itself is lost someday.... the inspiration and love that channeled through you to your friends and family is more than enough value to expect from your art.

Much love,
Crystal xoxo

robin michelle said...

I like the comment from A Creative Dream. I'd agree the creating is the process and in the end it only matters that we did it. On the other hand it's nice to think someone will want to carry on! I'm lucky because my daughter does embroidery & beading. Sewing & cooking are things she has no interest in though. I have a lot of old cookbooks and recipes from my mother & grandmothers and I wonder sometimes if anyone will want those or they'll just end up at a yard sale or in the trash. I don't know. . .

flyingbeader said...

Carol, I wonder too as I have no children & none of my nieces seem to care, but there is always time. Plus, I mainly give my things away when I've finished "loving" them, so I have a feeling that parts of me will be out there. I teach also, and seeing people's faces light up when they finally get something OR when they send me a picture of their final piece makes me feel that even if my physical work itself doesn't survive, then the actual spark of creativity will.

I also have pillow cases my Grandmother embroidered for my Mother & I have two quilts my Great Grandmother made for me. My Mother also said I can have her wedding quilt someday that my Great Grandmother & Aunts made. I'll save these & with the pictures of those wonderful creative women, I'll wait & find some off spring of my siblings that will love and care for these as much as I have. There will be someone someday who will be thrilled to have your work...heck, there are people now who would.

So be aware that posting your thoughts & ideas and pictures of your work, do go out & will live within the hearts of those who follow your blog and share this world with you.


Anonymous said...

We certainly will!! We have come to know you through your words and the pictures you post of your work.

Something to think about - incorporating your work into items that can be given as gifts - like a purse or on a bag. This way your art will go out into the world - and be treasured. It's partly why I do my jewellery making and goddess doll knitting - I give them to friends and they always have a little something of me.

betty-NZ said...

Maybe my mind runs in different directions than most, but I truly don't understand the need to have people that I might never meet think I'm a good person after I'm gone.

I think what we do NOW is much more important than being remembered.

I have had everything I own taken away from me twice, so I learned that 'things' are not as important as I once thought. Love is really all we have and all we need.

bbdyevr said...

Your art being posted on a blog & viewed by so many touches each of those people...
all in a different, personal way...making them THINK and connect to their own work/lives through your pieces and what they say. If you only gave one person advice, a shoulder to cry on, help across a street, a smile when they were down, a joke when they needed a lift, ...whatever "little" thing you may have done...they all the one who received it...and it meant a LOT to that person & helped them!

Yes! you will be loved and remembered!



Of course you will be remembered, if you want it to live on, I will give you my address for the inheritance. LOL

actually I have a daughter like your daughter and it had saddened me that she didn't have any simular interests. Not only that, but she has no desire to have any children for me to have that second chance with! I just hope that one day she says," Boy, I wished I had one of mom's quilts she made." By then I suppose it will be too late, as she will have sold them all at a yard sale, but who ever ends up with my works will say wow, I sure appreciate and admire the person that made this... even if they didn't know me.
When my granddaughter (my son's daughter) was 7, I showed her how to do a simple one patch. She sewed one side of the quilt and grandma made the other side so that it was reversable:) I just hope that the memories will last. Funny thing was she looked at her quilt and said to me, "grandma, I just need one more quilt!" Too cute! She will be 14 this next month and lives across the country and her interests have changed, but one day those memories will kick in. It remains in my heart and that's all that matters.

Sweetpea said...

Thanks for swinging by my path today. This is a wonderful post...ripe with good things to ponder. I too, have many of these hand worked lovelies from my grandmother...treasures all. I have the same hopes as you.

Beedeebabee said...

OMG, of course you'll be remembered!!!... and not only for your wonderful creations, Carol, but for the beautiful person you are, and how you love your family, and friends, and all the critters in your yard too! Crystal said it so perfectly! xoxo Paulette

Cindy Caraway said...

These are thoughts I have all the time. They have been on my mind alot lately as a classmate of my husband's died from a stroke this past week - she was 43 years young and her time came too quickly.

When I walk my dogs in the morning, I go through a beautiful cemetery near our house. My grandfather is buried there - he was an artist and a fabulous singer - I have always felt a connection to him in that way. Despite the fact that it is a very beautiful place - I want to be cremated and have my ashes scattered in the wind to be forgotten. No sarcophagus or lonely headstone for me (thank you very much!). My thoughts as I walk through the cemetery are much like "bettyl" - what I have done will not matter for much after I'm gone. We have so precious little time while we're here and should do the best we can with the time we're given. To leave this world with no regrets is my greatest wish!

Anonymous said...

You are young yet. You have grandchildren that will someday marry and have children. Maybe they will be girls and have the desire to share all your artistic endeavors. It is alot of fun sharing, but my grandchildren are getting older and Gammie isn't quite as interesting as she once was.

You shall live on!


Pursuing Art... said...

Ditto to all the comments above!

I have pondered the same thoughts many times.

You will be remembered!!!...loved and honored by all family and friends for your loving heart and generous soul! They will remember and cherish the pieces of art you created, they will remember your love of nature, they will remember the smiles, hugs and kisses, and the good times!!! XOX