Wednesday, June 2, 2010

What You Should Do

I my best friend spent 3 days last weekend keeping nd company during his emergency stay in the hospital. He's OK.  You know me, always looking for the good in any situation.  In this case it was finding out that he has High Blood Pressure. So lucky that we found that out.      Anyway it gave me a lot of time to think about a lot of things.  Of course the life changing stuff and most of it was focussed on him.  But I had a lot of time to think  while he was sleeping or off somewhere getting another test,  my mind flew off in every direction. ( I had a hard time keeping his family away, but I did it.  He didn't need all that activity coming and going.)  

So, I have a couple of thoughts here that I want to share.
You can't possibly know the warning signs of every illness that can happen. 
Don't mess around.  If you think something is wrong, trust that inner voice and call an ambulance or if the hospital is really close like ours, just get there.

Find out your spouses family health history.  We had NO knowledge that EVERY brother and sister besides his father have Hi BP!!!  I can't believe we didn't know it. That was a VERY big part of Terry's diagnosis.  The first thing I did when we came home was to sit my daughter and grandsons down and explain what had happened and to tell them all what our family health history is on both my side and Terry's.  Something I never thought to relate before.  Double wammy for them.  High BP and Heart on one side and Cancer on the other!

If your health insurance requires you to go to a hospital in the network, know which options you have...right now.  I took him to the nearest hospital.  Network or not, that is where I wanted to go, the closest.  Then as the tests added up, a small part of me wondered if the EGH was in the network.  Luckily it is. But I should have looked into it when we got our new insurance cards. 

I wanted to say so much more here like telling you the warning signs of stroke.  But you probably know them.  Hopefully, you will never need to use the knowledge.  Just follow that little voice inside that tells you something is not right.

I LOVE you Terry.  I always knew it.  I just had a scare of how life without you would be and you are more dear to me than ever.  I swear that I will be more kind and tolerant as we grow even older together.   You are the Love and Light of my life.


Crystal said...

Sweet Carol,
So glad that everything is ok.

It's just like you to think of the rest of us by writing a post with such great advice. Thank you for that!

I know you'll be taking good care of Terry, but please take care of yourself, too.

Many Hugs for both of you,

Crystal xo

dochoamom said...

Oh Carol, Even though your text that day started and ended with "DON'T WORRY" you and Terry were in my constant thoughts all through that whole ordeal. My last thought before sleep and upon waking was how he was doing and how you were doing... If I could I would jump on a plane to be there for and with you. Luckily this was just a warning sign... some changes that need to be considered.

You and Terry are so fortunate to have each other and a marriage that has lasted with the bond that you two have. A very beautiful thing...

Glad he is home...

Love, Deb

Anonymous said...

Glad he's ok - what a scare!?

And you are right to 'spread the word' about BP as these things do run in families and knowledge is power. When my dad developed a heart rhythm problem, he mentioned it to my grandad who said 'Oh yeah - I've had that for years'. Now he tells him! My grandad has passed on now, but he lived to 93 (to the relief of my dad in more ways than one!) And also to the relief of my brother - and maybe even me.

freebird said...

Isn't it scary? All the men I know are falling apart. Those once strong young men now have some serious problems. Not only did my DH have a quadruple bypass 6 years ago but just had his kidney removed that had turned cancerous on him. Thankfully he only ignored a warning sign for 3 months. The thing is, who would expect a swollen testicle to be an indicator of kidney cancer and indeed, it's a rare one. His local VA doctor didn't have a clue and got him an appointment with a specialist but before that came along he ended up in the hospital with bloody urine he couldn't pass. We've had a wild trip, I can tell you but you've had your own and know how scary that is. I hope your husband stays okay. I'm sure that means changing his diet and taking meds. The guys don't mind the meds but changing what they eat is really, really hard. Good luck and take care of yourself too.

Whytefeather said...

Oh Carol, how scary that must have been! I'm glad to hear Terry is doing better and that it turned out to be something that is fairly easy to monitor and treat like HBP, although I know it's harder than it sounds.

My husband always thought I was the one we had to worry about because of family medical history, then a few years ago his Dad had a heart attack which surprised my DH... until I brought up the fact his paternal grandfather had heart problems too. I've always made sure the kids have known possible medical problems due to family history... you can never be too sure about your family's health.
Keeping you and Terry in my thoughts. Hugs.

Plays with Needles said...

You are such a very smart woman to take your experience and learn so much from it. And sharing the advice with all of us was very helpful. Blessings to both of you as you help each other stay healthy.

Beedeebabee said...

OMG, Thank goodness Terry is okay. Thank you for all your advice Carol. It's amazing how clearly what's important comes right into focus when we have such a scare. I loved the way you ended this's so sweet! xo Paulette

Lynn said...

Wow. Thank God. Frightening and eye-opening experience. Thanks for passing along those tips - they are important to know.

Big Hugs!

Valerie said...

Sorry to hear this...
My husband had a bleeding on his brain at the age of 30 and the sense of emergency can be pretty scary... afterwards ! because as long as you're in the middle of it...
I'm glad your man is back on his leg and enjoying his amazing wife.

One thought though : the health service should be free, be the result of any expense brainstorming.

get well, Terry