Wednesday, July 21, 2010

BJP In Transition!

The BJP is in transition for me. 

First, I am not going to name them or even think of them as a "month" project.  I will think of them and refer to them numerically.  This is #4.

I recently decided that I wanted to get back to sewing and hand stitching. I long to mess with fibers again, mainly embroidery and crazy quilt.  Its been at least 20 years since I did that kind of needlework. Man am I rusty! But it feels SO good to use a needle and thread again.

So the transition is from a bead encrusted page to a smaller size more fiber thread work page.

So, here is the story.  The square is 3 x 3 white wool felt.  I used colored pencils to color the square then glazed it with textile medium.

The story:  This is a memory of a place at the beach in Michigan City Indiana where I was raised.  When I grew up there, it had not yet turned into a tourist town.  Not many people from Chicago had summer homes there. But (back in the 30's Al Capone owned a gated estate on the Lake Shore).  Anyway, from my early teens until I moved away when I was 19 I spent almost every summer day at the Lake. I love the water and the sun.

What I learned:  My embroidery skills are just so rusty.  But they are coming back.  I worked at keeping even stitches.  For the first time I used metallic thread in an effort to show the sun reflecting off the ripples in the lake. I love the look, but hate working with this thread.

I'm going to continue with this smaller size page.  I'm also going to continue to play with thread and beads for the rest of this year's pages. I'll be eager to see my stitching skills improve with each new page. I used to stitch really pretty embroidered pieces especially on clothes.

The picture is not that great, but this square is really pretty in person!!

Sunday, July 4, 2010

One Year Later

What was I blogging about a year ago?  Well, since I live for summer and working in the guessed it....our yard.  More specifically, our pond.

Terry and I have different ideas on how the landscape should look in the pond area. But, as in most cases, we put our heads together and just make it happen. Terry likes little "things" that decorate the area. Me, not so much.

Let me show you his pond chotch-chees. He has had his eye on this hippo for a LONG time. Yesterday the hippo found his new home. Doesn't he look happy!!

This is a solar powered bird bath that my sister gave us.  I know it seems silly to put it next to the pond, but we thought it would be safer in the back yard.  Just a couple of weeks ago, we were sitting by the pond watching baby house wrens leave their nest for the first time.  They would fly out and over to the bird bath.  We were scared they would fall in the water and not know how to get out.  It was the sweetest moment.  While we waited patiently to see how many chicks there were, one by one they flew out.  One of the birds on the bottom wanted out really badly and actually shoved the hestitater right out the door. We watched 5 babies try their wings that day.   
You know I love hawks.  Well, Terry does too, but he loves bald eagles more.  No, this isn't a real bird.  But let me tell you that Terry called me a week ago on his way to work.  He had actually seen a bald eagle fly in front of his truck headed in the direction of the river.  We have had some articles in the newspaper that there have been sightings of a bald eagle near the St. Joseph River.  Since we live two blocks from the river and near a bay, its believable that he did actually see one.  How cool is that!!
Let me also mention that THIS bird is sitting in the middle of one of my favorite flowers by the pond...Spider Wort.  I love it.  The flowers open in the sun and close in the evening.  It is a beautiful shade of purple and blooms all summer long.  And it SPREADS!!!       

Here is another new addition to the pond decor.  Terry found this clock at Hobby Lobby.  He had a good idea.  Usually when I am working near the pond, I have no clue what time it is except a wild guess based on the position of the sun.

Terry's Goldfish, Koi and Shibunkin.  You can't see any in this picture, but there are about a trazillion baby fish in the pond. They are all sizes and ages.  Terry spends a lot of time gazing at them and trying to figure out what bread they are.

This is a little spot by the fence where I removed the grass and planted a few new perennials. I was putting the grass in a bucket then taking it to the compost pile.  When I went to move to another area, I misplaced my claw hand rake.  I swore I didn't throw it out with the grass.

When Terry disappeared in the house, I had no idea why.  Here he came with metal detector and scrounged around until he found them.
Terry is my hero,  ALWAYS.

Just a couple more things.
The tree in the front yard next door has always and every year been home to litters of baby squirrels.  This is one of a four of the latest litter.  Its been great fun watching them run around and play.  This picture  is one of the babies helping to clean the maple tree whirlygigs out of the eaves of the garage.   Good Boy!!  And the last picture is of  some of my Black Eyed Susans.  They usually grow about 3 feet tall.  We have had so much rain, they are over my head.  Most of the other bushes have grown just as well and are higher than usual.
So, now you see why I am not posting beading, or sewing or any other project.   They are in the works, but not complete.  But they will be!