Wednesday, June 2, 2010

I Am Determined

I recently had a lot of time to think about just every part of my life.  As always, I used some of that time to focus on some the things I want to do, but never take the time.   Sometimes I think I am just plain lazy.  But then I realize that I just need to focus on my own needs more, and not feel guilty that I did.

Terry has RA which is a very fatiguing disease so he usually goes to bed early.  I am going to make a better effort to use that quiet time to focus on  what I call "my craft".

I was thinking about my friend Susan and wondering what she will focus on this summer. Visit her blog and on the side bar click on Summer Charm School. I can't believe its been a year since she started that project. Anyway, my point is that I was thinking how Susan found a way to focus some of her summer time on creating. I recently asked Susan's advice kind of, regarding an on line class I was thinking of taking by Susan Sorrel. Susan asked what I wanted to learn and I never answered that question...because I didn't know how to answer. Now I know that I didn't answer mostly because I don't think I actually want to learn something new.  I want to do what I know, and maybe practice at doing it better.

So the question is what part of what I know do I want to focus on.  An honest answer would be CQ and stitching.  I honestly think that I have about 90% of the CQ books currently in print and some that are retired.

So, I am going to borrow Susan's method, kind of, and focus on creating CQ.  I will select a book (I already have a good idea which one) and go from there.  I will be posting again on my gathering process later this week.

Thank you Susan.  You are a wonderful Cyber friend and an amazing needlework talent.  I can't tell you how much I value your friendship.


Jan said...

First of all, I'm not sure what CQ is. Charm Quilts? I don't know what your friend Susan's blog address is to be able to visit her blog.
Keeping focused on getting better at what you do best, or want to do best, seems like a good thing. I have trouble staying focused, I spend too much time looking at blogs and commenting, lol! I think you are headed in the right direction.

mairedodd said...

am so glad to hear that terry is ok... and it is so wonderful to read about that level of love and devotion between the two of you... it moves me... and gives me hope... ah, the what do i want to do question... and how do i guilt-free take the time for me? so glad you came around to what you love... for now, i have to consider my time spent as an equivalent of going to a therapist... i'm so glad i have such a great one!

Crystal said...

Great job on sifting through your feelings to figure out which craft process is calling your name at the present. That's the hardest part, I think, so you are well on your way to a summer project!

I love the look of crazy quilting (although I haven't really done much of it). I'm sure I'll be inspired by your project! :-)

Crystal xo

Anonymous said...

I may be dumb - but what is CQ? Country quilting? It sounds like a good idea to focus and nurture your craft in one area. You will make progress and see that you are making progress.

Timaree said...

Okay, it took me a second but I know what CQ is and have done a smidgeon of it. That's a really good craft to concentrate on since you can do sooo much with it. Add beadwork both embroidered and tacked on beadweavings, ribbons, small paintings on fabric or anything your mind can conjur up can be found on a CQ. And yes, we need to take time for ourselves and what makes us keep on ticking. You really do deserve it.

Others didn't know what CQ was; well I don't know what RA is! I hope he does okay with it and his BP. How is yours??

Pat Winter Gatherings said...

Love to hear you say you're going to CQ. Would you like some "ciggies" to play with in your CQ??? If so email me at

Unknown said...

Good for you deciding on what is calling you the most! I think we all get a little lazy some times and it can be tough to give ourselves a kick in the pants to get motivated again.

Can't wait to see what you do with your Crazy Quilting! I'll be looking forward to following along, so maybe it will inspire me to get off my duff finally and start a few blocks myself!

Susan Elliott said...

I actually read this post yesterday. And found that your post got me thinking about my summer in a different way. I'm not sure I've sorted it all out yet. I'm so very glad you'll be doing CQ and making your way through the books on your bookshelf. I'm going to enjoy that very much and I think you will too. I've used the techniques that I learned in Charm school all year long in my beaded and CQ work. It was really worth it!

Sandy said...

Glad Terry is OK-been there and it is so frightening. No wonder you can't concentrate on what you want to do. I use the classes to make me work-we're programmed to do homework.

kaiteM said...

hi Carol, it's hard sometimes to sift thru all the teasers and temptations out there and to concentrate on one thing. i've told myself "nothing new" but i know it won't last. maybe if you just tell yourself CQs for a while, not necessarily forever, and work with them while you're inspired to do so. i look forward to seeing what you do...k.

Marie S said...

Carol, I am so glad your husband is out of the hospital and I pray that he is doing better and better all of the time.
He has a great mustache. ;-D
It is so hard when someone we love and have been next to for most of our lives has something like this happen, it sets things straight doesn't it? Things that are so taken for granted get placed in their proper place.
I always wonder why I waited so long.
May you both be safe
may you both be happy
may you both be healthy
and may you both live with ease.
Good luck with narrowing your vision and wants and I look forward to exploring them with you here.
I am so glad we have met!

Beedeebabee said...

Oh Carol, I love crazy quilting too! I can't wait to see what you come up with...I'm sure it will be amazing! After a couple of years away from CQing, I'm getting back into it's going to be a fun summer! xoxo Paulette ;)

Lynn said...

Good for you - enjoy your journey - and thanks for taking us along too!!

Marie S said...

Have a great weekend!!

Sharon said...

I found this post very interesting!! I seem to be in the same place myself, trying to figure out which path to take! I think I am getting there and it sure has been fun finding myself along the way!! I am looking forward to coming back again to see what you are doing next!

Take care and I'll be watching for you! Sharon P.S. I am familiar with RA, my mom has it!